Who to notify when moving home?

Raise your hands if you have ever had to move and felt overwhelmed by all the things you had to do. Let`s take a Pittsburgh relocation for example. Do you know everything you have to do in order to pull it off without a hitch? First and foremost, you have to find professional movers in Pittsburgh, PA, which can be an ordeal on its own. Then, you need to decide whether you want to pack by yourself or get your Pittsburgh movers to do it. And, even after all of the moving tasks are taken care of, you could find yourself realizing you forgot to do a very important thing – contact all of the people and institutions you need to notify when moving home! Let this text serve as a guide so that you never forget to give a call to those you must inform you are moving! 

Notify your loved ones

This one might seem too obvious, but you will be surprised how many people forget to call their relatives and tell them they are moving. And, this is completely understandable – these are the days when you will be swamped with work and chatting on your phone will be the least of your worries. However, dedicate an hour or two, and contact those people close to you. Be they relatives, co-workers or neighbors, they deserve to know about your whereabouts.

Friends laughing.
There are a lot of people you need to notify when moving home – your friends are certainly some of them.

Notify the post office

Now we get to the real and less pleasant work. Let`s imagine for a second that you are moving to Pittsburgh from Philly. Or, you could already be living in Pittsburgh, but only changing your neighborhood. In really does not matter, as notifying the post office of your move is something you must do even if moving next door. You will want to keep getting your mail after settling in the new residence. So, what do you need to do and how long will it take you to do it?

  • It will not take you more than a few minutes to change your address
  • You can do it online by filling in a form, which is very convenient and time-saving
  • The post office is an institution you need to notify when moving home at least a week in advance

Utility companies

Dealing with utilities and service providers is not a personal favorite for many, many people. This is usually because there is a lot of waiting involved and none of us have any time to be wasted. However, if you want to keep getting the necessities of the 21st Century, you must pick up your phone, and call your service providers. We advise that you start by making a list of all the numbers of the companies whose services you use. Next, make sure that you start calling at least three weeks in advance. It takes some companies more time than others to change your address and divert your services. The companies you must include on your list (as the majority of Americans use them) are:

  • Gas and electricity
  • Internet
  • Cable
  • Phone
  • Garbage/recycling company

Bear in mind that this is just a basic list of companies. Feel free to extend it as much as you need, as there might be other services your household uses. A little word of advice: pay your bills before changing your address with your utility companies. Any time you are switching houses you get a chance to start fresh and turn over a new leaf. Use it!

A phone with social apps on the screen.
If you want to keep surfing on the internet, you must make sure your service provider knows where to reach you.

If moving with kids, pay special attention to the institutions you need to notify when moving home

In case you are moving with school-aged children, you might be in a pickle right about now. Not only are kids at this age very tender, but they can also be very challenging to handle. Just ask any parent who has gone through relocation with at least one child who has had to switch schools, not to mention two and more. Unless you are going through a local move, where your kids will continue going to the same school, you could be in for a real battle.

And, no matter the way your child behaves during this time, you as a parent need to be responsible. You need to contact both the old school and the new one and inform them of your child`s departure/arrival. The old school needs to transfer all the documents, and the new one needs to get everything ready for a new student. While on the phone, inquire about their extracurricular activities and see whether there is anything your child might be interested in. Being a part of a team might really help him/her fit in with the new surroundings better.

Notify your bank

Your bank is a very important institution in your life, no doubt about that. It is the institution through which you get paid after all, so it must have a special place in your life. Thus, your bank should find its way on the list of institutions to notify when moving home. Whether you decide to give them a call or show up in person, it is up to you. They must be aware of your new address in case of an emergency, or if they need to send you some documents.

Don`t leave out your employer

Last, but not least, you must give a call to your boss. We know that talking to your boss is not always on your to-do list, nor do you want it to be. But, your employer is certainly a person to notify when moving home. There might be a work-related emergency and your place of work might need you right away. In those situations, they need to have your address if they want to reach you. So, don`t make yourself unreachable when a simple phone call can solve that problem.

A white alarm clock.
The clock is ticking! Make sure everyone knows that you will be moving in the weeks to come.

What`s left for us to say is good luck! But, before your moving day starts approaching, put those fingers to use and start dialing numbers. There are lots of people, companies, and institutions to notify when moving home, and no one will do it instead of you!

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