Where to get free cardboard boxes?

When the time of a move comes saving every single bit of coin is ever so welcome. Relocating is a pricey project, with or without hiring professional help. Anything you can find with the words free attached to it is a ray of sunshine! One of those things you could snatch for free are free cardboard boxes. Ok, it may sound odd at first, bud you’d be surprised at just how much money you can save if you bother a bit with finding a source of free cardboard boxes. On top of that, you will not only be saving money, but you’d also be helping the environment by recycling existing boxes. This applies to any type of move. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving to Pennsylvania or Florida!

Free cardboard boxes make a huge difference in your moving budget. Make sure you get some in order to pack... Your kids even!
You’ll need boxes for just about anything…

So… How do you find free cardboard boxes? You’d be surprised at just how simple it is. You’d have to look at places you, maybe, normally wouldn’t but it’s totally worth it. This article will be giving you a few pointers in regards to where to look. And hopefully, this will save you a hefty amount of money!

Free Cardboard Boxes on the Internet

Ok, I now – ‘duuuh’. Fine. But it has to be mentioned. The era we live in today makes it almost impossible to be ignorant. And even if you do want to be ignorant, you have to try really, really hard. As you’re already well aware you can find almost anything on the internet. Free cardboard boxes are no exception. However, instead of having you roam the dark corners of the interweb we decided to give a couple of suggestions as to where you can look. Of course, there are probably a couple of dozen locations to look for. These were just our top two.


Craigslist is a brilliant spot for finding free cardboard boxes for your move. Within Craigslist exists a free section where you can pry on any potential free boxes people are offering.

The best possible time for hunting down free boxes on Craigslist would be either at the end of the week or at its beginning. This is when people actually take time to unpack boxes or clean out some older ones.

Another way you can do this is by going to the wanted section. Here you are able to post what you need (free cardboard boxes) because in some cases people will first come here to see if anyone needs them – before posting it in the free section.

Lastly, you can bluntly type in “free cardboard boxes” in the search box. There are some cases where they may even ask for money for the boxes. But this doesn’t mean you can’t offer some rubbish you would otherwise throw out in exchange.


Another option you have is U-Haul. This platform allows you to search for free boxes in an area that is within your proximity. The platform is extremely easy to use and is very intuitive. What you would do is type in your zip code or city in the appropriate search field and you will be given information about free cardboard boxes (if any) in your proximity.


If Craigslist amounts to nothing, and U-Haul shows a blank screen – your next step should be Freecycle. This platform will also let you know if there are any free moving boxes in your area.

What you would need to do is join the online Freecycle group where you would post that you need free cardboard boxes. If there is anyone willing to help they will respond and let you know that they have some laying in their garage.


Just as the previous online platforms, Facebook is a social media platform that allows you to enter a huge amount of groups. When you search for local groups, you might find more than a few that deals with recycling and endeavors alike.

Make a post about what you need, and either someone will help, or someone will know someone who can.

Offline Free Cardboard Boxes

Free cardboard boxes are usually found with book retailers.
Anyone selling books will have a wide range of boxes for you!

Stepping away from the internet for a little bit, let’s talk about a few ways you can get your hands on boxes without internet.


Free Cardboard boxes can be found in bookstores, liquor stores or just random stands in the street.
If you look close, you’ll spot potential free boxes everywhere!

Bookstores are an endlessly amazing source of boxes, on a weekly level. This boxes especially become quite perfect for moving books. 

Liquor Stores

Liquor stores are often going to be a very good bet when looking for free boxes. Since they receive merchandise on a weekly level, they will have boxes almost every week. These will be great for moving books, CDs, and DVDs. 


If you have no Starbucks in your area disregard this. But since I used to work with the company a while back, and knowing a few mates that still work there, I know for a fact that Starbucks has about 2 shipments per week. This means that they will have a good amount of extra boxes laying around – weekly. 

Local Schools

Schools order incredible amounts of supplies. Especially if they are large district schools. In spite of the fact that schools try to reuse as many boxes as they can, there will still be a bunch left laying around – taking up space. It costs you almost nothing to stop by at your nearby elementary, mid and high schools and ask if they have any boxes they’d like to get rid off.

Oh, and this goes for community colleges and universities as well.

All in all, there must be at least 50 more ways to grab free boxes. Don’t spend money on stuff that can surely come free. You never know what you’ll need that cash for. This goes especially for a long distance move.

Best of luck to you!

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