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When you decide to move you may be overwhelmed by the moving process. Organizing everything and preparing your family and your home for a move can give you a headache. Packing every single item in your household is a big job and requires careful planning. However, if you decide to move without the professional moving service in Pittsburg, you will need to find moving boxes Pittsburgh PA. If you don’t know what type of boxes you will need or you just cannot decide what to pack with what, here are few suggestions.

Plan your move

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Keep in mind that moving professionals always pack your items in professional packing materials.

When you plan to relocate, keep in mind that preparation is the key to avoid a stressful move. To prepare your move you will need an inventory list of your belongings and the packing supplies. Remember that the professional commercial movers in Pittsburgh and residential movers in Pittsburgh will have moving boxes for your move. The moving professionals always pack your items in professional packing materials. They handle with care the packing and unpacking all of your belongings. However, you may have to store all of your items during the move. Generally speaking, you should make sure that your items are safe for a longer period of time. Professional moving companies offer various services and you should calculate the difference in price when planning your move.

Types of moving boxes Pittsburgh PA

Moving boxes Pittsburgh PA are essentially same as the shipping boxes. However, there’s a difference if you choose to buy the boxes that are made from thicker cardboard. Generally speaking, people use them for packing heavier items. If you are on a budget you may need to find slightly used boxes for your move. If not, buying new moving boxes is the best option. Moreover, you may find the moving boxes in different sizes and shapes and boxes for unique use.

Types of boxes you should look for

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Make sure you find the right box size for your move. If you pack the right way, your belongings will be relocated safely.
  • 5 cubic foot moving box – this is a standard type of box that we use the most for packing. The box can carry up to 60 lbs. The weight of 50 lbs is ideal, to be safe. This is a standard size moving box that you can use to pack books, dishes, kitchen supplies, smaller appliances etc.
  • 0 cubic foot moving box carries up to 65 lbs. You may use this box type for clothing, pots and pans and electronic and smaller electronic devices.
  • 5 cubic foot moving box – It will carry up to 65 lbs. This box is great for bigger size lamps, linens, and larger kitchen appliances.
  • 0 cubic foot moving box – this bigger box can carry up to 70 lbs. If you pack many items in this box be careful not to overstuff it. It may become very heavy. It is commonly used for pillows, toys and similar items.
  • 1 cubic foot moving box – This box has a rectangular shape. It is used for packing the items that don’t fit properly into the 6.0 cubic box. Larger blankets, comforters and couch and sofa cushions.

There are specialized boxes for specific uses

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It’s important not to overpack your moving boxes so you can pick them up.

You may buy Hanging wardrobe boxes in various sizes (small, medium and large). Each has a metal bar just like a wardrobe. You can use these moving boxes Pittsburgh PA for hanging closet items that you can’t pack flat. They may be heavy and usually take up a lot of room. You can use them to move chandeliers or delicate wind chimes.  Lay Down Wardrobe Box resembles a dresser drawer. This ox is great for packing clothing that you fold once. You shouldn’t use this box for heavy items. Picture or Mirror Boxes have multiple uses. These boxes can be put together so you get a longer fit. When you use this box keep in mind that you need a strong tape to secure them while transporting. Movers use them to transport mirrors, framed pictures, and artwork.

Places you can find moving boxes Pittsburgh PA

The first place to look for moving boxes is your professional moving company. Your moving professionals should have all the necessary boxes for your move. Keep in mind that some companies offer moving boxes for free when you pay for the packing services. On the other hand, sometimes stores don’t include them in the price and you have additional cost for your move. Make sure to ask for all the information before you hire a reliable moving company. Ask your movers for all the detail because they may offer various sized boxes for a deal.

Hardware stores you can check

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Besides moving boxes, hardware stores are useful for finding all the packing supplies you need.

Home Depot is the great place to find boxes for your Pittsburgh PA move. Home Depot offers a variety of box types that you may need for your move. However, if you are in a hurry to buy moving boxes Pittsburgh PA, don’t despair. They should have plenty of stock. In the home depot, you may find all the other packing materials you may need for your move.

Ups stores are the stores that offer supplies for professional shipping. Everything you may need for your packing process you may find there. Among other services, they offer packing and shipping with the guarantee of safety.

Check for boxes online

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Moving boxes and other packing materials are usually cheaper when you buy them online.

There are many online stores that may offer free moving boxes. However, you might have to wait for movers to deliver the boxes. This usually takes time. Online stores offer deals and you can easily find items on sales. On Craigslist and Freecycle, you may find free moving boxes. If you find moving boxes for free, snatch them because if you don’t you may lose the free offer. In general, they are usually in high demand so you should be quick. Uhaul online stores also offer moving supplies. They offer their products with the prices lower than any hardware o office supply store in general. Also, the other packing materials are cheap when you buy them this way. Keep in mind that sometimes these stores have „free boxes“ bin you might want to check out for your moving boxes Pittsburgh PA.

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