When should you start planning your move?

Moving to a new home can be quite stressful, especially when you don’t have much time to organize everything. In that case, the moving expenses can add up to a substantial amount. However, when you have enough time to organize the entire move, you can avoid stress and additional moving expenses. In case you are asking yourself about the right time to start planning your move, we have the answer. Keep reading and find out when is the right time to start organizing your relocation. Also, make sure to use our tips for planning your move with ease.

Where to start?

marker and paper
Consider making a list of tasks you should complete before the moving day.

The first thing you should do before you start planning your move is to consider all of the aspects of your relocation. Organizing your move is the key to a successful relocation. If you are successful while preparing for the move, you may save some money in the long run.

The most important thing you should consider before you start your planning is the overall moving budget. Knowing how much money you can spend is crucial before making any big plans and organizing professional Pittsburgh movers. Another important aspect you should consider is the timeline for your move. In case you don’t have enough time to organize everything, you may expect to spend more on your move. However, when you have much more time to prepare for the moving day, your organization skills will come in handy. That way, you may be able to save even more money than you expect.

One of the most important aspects of your relocation is the type of your move. The type of the move can dictate your organization timeline. On the other hand, the type of the move may affect the time when you should start planning your move. Keep in mind that you will have to organize even if moving locally in Pittsburgh. When moving to another neighborhood within the same city, the time you will need to plan your relocation will be shorter. But when moving a long distance to another country or a continent you will need more time to plan your relocation. In some cases, you should start planning your move a year before the moving day.

Start planning your move to another state?

Planning your move to another state or a country requires a lot of preparations. Planning your move like that may require a lot of free time and effort. That is why many people start preparing for a move a year in advance. Because international relocations can be expensive, people usually start saving money a year before the moving day. Most of the moving costs associated with a big move such as this one may include finding a new home and numerous other fees. Keep in mind that you should plan your expenses and put aside money from every paycheck while you prepare. That way you will be able to relocate to your new home without unnecessary stress.

Dealing with a new housing situation

Make sure you find your new residence before you start organizing your move.

When you need to move to another location, you may consider buying or renting a new residence. If that is your situation, consider the most common mistakes you should avoid when selling your home. On the other hand, when deciding to move into a new home that you will rent on a monthly basis, consider browsing for a new home three or four months in advance. If you are selling your old home and buying your new home, make sure you start the process at least six months in advance. That way you will have time to find the best realtor and stage your new home properly so you get the best price.

Three months before the move

To save as much as you an on the moving expenses, make sure you declutter your home. It is best to start this process early so you have enough time for everything. Make sure to divide your belongings and try to sell items that you can. Consider donating to charity the items you don’t sell. To make the process easier, consider organizing a yard sale.

Take inventory

Create the list of the plan to take to your new home. The inventory list is very important for insurance purposes. Also, with the inventory list, it will be easier to plan everything regarding packing.

Organize important documents

Moving to another country requires that you get all the important documentation in order. Gathering visas and all traveling documentation, medical and your child’s school records ahead of time will help reduce stress down the road.

Two months before the move

This is the perfect timing for finding the best movers for your relocation. It is best that you research quality movers in your area and get moving quotes a month or two before the moving day. Making a reservation in advance with your movers can save you money because you are not contacting them at the last minute. After you find reliable movers, consider planning your move and get all the packing supplies you need. That way you will have enough time to pack each area in your home without pressure and stress.

A month before the move is the best time to:

  • Give notice to your current landlord
  • Notify service providers about your move
  • Change your address

The week before the moving day

supplies for cleaning
Make sure you clean your home before you call your landlord to cancel the lease and get your security deposit back.

The best time to start packing your home for the move is a week before the moving day. However, if you hire reliable movers, you don’t have to worry about that part of the move. But, besides packing, a week before the moving day is the perfect time to also clean your home or your current apartment after packing. That is important because you will have to schedule a walk through with your current landlord to get your security deposit back. Also, you should do the same with your new landlord when planning your move into a new home. That way you will make sure you come to a new home without any difficulties or disputes. After you finish with landlords, take a note of the things you should do before your movers arrive. A day before the moving day is the time to defrost your fridge and freezer and pack the box with essential items.

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