What to pack last on moving day

Your moving day is approaching fast and you are almost finished with all the preparations. Hang on there for just a bit more, you are almost done! We assume that you have done your homework properly and made organizations so everything could go smoothly. Firstly, if you have learned anything about moving preparations, you have probably made a checklist. That move saved you a lot of time and nerves, believe us. However, moving day is getting pretty close, and you still have a bunch of stuff lying around. Some things are waiting for professional Pittsburgh movers, and others you are going to use until the last moment. However, when the last morning in your soon-to-be-ex home arrives, there will be a lot of stuff waiting their turn to be loaded to moving truck. So, what to pack last on moving day? We are giving you the answers so stay tuned!

Proper organization is the key to success

And we are not talking here about any other aspects of life. This really isn’t one of those philosophical articles. But more practical. We are talking specifically about the organization of your relocation. Once you make your checklist, you will have a much better view of what is done and how much work you still have in front of you.

 Pack Last on Moving Day - boxes on carts
If you want everything to go smoothly, prepare yourself properly

The organization includes everything, big and small stuff. From what day to choose for relocation to what (not) to take with you to who is going to take care of your baby if you are moving with a baby, of course. And these are all things that you have to decide way before moving day is even close. Nevertheless, even when you think that you are done with organizations, someone speaks about the essentials box that you will have to pack last on moving day. But don’t worry, just prepare a new sheet of paper for another checklist and you’ll be just fine.

What is the essentials box anyway?

Firstly, let’s be clear about the terminology. Essentials box is a box that you will have to pack last on moving day and unpack first at your new home. Why? Because it should contain items that are crucial for your stay anywhere. Either in the half-empty current home or in the place where you’ll stay overnight if it is a long trip. And, of course, this box should contain the things that you will be needing the minute you step into your new home. So, go get free cardboard boxes and let’s get down to business. This maybe isn’t the easier task, but you will be happy you did it once you get to your new place.

Just imagine the situation that you are arriving at your new place and don’t have anything to wash your hands with, for example. Or you are hungry, but you haven’t had a chance to visit the store yet. And not to mention the moment where you have to start digging around boxes to find bed sheets so you can finally switch off and rest for the day. In order to avoid all those and other unpleasant situations, you will want to prepare your essentials box.

Things to pack last on moving day

Now that we have established that the essentials box is a must, it is time to disclose what should you pack last on moving day in it. It isn’t called “essential” for no reason. Because it should really contain all the things that are important for your first few days in a new home. And not only for you, but for your family as well.

family under the house
You will be happy with the essentials box once you arrive at your new home

The important thing not to forget is that these essential boxes shouldn’t go with your long distance or local movers. These are the boxes that are staying with you throughout the moving. Especially if you are sleeping somewhere before you get to your new address. Even if you are not, you want this close to you in case some delays happen with your moving truck. We can divide these boxes per rooms, so you will know what you need to pack last on moving day from each room:

  • kitchen,
  • bathroom,
  • bedroom,
  • everything else.

When you pack these things in boxes, make sure to clearly label all the boxes. It is very important to know where everything is before you need to look for things. That will save you time, energy, and nerves, of course.

Things to pack last on moving day – from your kitchen

We assume that after a long day with the nice men from packing and unpacking services, you are tired, hungry and thirsty. That is why you need basic stuff from the kitchen to pack last on moving day in your essentials box. Some snacks and water are a must. Besides those, make sure to pack up some disposable plates, paper or plastic cups and utensils to eat. And don’t forget the equipment for coffee and tea. You will need those during the long day for sure. Also, put some basic cleaning supplies and paper towels in the box, since you will need them as well.

Basic stuff from the bathroom

While we are on the subject of cleaning, you need to have cleaning supplies close to you. Mops, brooms, cloths, and bathroom cleaning chemicals are something that you will be using right away at your new home. And when the night falls, you will want to take a shower, for sure. Therefore, pack toiletries with you, so you could use soap and shampoo along with the hot shower. Pack the towels as well. And don’t forget the shower curtain, if you need one.

bathroom in blue and white color
Make sure to pack everything you need from a bathroom

Items to pack last on moving day from your bedroom

The moment you finish with a shower, you will want to hit the bed and pass out. In order for that to happen, you need to have bed sheets and blankets with you. Imagine if you had to snoop around all of the boxes looking for parts to make your bed. This way, you will have everything in one place, all you have to do is take them out and enjoy the first night at your new home.

Other important stuff to have with you

There is a bunch of additional things to pack last on moving day. Firstly, you must have some medicaments with you and a first-aid kit, in case something happens. Besides that, make sure to pack some basic tools, measuring tape, and flashlight, so you can fix things up as you are moving in. And don’t forget to have all your documents, jewelry and other valuables with you. Those things don’t belong in the back of the truck, do they?

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