What to pack in your essentials moving box

Every moving is a hassle. There is so much work to be done. Starting with the day that you decided to move. And don’t think it will end on a moving day. No, there will be some time before you feel all settled and the new place starts to feel like home. Nevertheless, it’s important that you do everything within your power to prepare. If you think about every possible scenario and prepare yourself for it, you can’t be surprised. And that will bring you peace of mind. It is the closest you’ll get to stress-free moving. So, in order to have a moving go as smoothly as possible, you will need to pack your essentials moving box. It is the kind of box that you can not imagine your day without. The one that will be packed the last and unpacked the first.

What goes into essentials moving box?

Well, you already know that it’s going to be the last thing you pack and the first thing you unpack. So, basically, that is a box full of the important everyday stuff that you and your family use. Think of every single thing you will be using in the 24 hours following the moving and write it down. Make a checklist with all of the items you can think of for that period of time.

Sometimes, it can happen that the moving truck comes to the destination before you or before the place is ready for new tenants. If that is the case, you can find storage units near you where all of your belongings will be safe. But what if you come to your new home before the moving truck? Unfortunately, movers may get delayed due to weather conditions or other unexpected circumstances. That’s why you need to have all of the important stuff with you at your new place. And if you have packed your essentials moving box with you, you shouldn’t be worried.

Essentials moving box on the sand
Have the essentials moving box with you during the move to make your life easier

Usually, some basic stuff can be put in one box for the whole family, and you should prepare one box per family member for some personal belongings. Things you shouldn’t forget to pack:

  • cleaning supplies,
  • hygiene products,
  • small meal dishes,
  • food and beverages,
  • clothes, towels, and bedding,
  • kits for small emergencies,
  • stuff for entertainment,
  • valuables.

You should make sure to keep your essentials moving box at your sight always, especially if you have a sleepover at a hotel. You don’t want to leave your most precious items unattended in a car.

Cleaning supplies

Put your brooms, mop and a bucket, sponges, microfiber cleaning cloths, garbage bags, rubber gloves, and all the cleaning products in one place. Don’t forget that you don’t want to put your belongings on a dirty, dusty floor, so you will use those cleaning supplies right away. Also, when you start unpacking, there will be a lot of mess, so they will come handy again. Have in mind that you might end up without your moving truck for a few days, so you will also have some dishes to wash. But it’s better to use plastic cups and paper plates whenever you can.

Hygiene products

The moment you step in your new place, you will probably want to use the toilet. That is why it’s important that you have hygiene products in your essentials moving box even if the moving truck is coming at the same time as you. Before you unload all the boxes and start unpacking, you and the workers will be using the toilet. So make sure you have some toilet paper, soap, and towel at your hand. Of course, every member of the family should have the rest of the personal hygiene products in their essentials moving box. And don’t forget the bath towels, that you will be needing the first night.

A box full of beauty products
Remember to have some basic hygiene stuff for everyone, and all the personal ones for family members

Small meal dishes

Even if everything goes smoothly, with no delays, you probably won’t unpack all of the boxes the day you arrive. Especially if you have to unpack into a small kitchen because it takes time. That’s why you will have your small meal dishes in the essentials moving box. If something does go wrong with the moving truck, you will still have enough to prepare some pasta, soup, and sandwiches. Don’t forget the cutlery for each member of the family, so you don’t end up eating only sandwiches. Or buying silverware the first day in your new home.

Food and beverages

This one is pretty obvious. You don’t even go for a long ride without water and snacks, why would you move without them? Just remember to put some other food alongside snacks in the essentials moving box. We mentioned pasta but you could add some jam, pate, and noodles just in case the Walmart isn’t close enough. Of course, after you are finished for the day, why not treat yourself with some beer or a bottle of wine?

Pasta in a bowl
You can make some simple food with the dishes from the essentials moving box

Clothes, towels, and bedding

Even if you hire packing and unpacking services to help you move, you should make sure to mention what you want them to leave out. Because, some of the things will go with you, into your essentials moving box. Every family member should pack in their box some change of clothes, and remember to pack the towels and bedding. You don’t want to search for those that night, all tired and dusty.

Kits for small emergencies

Sometimes people forget to take from their long and short-term storage space the things they use rarely. It is a good thing that emergencies happen seldom, but nevertheless, you should always have your first aid and basic tool kit with you. You never know when you might need them, so it’s better to stay safe than sorry. Also, remember to put some flashlight, batteries and a tape measure in the essentials moving box.

First aid box
Always have your first aid kit with you, better be safe than sorry

Stuff for entertainment

This one is mostly about kids. If you have them, make sure to have that toy that they can’t live without and some other toys, so they’ll stay out of your way while unpacking. Of course, if your child adores his piano, he will probably have to wait for the piano movers. Unfortunately, you can’t put that in the essentials moving box.


They are the most important part of your essentials moving box. All the keys, money, jewelry, important documents, medications, electronics, and their chargers should be safely placed in one box. You should never take your eyes off the box, and you can treat it like your purse. Only bigger. And more valuable, because all of the important stuff you possess are in one place. So, now you know what are the things to have with you at all times during the move and you can be prepared for everything.

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