What to pack first when moving long distance

Moving far away may sound scary to you now. Someplace new, you have never encountered, and all that stuff you need to take care of before moving. This may sound like a lot for some people and can take a toll on your health and stress you out. The question of what to pack first when moving long distance doesn’t have the same answer as packing for moving close by. So let us help you solve this mystery and release some of the tension off of your shoulders.

What  not to pack first when moving long distances or at all

Let us first mention the things you aren’t going to pack first when moving long-distance, or at all for that matter. Some of your items are not suitable for transport that’s a fact. Long distance movers Pittsburgh PA will confirm this. Insisting on moving some of them may put people and you in danger. These are hazardous items that you may have in your garage or amongst your cleaning supplies. Do not risk it by bringing them along. Toss or give them to someone who can use them.

cleaning supplies are what you need to pack first when moving long distance
What you need to pack first when moving long distance are cleaning supplies

Because moving far away is very stressful already, do not make it worse by deciding to bring food with you. Moving food around isn’t even suitable for short-distance moving. Make an eating schedule for a few weeks before the move to clean out your supply. Or throw a party for your friends with loads of good food and fun times! Also, if you are moving someplace warm, store your winter clothes in a unit. You may donate some of it if you wish, but if not, store it somewhere safe.

Declutter first, then start packing

Moving far away means there are a lot of things to consider and do. It is not as easy as moving close by, we won’t lie to you. But organizing everything and making arrangements in time will save you and your nerves. This means you won’t have the luxury of taking everything with you. Office movers Pittsburgh PA can handle it but consider decluttering first. And trust us, this is for the best. Do not burden yourself with something you do not need or use anymore. Decluttering before you start the task of what to pack first when moving a long distance is crucial.

Clutter on the table
Make sure to get rid of your clutter before you start packing!

Start from your storage areas and work your way around the house. When you are done sort out and make an inventory list of your belongings. If you are moving with a company it’s going to be easier. But if you are managing it on your own, do not skip this step.

What to pack first when moving long distance

So we got the what-not-to-pack items out of the way, so let’s focus on what do we pack. As we mentioned, if you are keeping some of the clothes you won’t need, pack that first. Always pack first when moving long distance what you won’t use. That means all nonessentials are first in the box. By doing this you are making sure you can fully function in your home until the last few days before the move.

After packing everything you won’t be using, get down to the hardest part. The hardest part of being the room most difficult to pack. This room can be any room in your home and it’s different for other people. Pack first when moving long distance, the room that is giving you troubles. If you are asking yourself why let us answer that. Doing harder tasks early in the process when you are motivated and full of energy is a smart move. Learn Office movers Pittsburgh PA.  You won’t postpone or delay anything because you are still hyped and energetic. So do the hard parts first so you can take it easy later on when you are less energetic.

Pack your bag of essentials

This is super important, especially for people who are moving far away. Your bag of essentials should hold everything you are using every day. Moving long distances will drain you and you will be very tired. Your bag of essentials will let you function the first few nights without unpacking. Just until you get your strength back and can catch a breath.

Bag of essentials if different for everyone, but some things are mandatory. Pack first when moving long distances in your bag the following items:

  1. Important documents, medical files, id’s
  2. Basic hygiene equipment for every member of the household
  3. Linens, towels, change of clothes
  4. Some snacks and non-perishable food

You are still in the hyped-up stage when you feel like you can manage everything and unpack right away. But trust us when we say it is not going to be like that. And why should it be? Take some time for yourself to rest and get your strength back. There is plenty of time to set up your beautiful new home just the way you want it. The time is on your side here after you move.


Make sure everything you pack is well secured. You are moving far away and you will want your stuff protected. Do not save money on packing supplies and boxes here. The damage that poor packing can do is greater than the expense of packing supplies. Research about environmentally friendly alternatives though.  Better to be safe than sorry. Also, be sure to get your moving insurance since you are moving long distance. Your bag of essentials is coming with you but everything else probably isn’t. To secure it on time and do not worry about it. Working with good moving companies will ease your mind. They got you covered and you don’t have to worry.

The question of what to pack first when moving a long distance is not an easy one. If this is your first time moving far away it can be really heavy and confusing to you. But trust us when we say that everything will sort out. Good luck!

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