What to do on the first day in your new home

When we are preparing for a move, most of us will focus on the process of packing and relocating. Since they are the most demanding tasks, it’s no wonder. However, you should also think about how you want to spend the first day in your new home. If you have never moved before, those first 24 hours can seem terrifying. Luckily, there is a number of excellent activities that you can choose from. While you are busy packing and loading boxes, take the time to plan your first day after the move.

Do some cleaning on the first day in your new home

In most cases, the house you move into will already be clean. However, you should take the time to go over all the surfaces once more. You should pay special attention to floors and countertops, as well as the entire bathroom. An extra tip is to do this as soon as you arrive at your new home and before the boxes do. Once you have all your items around you, it will be much harder to clean. Moreover, think where you will put heavy items such as cabinets. Know that you won’t be able to reach under or behind them very often, so try to clean these places as well.

Use a broom to sweep the floors on the first day in your new home.
If you have a porch, take the time to sweep it as well.

It seems that you have just packed all the boxes when the time came to unpack them again. With all the excitement of the new home, it can be hard to focus on this boring part. Luckily, there are moving companies in PA that can help you out. Leave the unpacking to the professionals so that you can enjoy exploring your new neighborhood.

Reassemble the items that you took apart

Once you have all the boxes in your home, you can start to reassemble. If you are not sure where to put something, don’t worry. This is the time to be creative and trust your instincts. Furniture items like tables and couches are heavy, so make sure you have help. Also, it is a good idea to put all the screws and bolts into a bag and tape it to the item it came from while you disassemble. This will make assembling again easier and faster. Furthermore, you should make your bed on the first day in your new home. Since you are probably exhausted, you should do this as soon as possible. That way, you won’t have to set it up once you are ready for bed.

When you are relocating, it is always a good idea to use a local moving company. They know all the state laws and regulations and can help you execute the move in the best way. For this reason, when you are moving to Pittsburgh, try to find one that knows how to navigate this city’s streets safely.

Sort the boxes by rooms on the first day in your new home

During packing and unpacking, organizing is key. It is all about doing the most work with the least effort. That is why you should put all the boxes in the rooms they go in once they arrive at your house. This is a good idea even if you don’t plan on unpacking everything right away. With all the boxes in their correct rooms, you won’t have to go back and forth once you decide to open them up. If you have packed an essentials box, this is the time to unpack it. Here you will find everything you will need for the first couple of days in your home.

Kids can spend hours drawing.
Give your kids something to play with to distract them from the move.

Moving with kids can be especially stressful and you should consider their needs first. That is why you should unpack their rooms right away. It is important for kids to feel safe and at home. Having their favorite toys around and their beds ready will help them settle in.

Meet your new neighbors

Meeting new people is not always easy. You have to put yourself out there and make an effort. While you might not be fully comfortable, greeting your new neighbors can be the first step in establishing a friendship. If they come over to say hello, invite them in for a drink or something to eat. On the other hand, if you only see them walking by, say hello. A friendly face in an unfamiliar city can help you feel more at home and less stressed out. Finally, you can host a move-in party and invite all of your neighbors. While not everyone will show up, those that do might become your new best friends.

Don’t be afraid to reach out. If you see a neighbor struggling with grocery bags, lend a hand. However, make sure that you are not overly intrusive. Don’t ask any personal questions until you’ve had the chance to get to know each other. Keep conversations light and you are sure to make some friends.

Try not to be too loud on the first day in your new home

You probably can’t wait to start improving your home and adding details that you like. While you want to do it right away, consider your timing. Nobody likes to be woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of a drill or a hammer. This is the best way to get your neighbors to dislike you. Instead, save the loud noises for daytime when you are not disturbing anybody. Additionally, since you will be well-rested, there is a lesser chance of an injury.

Drills can be very loud and disruptive.
Don’t use any power tools before 8 AM or after 10 PM.

Order some food instead of cooking

Moving can make you very hungry. It is important to maintain a healthy diet and not skip any meals. However, cooking amongst all the boxes is nearly impossible. You should indulge on the first day in your new home and order dinner or go out to eat. This is also a great chance to explore your new neighborhood and see if you can find any places you like. Moreover, try to stay away from fast food. Aside from the fact that it is unhealthy, it is also the same everywhere. Take this opportunity to try something new, or even some local specialties.

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