Ways to feel at home in your new apartment

Moving into a new home is exciting and scary at the same time. You can finally live in a home of your dream, become independent if you were a student, and live your life the way you want. However, when you open the door of your new apartment, you find empty and bare rooms. An empty apartment certainly does not feel like home. For this reason, when moving companies in PA deliver your items, you should decorate your home so you can feel at home in your new apartment. If you are not inspired at the moment since you feel discouraged by the bare walls of your new home, do not worry. Here are the best ways how you can feel at home in your new apartment in a short period of time. 

Get rid of all the boxes and clean your apartment 

First things first, you should clean your apartment. You cannot feel at home at your new apartment if your apartment is dusty and stuffy. For this reason, open all the windows. Let the fresh air in and get the job done. Even though cleaning is never fun, you can learn more about your new home and even start planning what to do with certain nooks and crannies of your new place. Maybe one lamp would fit perfectly in the corner that you did not notice before. In addition to this, unpack all the moving boxes as soon as possible. Looking at the giant stacks of boxes lying around your apartment can make you anxious. In order to reduce the level of stress, you should unpack your items quickly. 

a woman cleaning a counter
Clean your new place first

Feel at home in your new apartment by having fun 

Unpacking your items is not fun in most cases. For this reason, why not making it fun? Turn on your favorite music and turn the unpacking into a dance party. Music helps to reduce stress, it will relax you, and your unpacking process will turn into a positive experience. In addition to this, if you live with someone, then your dance party can be even more interesting. With the music blasting, start unpacking the big items first. These should include the large furniture that needs to be assembled, such as bed, shelves, cabinets, tables, and so on. Everything that is not important at the moment, you should store it at self storage Pittsburgh. This way you will avoid making a mess at your new place. Once you finish with the first set of boxes, pick up the next one, and so on. 

Set up the important rooms in your home first 

As you might already know, you have to make your new home functional. You should not focus on the color of your curtains, but rather, make your bed. Nothing will make you feel more at home than a cozy, comfortable bed. For this reason, as soon as you can, put together your bed, use new bedding if you can, and put dozens of pillows. After a long day of unpacking your items, you can relax at your big and cozy bed. In addition to the bedroom, you should prepare your bathroom as well. Install a new shower curtain, put all the toiletries at their place, and equip your medicine cabinet. Again, after a long day, you can relax by taking a long shower or enjoying a hot bath. Lastly, prepare your kitchen as well. You cannot work on an empty stomach.  

feel at home in your new apartment by making your bed
Unpack your bedroom first so you can take a rest

Feel at home in your new apartment by opening up space 

If you move into a small apartment, you might feel a little bit claustrophobic. For this reason, you can open up your new place. Here are a couple of ways to do it. First, do not put too many pieces of items in your apartment. Try to pick a couple of big items, such as a couch, a sofa, and one coffee table. Then, only add small details such as curtains, flowers, pictures, and so on. It is important to keep it minimalistic. In addition to this, pay attention to the paint. If you are renting a place, check with your landlord then change the color. You can play with the colors of your walls or choose your favorite color. Pastel colors are better for smaller apartments. Lastly, lighting is extremely important in small apartments. Place lamps strategically in order to make your place look bigger than it is. 

Feel at home at your new place – even more ideas 

Here is a list of even more ideas. 

  • Signature scent – if you have a favorite smell, buy several candles and put them around your home. Then your new apartment will smell like a home. 
  • Sentimental itemsdisplay your sentimental items. Your favorite painting, a family heirloom, a figurine from your study abroad will make you feel at home. 
  • Family pictures – display your family pictures as well. You can make your personal art gallery on the wall. 
  • Prepare yourself a meal – after a long day of unpacking after a move, you should cook your favorite meal and enjoy eating it in your new home. 
  • Get your privacy – use curtains for your privacy.  
cooked food on pan and sliced vegetables
Prepare your favorite meal in your new kitchen

The last set of tips 

Here are the last few tips for making your new apartment feel like home. 

  • Do a security check – check all your doors and windows. If you notice something wrong, notify your property manager. You cannot feel at home in your new apartment if it is not safe. 
  • Host a dinner – after all the unpacking and decorating, you should host a dinner. Invite your friends, new neighbors, colleagues, and other guests. You will feel at home while chatting with your family and friends and enjoying delicious meals.
  • Relax – do not forget to relax. Curl up on your couch, watch a movie, read a book, pet your dog or cat, and enjoy your new home.  

As you can see, these would be all the ways to feel at home.

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