Ways to cut Pittsburgh moving expenses

Relocations can often become money and time-consuming. In order to cut Pittsburgh moving expenses, you will need to make a detailed and affordable moving plan ahead.The best way to do so is to start planning as soon as possible. Even though few months of planning may seem as a long period it will give you an opportunity to predict any unnecessary expenses. Therefore, grab a planner and a pen and start writing down.

calculating how to cut Pittsburgh moving expenses
Cut your moving cost by planning ahead and prioritizing!

Best ways to cut Pittsburgh moving expenses

There are more than a few ways to relocate on budget. The main thing to keep in mind is that you will need to be flexible about everything. Therefore, the first step would be to calculate an approximate overall budget for your Pittsburgh relocation and see which tasks you can economize with. However, there are few things you don’t want to save money on. Keeping your belongings safe during the relocation process should be your top priority. In order not to get overwhelmed with figuring out ways to cut Pittsburgh moving cost, here is a checklist you should follow:

  • Decide if you prefer hiring a professional moving company or having a DIY relocation.
  • Make a packing plan and don’t relocate the things you won’t need.
  • Cut Pittsburgh moving expenses by packing on your own.
  • Be aware of tax deductions and additional cost-cutting options.

DIY relocation VS hiring a moving company

hiring a van when looking to cut Pittsburh moving expenses
If planned well, a DIY relocation can help you cut moving costs

Having a DIY relocation always seems like a cheaper solution. However, if not planned well it can turn out to be a nightmare filled with hidden costs. Therefore, be sure to prepare a detailed moving plan if relocating by yourself. The first thing to do is to contact companies you could rent a truck or a van from. In order to avoid any scams, contact few companies and compare the prices. Don’t forget to ask about additional costs and services as well.

Hiring a moving company can cost more but it will save you a lot of time. Also, this will be the best solution if you don’t have a lot of time to plan and prepare for your move. A reliable mover can help you and provide you with moving services like packing, loading, transport unloading and any other necessary services. Finding reliable cheap movers in Pittsburgh will let you cut moving costs as well as have a safe and easy relocation.

When looking for a professional mover you should ask for a quote first. Moving quotes Pittsburgh will provide you with an estimated overall expense for your Pittsburgh move. This will also be the best spot to start planning your budget from. Pay close attention to which services are being covered by the quote. In order to save money, you can exclude the packing, loading and unloading services. This way your mover will only be responsible for transporting your boxes. If you are having a short-distance move, consider using your car for moving boxes and suitcases. This will both allow you to cut costs and reach essentials as soon as you move.

Do you really need that old chair?

We all tend to cling to old memories, souvenirs, clothes, and furniture. Even though many of your possessions have a sentimental value, there must be some items you actually don’t need. By getting rid of the things you don’t need you can end up lowering your moving costs. Moving companies charge by the weight and that old, broken chair can cost you more money to move. In order to stay organized while creating a packing plan, divide your belongings into 3 piles: pack, trash, donate/sell. Organising a yard sale or selling your items online can even add some money to your budget. Also, consider using some of the items as going away gifts to your friends and family. 

Pack like a pro

woman carrying a box while relocating to cut Pittsburgh moving expenses
Pack on your own and cut the moving expenses

Packing may sound like an easy task. However, it is a crucial thing to it properly and not always so easy. One of the most important things is to keep your belongings safe. Therefore pay a close attention during the process. The moving companies won’t accept responsibility for the broken items if they didn’t pack the boxes. Therefore you can either ask local movers Pittsburgh to help you or additionally save money by packing on your own.

There are few ways to cut costs during the packing time:

Look for free or affordable packing materials in order to cut Pittsburgh moving expenses.

Find out where to get free cardboard boxes. Visit local grocery and drink stores, which most likely have many boxes just laying around. Also, ask your friends and family to help. Craiglist is another great store for finding affordable packing material. In addition to saving money on packing, avoid buying tissue and packing paper by using towels and socks. It will provide great support for fragile items. Speaking of which, consider buying or finding few quality cardboard boxes, so you can provide safe transport of breakle items.

Ask for help

Make a packing party! Ask your family and friends to join! This will be a great way to let them feel included in the big life change you are making. It will also save you time, let you have tons of fun and cut Pittsburgh moving expenses!

Tax deductibles and additional important thing to keep in mind

As relocation is dynamic and stressful time, people tend to forget to save the receipts. Did you know that some of the moving costs can be considered as tax deductibles? Therefore, make sure you save the receipts and contact the https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p521.pdf IRS for finding out which costs are considered to be deductible.

Moving insurance, another important thing to keep in mind when looking to cut Pittsburgh moving expenses

There are few ways to cut moving costs while keeping your belonging safe. Moving companies can provide you with full or partial (released) coverage. Even though some types of coverage are included in the cost, consider finding the third party moving insurance in order to keep your items safe. Contact your insurance agent for a quote and compare it to the price provided by your mover. This will give you more options to choose from and the information will help you decide.

If you need to leave your old home days before moving into your new house, make sure you have a plan in place ahead.Look for affordable moving and storage PA to keep your belongings safe.

You should also pay attention to other additional tasks in order to cut Pittsburgh moving costs. If you have a deposit you want to be returned, make sure you clean your apartment and fix any damages. Don’t forget to forward your mail to your new address. Fill in the US Postal Services online form and inform the IRS about your move. This way you will avoid any missed mail and will be able to file for tax returns in time.

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