Top wall decor ideas to try

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to change the look in your home. One of the easiest ways to freshen up your home is to change decor, textiles and decorate your walls. When you think about it, you can renovate your home if you only decorate walls, with a few tricks. Interior decorators have some easy ways to accomplish a new look with some of these wall decor ideas. It doesn’t sound much but you can make your house look completely different with little imagination.

Top 10 wall decor ideas

Here you can find an idea for almost anybody. You can choose the best fit for you. It doesn’t matter whether you want to spend just a couple of bucks, make a statement, change a look for a new season, or give your place a makeover without changing furniture. Moving is also an excellent time to try out these ideas on a blank canvas. Mix and match more than one, if you have a large room you want to renovate or renovate your entire home.

Wall gallery

Whatever type of gallery you choose it is safe to say that your space will look excellent. This is one of the most popular wall decor ideas and it can be easily installed. Just be sure to hang all frames with same space between. It looks neat and it won’t be overwhelming. If you paint your wall in some bright color and hang all black frames you will get a modern, eclectic look. First, make a selection of pictures and then try different layouts on a floor, before you start to drill your wall. 

Accent wall

An accent wall is one of the most used wall decor ideas today. It is cheap and also you can do it yourself.

Brick wall
You could buy wallpaper that looks like a brick wall and use it on one wall for a better accent.

Match a wall color with some of the other accents in the room or at least choose a color that compliments your furniture.


Another easy decoration hack is wallpapers. There are special velvet wallpapers that will make your place exquisite. They will look great but also they have a specific texture which makes a room feel cozy and unusual. Beside these velvety, you can buy all sorts of wallpapers for a kitchen, children’s room, to uplift some dull narrow hallway. You can choose one or two walls and put wallpaper on them, instead of the whole room.

Unique shelves can be great wall decor ideas

In case you want to display your collectibles, art or simply store books, this is number one of wall decor ideas. Be inventive and try out some unusual shelves. Paint a tree on the wall and then hang shelves instead of branches. Built-in shelves look amazing and they will certainly give your place an elegant expression. 

Room with decorated shelf in the back
If you are using shelves as wall decor ideas, then you need to arrange them so it looks nice and organized.

If you like DIY projects you can build shelves from wooden pallets. It is budget-friendly but it doesn’t look cheap. If you are planning a moving budget, include this in your expenses.


Lightning is a brilliant way to decorate your space and it makes so much difference. Floor lamps or small LED ceiling lamps are an excellent option, especially if you want to highlight a particular artwork or decor.

Use string lights as a wall decoration. You can hang small pictures on them or make a sign from them and there you have another great wall decor ideas.

Large art

Oversized artwork is an excellent statement. You can accomplish so much with little money. For example, you can print your favorite photo and hang it without a frame. Or you can scavenge for some old window and use them as a frame for your photo. With the help of a little paint, you will have a large new picture that you will enjoy looking at every day. Hang a ceiling medallion on the wall instead of the ceiling is an excellent wall decor ideas. Paint it in some attractive deep color and there you have it. Unique piece of art that will make your place look like something from a  magazine. 

If you are planning to move, you can buy and leave packed your large work of art. When you are looking for moving companies in PA, you can also let them safely transport your oversized art to a new place.

Vertical home garden

There are so many great looking options you can use. It doesn’t matter if you have a green thumb or not, you could make it work. Always choose plants that grow indoors and in pots. But, bear in mind that you need to choose plants that grow well in your climate. If you are moving to Pittsburgh for example, you can have a variety of plants that are accustomed to humid, hot summers.

Woman potting plants
Spice vertical garden is both useful and it looks nice.

Make garden with spices on a kitchen window. You can use small planters or plastic pots and attach it with suction cups or hang it on a ceiling and let them hang in a row or unevenly. If you are moving your indoor garden, make sure that you pack everything individually and let movers know that it is fragile. Or you can hire packing professionals and save yourself from a headache.

Another great idea is to create a wall or better yet a divider with the help of plants. It will look amazing and also it will be useful if you want to visually separate spaces in the same room.

Wall decor ideas for a small space

When you are living in a small space, you tend to be very inventive with your decoration and furniture. The main goal is to make your room feels bigger. The best way to accomplish that is with mirrors. A large mirror is one of the most popular wall decor ideas. When you are choosing where to put a mirror, make sure that it faces a window or something else you enjoy looking at. 

Bright walls are one more trick you have to use when you live in a small apartment or house. Of course, you don’t have to do it, but if you want to make your room looks bigger and lighter, use them.

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