Top US cities for families with children

Making a decision on where to put down your roots can be tricky. And if you have kids or you are planning to have them, this decision can be even harder. You want to be sure you live in one of the best US cities for families with children. But which is the right one? If this question makes you feel confused and overwhelmed, maybe we can help you out with our top picks of cities that are the best for your family.

What do best US cities for families with children have?

Before you decide to move to a new city, you will need to know what makes one city family-friendly. Is it friendly neighborhoods or its cleanliness?  Keep in mind that not all of us want the same things when picturing the ideal city. Even though the criteria differ from one person to the other, we can all agree on the importance of the criteria listed below when we are moving with children.

  • Low crime rates. There are many beautiful cities, but with high crime rates. Since you are moving with your family, you will want to make sure your new town has low crime rates. Research it before the move.
  • Safety. If a city is big that doesn’t necessarily mean it is unsafe. When searching for a safe city you will need to examine its personal security, digital security, health security, and infrastructure security. These factors altogether make the best US cities for families with children.
  • Affordable housing. Living with a family can be pricey. And since you will already spend a lot of money on your move, you will want to find a city with affordable housing.
  • Top school districts. Everyone can say their schools are the best even though it is not true. Don’t fall for that and look for a school with the highest rankings.
  • Leisure activities. You will want to spend your free time away from the everyday jungle. It is very important for a kid to live in a city with good museums, famous monuments, and great outdoor activities.
Family walking in one of the best US cities for families with children.
Best US cities for families with children have many outdoor amenities which you can enjoy.

Pittsburgh, PA

If you are moving to Pittsburgh with your family, you will feel better knowing you’ve made the right choice. This is America’s most livable city! Pittsburgh was once the center of heavy industry, but now it has transformed. Its affordable standards of living are what newcomers like when they move here. And let’s not forget to mention that finding a job isn’t a challenge in Pittsburgh since there are over 500 companies willing to hire. The neighborhoods are safe and all of them are surrounded by amazing outdoor scenery. You will have to make a hard decision on which one is the best for your family. All of them are great!

Madison, WI

Madison is one of the best American cities to raise your children. It is surrounded by five lakes which offer different recreational activities for its residents and visitors. If you move here, you can help your children settle in and go fishing, boating, or choose from the 20 miles of its beautiful trails.

Apart from the big variety of outdoor activities, Madison is also known as a college town. Madison is home to The University of Wisconsin. This Univerisity is famous for its strong tradition of improving the lives of its students outside of the classroom. It will offer your children different tutoring and mentoring programs which will make them fulfill their potential. Schools are great, living costs aren’t high, and its cuisine is top notch. What’s more to want? Madison has it all.

Celebration of the graduation.
The University of Wisconsin- Madison ranks among the top 20 universities in the world for subjects like geography, history, sociology, agriculture and many more.

Dallas, TX

Dallas is a booming city. In the past few years, Dallas was selected numerous times as the best place to live. Living here might be a little expensive, but it is worth it. This city is third in the US for its salaries, and its job market just keeps on growing. Dallas is organized in a way to suit everyone’s needs. It is great for outdoor enthusiasts and for serious businessmen. It has famous bars and great school districts. Dallas is a perfect mixture of the suburban and urban areas. Because of this, and much more, Dallas is one of the best US cities for families with children.

Philadelphia, PA

Some of the people consider Philadelphia as the New York’s sixth borough. In 2015, The New York Times placed Philadelphia in the top three places you can’t miss visiting. So, if you are thinking about moving to Pennsylvania, Philly might be the best choice for you. The costs of living here are significantly lower than in the other US cities. Even if you want to buy a house here, you can find a great home, with a perfect location at a reasonable price.

Philly is ranked as the fourth most walkable city in the US so you won’t have to think whether you get enough exercise to stay in shape. You can easily find a good school for your kids since Philly works hard to provide them with a good education. And let’s not forget. Philadelphia is home to the famous Rocky steps. Who knows, maybe you’ll even stumble upon Sylvester Stallone?

Seattle, WA

The most appealing about this city is its natural beauty. Seattle is surrounded by mountains and water on two sides. No need to mention its numerous outdoor activities. Seattle is famous for its music and food scene. It has a big job market and it is more affordable than the other similar cities in the US.  You can also call it “The Emerald City” because it is one of the cleanest cities in the US! If you want to go green, you will most definitely want to live in Seattle.

Hands making the shape of a heart.
If you want to live with your family in a green city, Seattle is the right pick.

These are our top five picks for the top US cities for families with children. No matter which one you pick, you won’t be sorry. Pick a city in which your kids can have a happy childhood and you won’t be wrong.

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