Top Places in Pennsylvania to Visit This Halloween

The Halloween season is finally upon us! According to many Americans, Halloween is the most fun, exciting and in general favorite time of the year. And, with all the trick-or-treating, costumes, and candy, what is there not to like? If you are a resident of Pennsylvania, you can consider yourself lucky, as you are living in a state that will definitely keep you entertained during this holiday. And if not, know that there are plenty of places in Pennsylvania to visit this Halloween, and all of them will bring chills up your spine. That we can promise! Are you ready to get on this scary adventure with us?

The best places in Pennsylvania to visit this Halloween – the countdown

Before we start, you should know that the order of attractions we have listed here is random. All of them are equally good (or shall we say scary), and it all depends on your tastes and preferences. So, pay attention, as Movin` Murdy – Pittsburgh Movers give you our favorite, most scary Halloween attractions!

A card that says `Happy Halloween.`
From our family to yours, we wish you the best Halloween yet!

Fright Factory, Philadelphia

The fact that Philly, as Pennsylvania`s largest city, is the cite of the best Halloween attractions is no surprise.  For all the people who are enamored with this city and everything it has to offer, moving to Philly is the next logical step in life. Besides, relocation to Philly is simple, yet beneficial. All you need to do is hire movers, make sure your movers offer high-quality services and try to stay away from any moving scams. Yes, it is that simple! And, once your first Halloween in Philly knocks on your doors, you will be happy you made this decision.

Without a doubt, the first place for Halloween in Philadelphia you would want to visit will be the Fright Factory. In fact, this place is so scary, that it was featured on the Travel Channel`s list of `America`s Scariest Halloween Attractions.` The Fright Factory is definitely not for the faint-hearted. This haunted house is located in a 105-year-old building, and old buildings always give out that extra scary vibe. The Fright Factory has three special attractions:

  • Industrial Nightmare
  • Silent Screams Asylum
  • Fright Factory Unearthed

There is nothing to wait for any more, as before you know it, the Halloween season will pass. Grab your friends or family members, and visit the Fright Factory.

Other Halloween attractions in Philadelphia

Like previously mentioned, there is not a shortage of places in Pennsylvania to visit this Halloween, and Philly houses a lot of them.

  • Ghost Tours in Philadephia give you a chance to visit all the haunted spots in the city.
  • Terror behind the walls at the Eastern State Penitentiary, which is an old and abandoned prison is ranked as one of the scariest places in Pennsylvania to visit this Halloween.
  • Pennhurst Asylum – whether you believe that this asylum is really haunted or not, it is up to you. What is certain is that you will not feel indifferent upon stepping foot in it.

Will you be brave enough to visit all of the aforementioned places? Or will you decide that playing it safe, and distributing candy while in a ghost costume is a better idea? It is up to you to decide!

Three ghosts to see in the best places in Pennsylvania to visit this Halloween.
One thing all of the places in Pennsylvania to visit this Halloween have in common is the alleged presence of ghosts.

Hotel Bethlehem, Bethlehem

The story of old and abandoned hotel rooms has been considered as frightening from the days of yore. However, frightening is exactly what you want once the Halloween season rears its head. If you think that wondering through old corridors (which date back from 1741) is not scary enough for you, why not kick it up a notch? Rent room 932, and you will get a chance to meet some of the hotel`s famous ghosts. Speaking of which, there are a lot of legends connected to this place. Some say that you can see the former landlady, Mrs. Brog, who appears with no shoes nor stockings, just like she did in real life. So, do you dare go on this adventure?

Farnsworth House, Gettysburg

The legend says that the soldiers from the now infamous battle of Gettysburg used to find some shelter in the Farnsworth House. They used to hide in the attic and use the windows for shooting at their enemies. Today, people say that those same soldiers continue to haunt Farnsworth House. If the possibility of feeling the presence of ghosts doesn`t mortify you, then Farnsworth House is just the right place for you this Halloween! And, when here, there are certain things that can make your haunted experience complete. You can take a walking tour of the famous spots, or you can attend Paranormal Nights this house hosts on a monthly basis. Doesn`t it seem like Pennsylvania has it all? From the best Halloween attractions to the best Pennsylvania cities for startups, no field is left uncovered in this great state!

A girl in a black dress holding a pumpkin.
Halloween is righteously your favorite holiday!

Jean Bonnet Tavern, Bedford

Just like hotels, asylums and penitentiaries, taverns can also have a scary vibe. The sight of doors being opened by themselves is enough to raise the hair on the back of your neck. But, for Halloween, that is exactly what you want. For a scary experience, one of the best places in Pennsylvania to visit this Halloween is the Jean Bonnet Tavern. Both employees and visitors have reportedly seen ghosts, so who are we not to believe in them? The only thing both we and you can do is go and check it out for ourselves. It won`t hurt – or will it?

From all of the places in Pennsylvania to visit this Halloween, we are sure some of them will be the right fit for you. And, if you are still not living in PA, what a better time to do so than now? Just make sure you find employment in Pennsylvania first. We wouldn`t want you to be broke and not be able to afford to visit these Halloween attractions. You know what they say, there is no better time than now, so don`t wait up but get on with your relocation as soon as possible!

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