Top neighborhoods in Pittsburgh

Are you satisfied with your neighborhood or you are looking for a better one? If you are thinking to relocate your home to a new address, Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods have a lot to offer. Do you want to live in a family-friendly neighborhood? Do you want to live in a safe place with a low crime rate? Or you want to live in a vibrant neighborhood with many job opportunities? Whether you want to live in a house or in an apartment, each one of neighborhoods in Pittsburgh has its own charm.

Pittsburgh cityscape
Each one of neighborhoods in Pittsburgh has its own charm, identity, and different amenities.

How to determine which one of neighborhoods in Pittsburgh is for you?

When you are planning a move to Pittsburgh, you have to think about neighborhood solutions you can find there. During the search for perfect neighborhood, you have to think about many things to determine if it is the perfect place for your home. Do you like smaller or bigger neighborhoods? Do you like the slower pace of life or faster? Are you looking for low cost of living or a neighborhood with career opportunities? Think about your lifestyle, the look of your home, opportunities, entertainment, and proximity to your job.  You have to think about all these facts to find out which one of the neighborhoods in Pittsburgh is for you.

Following a set of criteria is usually the most important when you are thinking about the top neighborhoods in Pittsburgh:

  • High incomes
  • Low unemployment rates
  • Low crime
  • High home prices
  • High population densities

Pittsburgh has 90 charming and unique neighborhoods, so you will easily find many neighborhoods that satisfy the mentioned criteria. With many great places where you can shop, dine, socialize, work and hang out, many of Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods are waiting for you. Each neighborhood is shaped by the history of the city and it has its own character, lifestyle, and personality.

Bridge in Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh has 90 charming and unique neighborhoods so you will easily find one that fits your needs, lifestyle and a budget.

Top neighborhoods in Pittsburgh

1.      Squirrel Hill North

Squirrel Hill with a population of 11,765 is located in the East End of Pittsburgh. It has two sides: Squirrel Hill North and Squirrel Hill South. Jewish heritage makes this neighborhood a really great place for living. With a median income of $100,402, this neighborhood has it all!

2.       Point Breeze

This neighborhood has twice time smaller population than Squirrel Hill, and with its 5,345 residents, it is a perfect place for those looking for great residential neighborhood and quiet place for family. Also, the median home value is lower than in Squirrel Hill. This family-friendly community got its name from a tavern once located here.

3.       Greenfield

Greenfield is our number 3 on the list of top neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. It has low real estate prices and with 7,373 people living here, it is not a too big and too crowded neighborhood.

4.      Squirrel Hill South

Squirrel Hill South is the part of Squirrel Hill. It is a small neighborhood with 15,298 residents but with a median home value of $233,986. This neighborhood has many parks and rich cultural life. It is also a home to many great private and public schools and universities.

5.      Southside Flats

The South Side Flats with a population of 5,573 is located south of the Monongahela River. It has great architecture and 19th-century homes where median Home Value is $169,367. Residents of Southside Flats enjoy many bars and restaurants. Also, if you want to have an exciting nightlife in your neighborhood, Southside Flats is the right place for you.

6.      Banksville

If you want to live in a small neighborhood with just four thousand residents, Banksville is a great place for you located in the western part of Pittsburgh. To buy a home in Banksville you have to pay approximately $141,150. Also, with Banksville road you are connected with downtown Pittsburgh and the South Hills of Pittsburgh. If you decide to settle here, Movin’ Murdy – Pittsburgh movers have a lot of services you can use for safe relocation to Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods.

7.      Highland Park

Highland Park is one of the most famous Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods. With attractive houses, great parks, playgrounds, tennis and volleyball courts and other amenities, this neighborhood has it all as one of the best residential neighborhoods in Pennsylvania. It is a home to city’s top attractions such as the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium. With all these offerings, Highland Park is one of the best places for families in Pennsylvania.

Antelopes in Pittsburgh ZOO
Highland Park is a home of one of the top attractions such as the Pittsburgh Zoo.

8.  Central Business District

The Central Business District is also known as the urban downtown center of Pittsburgh. With just 3,117 residents, it is a home to many successful businesses. Major corporations such as PPG, Bank of New York Mellon, Heinz, PNC Bank, U.S. Steel are located in downtown Pittsburgh. If you decide to relocate here to find a better job and to change your lifestyle, you have to pay about $226,783 for your new home.

Downtown Pittsburgh - one of top neighborhoods in Pittsburgh
The Central Business District is also known as the urban downtown center of Pittsburgh. Like you can see, it is beautiful at night.

To summarize, when you are looking for the neighborhood that fits your needs, lifestyle, and budget, keep in mind: you are not just buying a new home you are also investing in neighborhood and your future. Make sure your new place of living is safe, affordable, with low crime rates and entertainment for you and your family.

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