Top eco-friendly packaging ideas to save money

Do you need to move? Then you know how to organize the entire relocations. This means finding moving companies in PA, gather all the packing supplies, packing everything, and so on. However, some packing materials are not eco-friendly. For this reason, it is not a good idea to use them. If you only want to use eco-friendly materials, as everyone should, here are top eco-friendly packaging ideas. Some of these ideas can even save money. Why waste your money on buying expensive packing supplies that you cannot recycle? This way, you are saving both money and nature. 

Benefits of eco-friendly packaging ideas 

If you are not familiar with eco-friendly packaging ideas, then you should read about their benefits first. It is important to take environmental issues seriously. If you can do something about it, for example, using eco-friendly packaging, you should help with saving the planet. 

  • They are usually made of recycled and renewable materials 
  • This type of packaging is both safer and healthier for you and the environment 
  • It cuts carbon emissions and waste 
  • Businesses that use green packaging can save energy 
  • The cost of these materials is lower 
  • Eco-friendly packaging is usually sturdier and even provides better protection 
  • They are used in every industry, not just the moving industry 
  • Companies can boost their image and attract new customers by using eco-friendly packaging 

Avoid overpacking 

The best way to save money is to avoid overpacking. Before you start to pack your items, think about what you really need. Do you have to bring all your items to your new house? The answer is you probably do not. Moving your old clothes, toys, and other items will a waste of your time, money, and space. Not to mention, your moving quotes Pittsburgh will be also significantly higher. For this reason, you should do an inventory. Make three piles – one to move, one to sell or donate, and one to throw away. Selling your items is also a good way to earn additional money. You can use it for your relocation. The best way to sell your items is to either organize a garage sale or sell it on the Internet. In addition to this, if you plan to donate your items, contact local or major charities 

jars on table
Organize a garage sale to sell some of your items

Eco-friendly packaging ideas – Cornstarch packaging 

Polystyrene materials are not biodegradable. Therefore, you should use these materials when packing your items. A cheap alternative is cornstarch packaging. These materials are made from polylactic acid while the acid is made from fermented sugars. Unlike polystyrene, cornstarch packaging is biodegradable. For this reason, it is eco-friendly and you can dispose of it easily. In addition to this, corn is cheap and easy to produce which is the reason people use it to make eco-friendly packaging. Apart from this, if you have a business where you need to pack your products, you can use cornstarch packaging as well. People can recognize your brand and your products just based on the type of packaging you use. Lastly, you can even advertise your business as being planet-friendly and in that way, attract more customers. 

Recycled plastic that is eco-friendly 

Plastic materials offer good protection. As you might already know, plastic boxes and plastic bins are quite popular nowadays when it comes to packing. They are sturdy, transparent, have handles, and they come in all sizes. For this reason, it is very practical to use them when packing your items. Bioplastic is made from biological materials, hence the name. In addition to this, many plastic materials are also made from recycled plastic. People will usually name plastic as one of the more damaging materials for the environment. That is why you should use these alternative options. Biodegradable plastic is as sturdy as a traditional one. For this reason, you do not have to worry about the safety of your items. Lastly, you can use biodegradable plastics that decompose on sunlight. It is good for packing smaller items. 

man in blue polo shirt holding recycled plastic box as this is one of the eco-friendly packaging ideas
Get plastic boxes made out of recycled materials

Eco-friendly packaging ideas – Part I 

Here are even more eco-friendly packaging ideas that you can use. 

  • Mushroom packaging – this type of packaging will decompose in 30 to 90 days with the help of organisms. In addition to this, this is not harmful, just, on the contrary, it is very beneficial to the environment. Mushroom packaging is perfect for smaller items and it is easier to unpack your items.
  • Carton water – instead of using plastic water bottles, use paper water bottles.  
  • Leaf plates – when you are packing food for the travel, you can use leaf plates. There are durable, free of toxins, and eco-friendly. In addition to use, you can use leaf plates for the freezer and also for cooking in the microwave. 
  • Carton wine – the same thing as with water bottles, a good option for storing your wine. 

The last set of green packaging ideas for packing 

Since there was the part I, there should be part II as well for eco-friendly packaging ideas. 

  • Protective material made out of waste – people use cardboard boxes the most when moving. You can use old cardboard to protect your fragile items. In addition to this, you can shred boxes to create protective materials. 
  • Air pillows – instead of using bubble wrapping or polystyrene, use air pillows. They are good for smaller items. In addition to this, you can use air pillows again or recycle them. 
  • Biodegradable packaging peanuts – it is better to use biodegradable packaging peanuts than polystyrene peanuts. It takes less energy to make them. In addition to this, they will decompose when they touch the water. You can use them for large packaging. 
  • Single strip cardboard packaging – it is a good eco-friendly option for protecting smaller items. 
cycle route sign on a wooden post
Recycle materials and use recycled packing supplies

All the ideas for packing supplies 

As you can see, these would be all the eco-friendly packaging ideas. You can use all of them when packing your items or just a couple that you like the best. At the same time, you are saving money and the environment. 

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