Tips to Protect Your Home From Burglary

There were times in the past when people did not even need to lock their doors. They already knew that they were 100% safe when inside their homes, so life was much simpler. However, today, the same thing cannot be said. Every household, no matter how big or small, runs a risk of being robbed. For that reason, you must learn how to protect your home from burglary and ensure that all of your family members can sleep tight, knowing they are safe. Luckily, even though we are reputable Pittsburgh movers, we are acquainted with the subject, so we can easily help you improve the safety of your home!

Before anything else, there are some questions you must ask yourself…

  • Do I always lock my doors, including the garage doors?
  • Are my windows shut or can a burglar easily make its way through them and into my home?
  • Can any of my valuables be seen from the street?
  • Are there any hiding spots around my home, such as tall bushes, a burglar might use?
  • Is my home well or poorly lit?

The answer to these questions could reveal the truth, and alarm you if your home is extremely susceptible to robbery. Know that there is no such thing as a completely safe house, but there are the ones that are incredibly difficult to be robbed. That is your goal – to protect your home from the burglars the best you can, and make sure no thief dares enter your premises.

Windows on an orange wall.
Open and exposed windows are inviting for burglars. Make sure to protect your home from burglary by closing them shut all the way.

Best ways to protect your home from burglary

Right now, your home might be completely unprotected and very inviting for burglars. However, all that is about to change, as if you do these things, no burglar will consider risking and will move on to his next prey.

Build a fence

A fence is a good first line of defense against thieves. Especially if it is tall and chain-link or metal. While solid and concrete fences might be good for preserving your privacy, they are not so great for robbers, as they can climb on them. But, if you make a fence with pointed tops or even barbed wire,  you automatically increase the safety of your home. This way, you get to renovate your home and improve your security. Besides, a fence does not have to be expensive in order to be efficient, so this is one home renovation idea that is budget-friendly.

Get a dog

The first thing you need is to understand how burglars work and think. They want to get in your home as quickly and as quietly as possible. The more time they spend on finding their way into your home, the bigger the chances are that they will be caught. In other words, if you put obstacles in their way and make their job harder, they will not find your house so alluring anymore. And, there is nothing better to make the noise and alarm the members of your household than a loyal dog.

You don`t necessarily need to get a guardian dog; there are other breeds that will keep you just as safe. Of course, the scarier the dog, the more burglars he will fend off. And, there is another up-side to getting a dog – you will always have company. If you are moving to Pittsburgh alone, a dog will be a good friend in the days to come!

A dog.
Dogs are our best friends, besides being our protectors.

Clean out your yard

A lot of times, burglars will decide whether to try breaking into your home based on what is outside of it. Therefore, if you have a lot of pricier items in your yard, such as an expensive grill, thieves will be drawn to it. Spare yourself the trouble and clean out your yard. Whether you decide to bring them into the house or use self storage in Pittsburgh, it does not matter. What matters is that there are no expensive items, nor toys lying around your yard. If burglars see toys, they will realize you have kids, and what do kids like to do? Spend time online, on their PCs, tablets and game consoles. You might as well point a huge arrow straight at your house!

Organize your neighbors

No one will care more about the safety of your neighborhood than the people who live in it. Chances are they have the same worries as you do. So, if you want to protect your home from burglary, all you need to do is organize a neighborhood watch. You and your neighbors can come up with a schedule and take turns in looking out for the streets. A close and tight-knit community is the best repellent against burglars!

Get an alarm system

Alas, nothing will protect your home from burglary better than a good alarm system. These days, there are so many different options, that listing them all here is impossible. Whether you opt for cameras, indoor or outdoor security, you will certainly get a peace of mind. Even if something were to happen, the security system would detect the threat right away and alarm the police. Then, they would come running to your rescue if the alarm doesn`t scare off the burglars in the first place.

Surveillance cameras.
A security system is a must if you want to live in a safe home!

Are these measures enough?

We can`t lie to you and tell you that burglars won`t try to attack your home. Even if you follow all the rules, you can never know how they think. However, if you couple all of the things we mentioned above with a good security system, we can guarantee you that your house will be the last on every burglar`s list. Therefore, remember that increasing the safety of your home is the most important thing to do after moving to a new home. The decorations and the new furniture can wait – your safety can`t. Thus, always ensure to protect your home from burglary, as no one else will do it for you!

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