Tips for Moving to Pittsburgh

Are you moving to Pittsburgh? Congratulations! If you already don’t know, you are moving to one of the greatest cities in the country. Our professionals bring you tips for moving to Pittsburgh and details about this wonderful city. In the first place, you should consider hiring our Pittsburg movers to help you relocate. When you hire Movin’ Murdy, then it is time to start planning and preparing your Pittsburgh move. That’s why we are here – to give you helpful tips for relocating to Pittsburgh PA.

 Pittsburgh skyscrapers
When you hire our movers you can certainly count on a top-notch assistance and commitment

 Picking a Neighborhood in Pittsburgh

Before we start with tips for moving to Pittsburgh, you need to learn more about this city and to find your new home and neighborhood. Before moving day comes, it is important to have a home where you will live and unpack your things. Pittsburgh is an area with 90 unique neighborhoods. Each one of them offers you everything – from houses, apartments to entertainment, workplaces, schools, etc. We bring you a list of the best neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. In case you are moving with children you need to find the best place for your family. Readout the list and decide which one will be your perfect place for living.

Pittsburgh stadium
If you want to relocate here because of a new job, retirement or to raise a family, Pittsburgh is a great place to call home

List of Pittsburgh neighborhoods

  • Squirrel Hill

Squirrel Hill is a great neighborhood for students. It has an easy access to the University of Pittsburgh.  But, if you are working outside of the city, Squirrel Hill is not the neighborhood for you because of the highway traffic during the rush-hour.

  • Oakland

Oakland is also a great place for students and those who are working downtown.

  • South Side

The South Side is a vibrant neighborhood and it is great for those who like great nightlife.

  • Lawrenceville

Lawrenceville is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh and it is home to many boutique shops, restaurants, bars, and breweries. So, if you want a good entertainment this is a place for you.

  • East Liberty

East Liberty has seen a surge in revitalization efforts over the past few years with many previously run-down buildings being converted into condos and apartments. The neighborhood is also home to a really great Citi Parks farmers market in the summer.

  • Shadyside

Shadyside is a walkable neighborhood with great shopping and famous restaurants. It is also a great place for students. That’s why it is a nightlife hotspot for the college students.

  • Downtown

In Downtown you have an easy access to the highways and bus lines, so you can go wherever you want. It has many housing options but keeps in mind that traffic in Downtown can be bad in rush hour.

  • The Strip District

The Strip District is a unique shopping neighborhood where you can buy or rent luxury condos and loft apartments.

  • Mount Washington

Mount Washington is located on the hill on the south side of the city and it is great for working professionals because of the easy access to the highway.

  • North Side

The North Side is great for those who want to live in a neighborhood like Downtown but with smaller prices for renting and living.

a neighborhood in Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh is an area with 90 unique neighborhoods. Each one of them offers you everything for happy life

Living in Pittsburgh

Before we continue with moving tips how to properly prepare for Pittsburgh relocation, you need to learn more about the lifestyle in Pittsburgh.  

Make sure to know how much money you will need for your Pittsburgh home, where to find a job, how to obtain a drivers license and what school you should pick for your children.

Renting a home in Pittsburgh

After you find your perfect neighborhood it is time to rent or buy your new home. Like it is important to find reliable cheap movers in Pittsburgh, it is important to find an affordable home for you or your family. When you are relocating to Pittsburgh PA keep in mind that is the worst time for finding a home is mid-to-late summer when college students are returning and new students are searching for apartments. So, try to rent a home in Pittsburgh in another year season. Also, consider hiring real estate agent to help you find your next home.

When you find your new home, the next step is to speak to your landlord about the utilities.

one hand giving keys to another
When you are relocating to Pittsburgh PA it is important to rent a home that fits your needs

Obtaining a Driver’s License and Buying a Car in Pittsburgh

In whole Pennsylvania, you can buy a car but you will need a PA license if you want to register a car in Pennsylvania. If you are unable to get a PA driver’s license, then you will need a PA identification card to register your car in Pittsburgh. Also, you will need an insurance for your car if you want to drive in Pennsylvania. If you want to drive in Pittsburgh be prepared for crisscrossing highways and bridges.

The cost of living in Pittsburgh

The cost of living in Pittsburgh is low. It is about 12 percent below the national average. You can bargain for the housing and median value is between $136K and $149K.

Education in Pittsburgh

If you are moving to Pittsburgh because of education, you are choosing the right place. Here you can be a student on one of many universities: Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University—and 20 other colleges and universities. Also, for students and many other art lovers, Pittsburgh offers you 38 museums. You can visit famous Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Bicycle Heaven and the Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for International Studies.

interior of the Pittsburgh university
Explore numerous school options in Pittsburgh

Working in Pittsburgh

When relocating to Pittsburgh PA to find a job, if you have an experience you can find working place in steel production, technology, financial services, healthcare, and education.  It is great news that right now there are over 20,000 employment opportunities in Pittsburgh. Good luck!

Bringing a Pet to Pennsylvania

If you are moving with a pet to Pittsburgh you need to know all the rules about importing a pet in-state Pennsylvania. Your pet should be licensed in Pennsylvania. For full rules, you need to learn more about requirements for importing a pet in Pennsylvania and it is best to ask your vet or to check with the state institutions.

a dog sitting on a bed
If you are moving with a pet to Pittsburgh you need to learn more about local legislation

Tips That Will Make Your Move to Pittsburgh Simple

We bring you tips for moving to Pittsburgh. We hope that this guide will help you have a simple and smooth move.

Get rid of everything before start packing

Before you start packing your stuff for Pittsburgh relocation, you should throw away or sell things you don’t want to move. Or, if you don’t want to sell everything, think about renting storage units Pittsburgh. In this way, you can store things you don’t want to use right now, but you want to save it for the future.

The less stuff you will pack, the less you will pay for the moving services Pittsburgh and it will be easier to relocate it. You can donate some stuff to charity or you can arrange a garage sale. In this way, you can earn some extra money for your Pittsburgh relocation. You will have an efficient packing process if you sell or donate stuff you no longer want.

Research professional moving companies

The next step in moving to Pittsburgh, you need to do a research on moving companies. If you are still thinking about a DIY move or hiring Pittsburgh movers, you should know that our professional help will make your move easy and smooth. A moving company like ours can handle your entire moving experience with right skills and equipment.  So, it is important to research moving companies and to be sure they have insurance and license before you hire them. Make sure you are hiring professional moving company with expertise and experience in Pittsburgh moving.

Pick the right moving day

The next step is to pick the right moving day. After you find a professional moving company you should start scheduling your move. Tell your movers about potential moving dates and try to find the cheapest time of the month. Keep in mind that Pittsburgh moving companies are busiest on weekends, so try to schedule your move during weekdays.

Map out the best way to get to your Pittsburgh home

Whether you’re moving to Pittsburgh, across the country, or from the neighboring town, you should have a map of the best and fastest way to your new Pittsburgh home.

magnifying glass and keys on a map
You should have a map of the best and fastest way to your new Pittsburgh home.

Make a moving to-do list

Before you start moving, you need to make a moving checklist for perfect Pittsburgh relocation. Instead of remembering and forgetting many things, a better option is to make a to-do list and to follow it during the move.

Get moving boxes and packing supplies

Where to find moving boxes Pittsburgh PA? You can buy them in supply stores or try to get them for free at your local liquor or grocery store. But, be careful and make sure that your moving boxes are sturdy – you don’t want to deal with damage to your things and ripped boxes and broken valuables after the moving day.

When you are packing your electronics check if you have original boxes and make sure to properly pack and protect these fragile items. You should cushion your stuff properly if you don’t want your appliances to end damaged and broken. All delicate items you should protect with bubble wrap, blankets, and tape.

So, don’t forget to buy or get free packing supplies. You can use your old blankets, clothes, towels to pack and protect your valuables. Especially when you are moving furniture pieces you need to protect every piece from it. But, in case of furniture moving it is the best to hire furniture movers Pittsburgh – professionals know how to handle your furniture moving. If you want to avoid damage and injuries on your back, don’t hesitate and hire moving company for furniture relocation.

a man holding three cardboard boxes
Be careful and make sure that your moving boxes are sturdy – you don’t want to deal with damages and ripped boxes

Label moving boxes

The key to finding your stuff easily and to have efficient unpacking is labeling your moving boxes. Make sure to mark them clearly and try to label all the sides. Make a list of contents inside and label the boxes by category and by room. This will speed up your unpacking process. You can find your own labeling way which will make your unpacking process easier.

Change your address a week before you move

A week before your move, while packing your stuff it is time to change your address if you want your stuff to arrive on time. Also, notify all important institutions like post office, bank, and utility company so your bills can arrive on time on your new address.

Moving to Pittsburgh with our moving company

Pittsburgh’s low standard of living, great health care facilities and fun things to do make it one of the most livable cities in the USA.  If you want to relocate here because of a new job, retirement or to raise a family, Pittsburgh is a great place to call home.

We hope that our moving tips will help you relocate to this wonderful city. After you find your new neighborhood, home, and the job our Movin’ Murdy professionals are here to help you relocate without problems. If you want a stress-free move to forget about the DIY move and don’t hesitate to call us to start scheduling your moving to Pittsburgh, PA.

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