Tips for How to Protect Your Move

When you decide to change your address and relocate all your belongings, you want them to be safe. There is so many stuff that you are going to get rid of before the move. Some of them will be sent to charities, others will maybe be sold. And, of course, you will throw away a large portion of them. That is why it’s important that the rest of your items come to your new place in the previous condition. You don’t want your stuff to turn into junk as you unload them. And that’s not even the worst case scenario. Sometimes people face a hostage situation with their belongings when movers refuse to give them back. Although the chances for that are low, you still want to protect your move from any harmful situations that can happen. Nevermind who is to blame, the moving company or excedents.

Do your best to protect your move

Every year there are thousands of complaints filed against the moving companies. Most of them happen because of the loss or the damage of items. The good news is there are great ways to prevent both, but only if you are careful and responsible. Sometimes people complain against overcharges, which is also fixable if you take things into your hands from the beginning. Whether you are moving locally, or you need long distance Pittsburgh movers, you can prevent bad outcomes by being careful and thorough. So, long story short, here is what you need to do if you want to protect your move:

  • do your research to get to know as much as you can about the subject,
  • read the small print on the documents,
  • purchase additional moving insurance if necessary,
  • take photos for evidence,
  • be cautious and suspicious,
  • pack smart and take valuables with you.

Do your research to get to know as much as you can about the subject

This one is really self-explanatory. You can easily be a victim of a fraud if you are not familiar with the subject. So, the more you know about something, the less are the possibilities that someone crosses you over. Research and do the best you can in screening moving companies. Ask around the family and friends for experiences and use the Internet. Find a trustworthy and reputable company and you will protect your move. Always choose a moving company that is properly licensed, like us, one of the best and most professional movers in Pittsburgh, PA or similar companies. Before you make a decision, ask as many questions as you can think of. The good company will be happy to provide all the answers and more. If their answers are vague, you shouldn’t trust them.

Magnifying glass on laptop
Always do good research to find a reliable moving company so you can protect your move

Read the small print on the documents

After you did your research and found out everything there is to know about moving, you should obtain moving quotes Pittsburgh from at least three different companies. Never have them give you quotes over a phone or an e-mail without seeing your belongings. It is best that they base their estimation on in-person or video inspection of your home. Secondly, after they give you their offer, make sure to read all the small print on the documents. See what exactly valuation coverage covers. And, most importantly, what it doesn’t cover. It may happen so that the company won’t be liable for damage if you packed moving boxes on your own. Better to know these things up front than to be sorry later.

Purchase additional moving insurance if necessary

For valuable items, you should think about additional moving insurance. You can’t expect every moving company to guarantee that your 18th-century art pieces will come to new home undamaged. If you don’t want to lose money along with the nice memories you have with those art pieces, think about a third-party insurance company. It will help you sleep at night, knowing that if anything happens, at least you will get some compensation for your loss.

Take photos for evidence

Whether you pack alone or you hire packing and unpacking services, you should take photos of your belongings. Firstly, it can help you assemble some home appliances from scratch, like a TV set or audio equipment. Secondly, it will come in handy as evidence if you have to file a claim against the moving company. Unless you want it to be your word against their claim that the computer monitor was already broken, and the company has nothing to do with it, you should just snap around.

Protect your move by protecting your furniture and pictures on the wall
Take photos as evidence if you have to file a complaint about damage

Be cautious and suspicious

You have to be cautious and suspicious if you have the feeling that something is off. That doesn’t mean that you are paranoid, because it is the way to protect your move. After you have insisted on onsite inspection, you should also insist that the moving company determine the charges before the loading. Never let them have your stuff unless you agreed on all the terms. If the company asks for the large deposit up front or cash money, you should avoid it, because that’s not a good sign. And, of course, as we already said it – take a good look at all documents and make sure they are complete and accurate, according to your deal with them. If you don’t feel you can trust the company with all your stuff, you should consider some Pittsburgh storage for safekeeping of your belongings until you find the right moving company.

Pack smart and take valuables with you

Whether you or the professionals do the packing, make sure to have the right packing supplies. They will make your stuff safer, as will the way of packing. So, if you can’t afford packing services, educate yourself on the best ways of packing and invest in packing materials to protect your move. It will be worth every penny when you unpack and see everything undamaged. Also, however good the moving company is, always take your important documents, jewelry, money and other valuables with you. Even the best movers can’t protect your stuff if, for example, some natural disaster attacks.

A woman's purse and a wallet
Make sure to have your valuables with you at all times

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