The Best Way to Pack Mirrors for Relocation

It is hard to pack mirrors for relocation. Since they are usually heavy and large, they could make moving to Pennsylvania much harder. However, they are very decorative, so people love to take with them when moving. There are more reasons for that step, too.

  • Most of those mirrors are very expensive – they are large and represents family values, so people hardly decide to leave them behind when moving;
  • For some families, mirrors are something like a tradition – they will not just drop away when moving;
  • Since they are valuable people always consider to pack mirrors for relocation very carefully and in the special package – the most important is to protect a frame;
  • It is not easy to get rid of the large mirror so check storage units near me before moving;
  • Let be honest; they are heavy, so people cannot take them quickly – you must hire a moving company for that.

Taking all in mind, we can say that mirrors are an essential part of our package when moving. That is why we should learn how to prepare a mirror when moving. It is necessary to learn how to pack them, protect them from damaging and scratching. Luckily, there are a lot of packing supplies on the market that help in this situation.

Wall mirror in living room
Many families want to take their mirrors with them when moving

First to do before pack mirrors for relocation is to protect edges

As we said, the market is full of different packing materials that you can use to safeguard mirrors. Among the first thing is how to preserve frame edges. Manufacturers make it from wood or plastic. In both cases, you can damage them when place in non-protected boxes or corners of the truck. It is important to wrap them in unique material before any other packing. Also, pack them upfront with bottom protection, so another part of the frame will not damage.

Use corners for edges

Commercial movers Pittsburg PA know that sides of the mirror are crucial, and you can easily damage. That is why they wrap them in unique corners made of cardboard. You can buy them in specialized stores or make them on your own. Use sturdy cardboard for it.

Put protection between mirrors and box

To avoid scratches on the glass or frame, you should protect mirrors from each other when moving. It is the reason why long-distance movers Pittsburg PA use special woody packages for it. However, you can protect it on your own, too. Use sturdy cardboard or paper for it. Do not forget to use white paper, and avoid newspapers, because of black marks on it.

Next to do before pack mirrors for relocation is to protect the surface

They have made the surface of the mirror of the glass-covered with special chemical liquid. It is not easy to damage it, but when moving, everything could happen. Like any other glass, you can make small or large scratches on it. Not to mention that you can break the glass, like in any different situation. So, before packing, think about how to protect the glass.

Use as much tape you can

You should prepare as much duct tape you can when moving mirrors, and you will use very often. Besides the taping of the boxes and paper, you will protect the surface, too. The first thing you should do is to tape large X in the middle of the glass. In case you broke glass, it will protect you from small parts of it.

Cover the surface with Styrofoam

One of the best materials to use when moving is Styrofoam. You can use it as a table, or in pieces, called peanuts. For the mirror, though, you should use a table that will protect the surface from damage. Also, it will save you from small pieces if broke the glass.

Wall mirror
There are a lot of ways to protect the surface of the mirror when moving

Cover the surface with the paper

It is another way to protect the glass in the mirror. However, do not forget to use only clean, white paper. Any other material will leave black marks on glass and ruin it forever.

Transport is critical if you want to pack mirrors for relocation properly

You should protect the mirror during transportation. Good moving companies have individual woody boxes for those items. If they do not have, or you move the mirror on your own, do not worry. You can easily protect the mirror even for distant destinations. The most important is to place it on a safe spot in the truck and wrap it properly.

Use special packages for mirrors and paintings

Manufacturers have made unique materials for transporting sensitive and large items, like mirrors. One of those materials is sturdy and heavy cardboard. They called it padded cartons. You should use them to put below the mirror in the truck. Not only that, it will protect the mirror from damage. It will save it from vibration during moving.

There crafted wood crates

We have mentioned them a few times above, so you have a clue how they look like. They are boxing with separated drawers for mirrors and paints. Between them are cardboard, wood, or space, with frames only. Whatever they look like, you can use it in case you have more than one mirror or valuable painting when moving.

Label boxes with mirror clearly and carefully

It is essential to label boxes with mirrors correctly. In that way, workers in a moving company will know how to act with those packages. However, you should mark the sides and upside of the box, too. Write signs FRAGILE and similar for that.

Wall mirror
You should pack a mirror in special wood crates when moving

Transport only upright

Although you may feel more comfortable to place a mirror on sides, do never do that when transporting a mirror. Something can fall on it and broke. In some cases, it could dent under heavy load above. However, you can put on the sides of the truck, and it will not take much space.

Do not forget on unpacking

It is essential to pack mirrors for relocation properly, but also be careful when unpacking boxes, too. You can easily damage them if they wrap paper or tape. Or, if you feel that the guide above is too hard and tedious for you, choose one of the best wall mirrors and buy another one.

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