The Best Way to Label Your Moving Boxes

How to label your moving boxes? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if you ask 10 random people to name the most disorganized process in their life, you can be sure that at least a few answers will be about the moving to another home. Despite the bad reputation, chaos and stress are words that you do not have to hear while you’re ready to move from your current home. That’s why today we are telling you what is the best way to label moving boxes – so your relocation can go as smooth as possible.

First get some moving boxes – even for free

One way to help you to label your moving boxes is to design a smart and easy labeling system. After all, if you’re already thinking about the best way to label the boxes, then it means that one of the hardest and long-lasting tasks before moving (yes, packing!) has to be over… Or at least close to finishing. And no matter what’s your current progress in relocation, just remember that in order to finish your packing marathon with the success you deserve, you have to make the last effort and properly mark your moving boxes. And before we explain how to properly do it, just know where from to take the boxes. One of the solution is to get boxes from the moving company. But – did you know that you can get free cardboard boxes? It’s super easy and it can save you a lot of money.

marker-label your moving boxes
What is the best way to label your moving boxes?

Label your moving boxes with permanent markers

Good packing tips can make your entire move more simple and faster – no matter if you’re moving local or getting ready for a long distance relocation. Our advice on how to label packing boxes begins with a few words about what exactly is necessary to create a good system for marking your boxes. And the first thing you have to know when you label your moving boxes is to get a set or two of permanent markers. Also, it would be great to get different color markers that are of good quality. In this way, you can use markers for different purposes once the moving is over. Besides this, you can also consider getting waterproof markers because your inscriptions on the sides of the box can become illegible.

Label your boxes clearly so you know what’s in them

Once you start labeling your boxes, first label rooms that they belong to. Choose different color markers for different rooms. In this way, you will know that for example, red marked boxes all go in the living room. Once you marked the room, start labeling items inside it. Be as detailed as possible and try to pack items from one group into one box. This means to place what you usually have on your nightstand in one box – so all items are here. With this, it would be a great idea to also make a list of things that you are packing. You can make this list in your phone. Phone camera can be additional help if you photograph the items in your house. Make sure to take a photo of every corner – this can be very handy later on.

Once you start labeling your boxes, first label rooms that they belong to.

Packaging is important too

How important is the planned packaging and boxes labeling becomes clear only when the relocation is completed. Because if the packaging is not planned, it is not a rare case that it is almost impossible to find the appropriate piece of clothing, necessary books or bedding in the first days after the move. That’s why it is very important that the boxes are well glued and labeled, so that you know what is in which box so you can quickly find what you need at the time.

There should also be a plan in the order of entering and placing boxes in a transport vehicle. Whether it is a van or a truck, is crucial to place boxes in the right order so they do not fall down. This will also prevent damage of the content of the boxes. That’s why a box with a bigger weight (with books for example), should be on the bottom while lighter boxes are on the top. Also, it often happens that if the packaging and labeling is not good, it may appear that you don’t know what to do with your stuff. However, the good news is that you can store your items and rent both long and short term storage. In this way, you can save time and unpack important things while others are on hold.


Packaging equipment- types of packaging boxes

Once you start with your relocation, here are some types of boxes that you may need:

  • moving boxes for wardrobe. These boxes should also be big enough to place suits with hangers and also suitable for packing larger pieces of linens such as blankets, quilts, feather pillows
  • box for glasses with bold outer sides of the box
  • plate boxes with plate separating cardboard in order to prevent damage during transport
  • boxes of various dimensions for transporting pictures
  • boxes for pet transport
  • standard boxes for the transport and storage of general purpose items
It is very important that moving boxes are well glued and labeled

Finally, you should definitely label your moving boxes in any way… Just make sure not to leave them without any mark! Moving stress is enough to make anyone miserable, and one of the longest and most stressful moving processes is packing. That’s why moving companies area great support. Not only that you get a free estimate of your future move, but you can also get support while packing. Movers who are professionals can do all kinds of packaging things for you or provide you with materials and instructions on how to do it yourself if it suits you more.

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