The best parks in Pittsburgh to visit

If you have recently moved to Pittsburgh, it is good to know some useful information about the city. And if you have been here for a while, it doesn’t hurt to get some new ideas on how to spend a good day outside. The summer is here, and the sunny days are in front of us. So, for everyone who is wondering what are the best parks in Pittsburgh to visit, we are giving you some ideas. Bring your company and have a wonderful day in any of them! And don’t give up on the idea if you don’t have a company either. You can always bring your dog, or go by yourself. This way, you are increasing the chances of meeting someone, and that is always a plus!

Why should you spend time in some of the best parks in Pittsburgh?

Well, why shouldn’t you? Parks are a beautiful way to enjoy nature within the city. For everyone who doesn’t have a lot of time at their disposal, visiting parks is a great way to spend some quality time on the air. If you have been in a challenging situation such as moving with a baby to Pittsburgh, you will love the idea of relaxing somewhere close to your new home.

best parks in Pittsburgh - woman reading a book in the park
You can enjoy Pittsburgh parks with friends and family or by yourself

So, let’s sum up why should you visit some of the best parks in Pittsburgh:

  • they are close to your home,
  • you don’t have to set out too much time to visit them,
  • there are many different people there,
  • your child will have the company, and so will you if you want to,
  • there is a chance of meeting someone if you are single,
  • you can do your training in nature,
  • your dog will love the open space,
  • you will enjoy the fresh air and different kinds of amenities.

City parks are a breath of fresh air

As you can see, spending a day or even a few hours in a park will be good for your body, soul and social life as well. There are many different choices, and you can pick the one that is the best fit for you. However, the beauty of all best parks in Pittsburgh is that you are not bound to visit only one of them. We suggest you start with our list and visit all of them. Afterword, you can go exploring on your own. Or you can start the new circle.

The fact is that Pittsburgh is full of lovely places and parks. And if you are just visiting the city, we will not be surprised if you start asking around about moving quotes Pittsburgh has to offer. You will not be an isolated case to fall in love with our city and decide to move here. But, whatever you decide to do, you can’t make mistakes as long as you find the way to enjoy yourself.

Schenley Park

This is one of the best parks in Pittsburgh to visit, if not the best one, for sure.  People who move long-distance to Pittsburgh tend to visit this lovely place first. It is created in 1889 on the land that heiress Mary Schenley has donated to the city, hence the name, of course. The park in the middle of the Oakland is huge, it stretches out to 456 acres. There are trails, grass fields, woods, golf course, a pool, and different sports activities are held. In the summer, you can go for a swim or a golf game, and in the winter make sure to visit the ice rink.

mother holding a toddler
Enjoy the Schenley Park with the youngest

If you like visiting different types of events, you will enjoy Pittsburgh Race for the Cure and the Vintage Grand Prix that park hosts. Call your friends or get your dog, get out and enjoy some exciting summertime.

Point State Park

If you like history, you will love the story behind this park. During the French and Indian War, this spot was a key strategic place, that is why it witnessed a lot of activities. This beautiful National Historic Landmark will give you an extraordinary view of the city wherever you turn. You can enjoy an outstanding fountain and numerous outdoor activities. Go for a walk with your baby or bring a friend for a jog and train while you enjoy the view.

Frick Park

One of the biggest, youngest and best parks in Pittsburgh to visit is certainly the Frick Park. It stretches out to 644 acres and it has great, long trails through wooded slopes and steep valleys. That is why people call it Pittsburgh’s woodland park. Besides the fact that it is perfect for jogging, you can also lose yourself in your thoughts far from the city noise. There are over 100 species of birds in Clayton Hill, so anyone who likes birds should make sure to visit this place.

trail among the trees
Pittsburgh’s woodland park awaits for you

Therefore, when you finish with other summer activities in Pittsburgh, head straight here to enjoy nature close to the city, yet far from the noise and crowds. Take your kids to Blue Slide Playground and have them learn everything about nature in the Frick Environmental Center. Use your free time to play tennis, baseball or some other sports with your friends.

Allegheny Commons Park

This is another one of the parks with the fabulous view of the city around it. But not only that. The Allegheny Commons Park is officially the oldest park in Pittsburgh since it was built in 1867. That explains why this is a home to some of the oldest trees which are always a pleasure to see. It has a wide Victorian-era promenade, that serves as a great place for all kinds of activities. You can ride a bike around the pond or just enjoy the view of a bridge across it from a bench. However you decide to spend the day in one of the best parks in Pittsburgh, you will not regret the decision to come here.

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