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The proximity of your storage unit to your home is one of the topics we usually talk about when we meet our depository-seeking customers. And, it has come to our attention that the “the closer the better” myth has been circling the masses. So, we figured that the time to address the topic of storage units near me has arrived. We’re going to give you honest advice, both from our experience as local movers in PA and from our customers’ stories. So, here’s everything you should consider when renting a storage unit in Pittsburgh, especially if location matters to you…Movin’ Murdy will be happy to assist you with any request you might have.

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When looking for storage units near me you’re going to have a lot more to consider than simply location…

First and foremost, what should one look for in storage units?

Yes, the location might be important. But, let’s put that convenience to the side for a moment and consider a few other things which are also essential to a good storage unit. As a company which has been offering them for quite some time, we can tell you exactly what ends up differentiating a good from a bad choice in warehousing units.

So, Movin’ Murdy offers you this piece of wisdom from personal experience:

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Here are some ideas as to how you can find good storage units in PA.
  • Security is the most important. When you’re leaving things in a depository unit in PA you don’t count on it being damaged or stolen. In fact, plenty of homeowners forget to check for specific things when looking at a unit. And, as a company which offers warehousing possibilities in PA, we’re proud of our safety measures.
  • Hours of operation are another important factor. You’re one of the night owls in the area and need to access your things at odd hours? Movin’ Murdy accommodates accordingly, of course. However, does any storage near your home in PA do the same?
  • The general atmosphere at the PA depository facilities should also be a criterion. Sometimes, there’s a place which simply rubs you the wrong way. In our experience, you ought to listen to that gut.
  • Costs are also important, but only after all else. There are plenty of warehousing facilities and long-distance moving companies in PA which will offer a good deal. We always advise not to stress about the costs too early, if at all.
  • Location is last, but not the least. We understand that a storage unit near your home is much more convenient. So, we’re including this criterion, as well. But, we still believe that storage units near me shouldn’t be the only thought in your head when looking for a warehousing place.

When the safety of storage units near me is concerned, what should one look at?

We’ve mentioned a bit about security and safety right there. But, we wanted to give you a few more thoughts on the matter. Here are some things which keep our warehousing facilities in PA completely safe. First, every storage facility you look at should have a secure compound. So, take a look at the grounds and see if there is anything shady or odd. Is there a secure fence around the facility? Is the lighting good? Are there any large growths or trees which could be used as a cover for cameras and security guards? If the storage facility passes this check, continue to the next.

It’s time to ask a bit about the on-site safety protocols. Is there a security guard? If yes, how often do they patrol the grounds? What does one need to do in order to access this PA warehousing unit? Is there a way for someone who isn’t you to gain access? Are there cameras installed and what do they cover? Finally, ask the representative if they’ve had any recent break-ins. And, if so, what additional security measures have they taken to prevent further accidents of this sort?

Security camera in the storage unit
Check how many security cameras there are and if they’re working well.

And finally, you should also be checking out the inside safety of a unit. When looking at depository units near me, most of our clients forget about this. They’re simply glad to have found a reliable place to leave their boxes. So, here are a few more things which will keep your depository units in PA safe. Ask about sprinklers, fire alarms, smoke detectors, etc. If there are sprinklers, you may need to take a few more precautions in order to keep your belongings safe. For example, if you’re storing books, you’ll need to wrap them carefully. Not to mention to protect your stored items against mold and mildew.

Why should one take hours of operation into consideration when PA depository units are in question?

There are a few reasons we like to give here. First, as we’ve said, you may need to access your belongings at an odd hour. And, you should always leave this luxury open to yourself. Another, though, is if you have a problem with the depository unit itself. If this is the case you will need to contact the office. And, if it isn’t working, your problem might just become a larger issue. So, this is why we advise always looking at both the working hours and office hours when choosing from the storage units near me selection.

Movin’ Murdy, the best choice when storage units near me are concerned?

We pride ourselves on our dedication to customer needs and success in fulfilling them. So, if you’re searching for a safe and sound PA storage unit, you needn’t look further. Call us today to get all relevant information. Movin’ Murdy offers everything you want, and even more so, what you need. We’ve had plenty of experience with renting out storage units, after all. Our security measures are rigorous in order to keep all of your belongings safe. We offer different types of units, as well, depending on what you’re planning on keeping in the depository. And, if you’re worried about our location and costs, simply give us a call. Even if you haven’t hired our PA moving services, we offer good prices and guarantee satisfaction.

Long story short, in our opinion, getting stuck on the “the closer the better” myth could only be a loss. Hence, don’t look for storage units near me as much as you should be looking for quality depository unit in PA.

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