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Most people when they hear about storage units think about moving. There are countless storage companies in all markets offering storage space. Storage space is not limited only towards those that are moving, but you can have people rent such facilities in their everyday lives. Just think, you might have a bunch of things you are really attached to, but too small of an apartment. In this case, you would want to store your belongings somewhere nice and safe.

Storage companies offer far better storage nowadays. It is not something you should skip on.
Old school storage units.

However, the more frequent use of such spaces is the time when you need to store belongings during a transition. So, when you hire Pittsburgh movers to do your relocation, you also might want to hire storage space until the move is fully done. A hypothetical of such a scenario is when, for instance, your new home is not fully ready. It still has some paint jobs to be done, hence your wish not to endanger your paintings? You’d find safe storage space, and you’d be all set.

Storage Companies – The Why

Regardless of the case, you will be unavoidably using these storage companies services. I mean, unless you wish to store your valuables in your car. Which we would strongly advise against. The point of selecting such space is to keep our possessions safe. Now, your most valuable possessions may not be super expensive, since a value is not measured in such a way. However, we are talking about safety.

Depending on the possession in question you might need all sorts of conditions. Different storage companies will offer various types of storage space. Since you are ultimately trying to keep your things safe while you move, or otherwise, you will seek the perfect conditions for your belongings.

But, in order to do so, you need to identify what type of conditions your belongings need. For instance, some might need a climate controlled environment. On the other hand, you might wish to store something that actually is expensive. In this case, you need to keep in mind additional safety and security.

Bottom line is, paying a monthly bill (sometimes a steep one) for storage you know is safe is nothing when your peace of mind is at stake. Just the knowledge that your stuff is safe is priceless. Even though moving services in Pittsburgh offer plenty of ways to do your move, renting an extra storage facility can only bring you good.

Storage Space – The How

Even though storage is rented, and you will have a very vast amount of choices, you still need to be smart about it. You want your possessions either secured (if they require extra security) or safely stored in the space. In accordance to this, there are several things you will look for in the storage space you are about torent. Be mindful though, the more you expect from a storage space the more its price will grow. 


If you wish to store something that is both valuable to you but also to lucrative would-be robbers, you will need storage space that has no lacking in security. When I use the term security I refer to the prevention of anyone unwanted getting hold of your belongings. There are numerous ways storage spaces become additionally secured.

Storage companies sometimes offer various levels of security, including security camersas.
Security cameras discourage potential thievery.

The first way is to have some sort of fence or gate surrounding the facility. This is the initial and most fundamental layer of security you could hope for. This will keep out anyone who is not working or renting at the place. A bonus would be electronic locks and keys for entering and exiting.

The second best thing you’d want is video surveillance. One, because it simply discourages potential thieves and second, if thievery does happen it provides proof and clues as to who could have done it.

Ultimately, a person patrolling the area 24/7 is the absolute best layer of security you would want to own. Of course, the price for such a service will go up exponentially. But sometimes it may as well be worth it.

Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is an entirely different ballgame that some storage companies offer. It mostly provides safety from the elements by making sure that all the belongings are sealed and secured.

The additional variable you could seek is the ability to have climate control on top of everything else. Without these precautions, you risk your items being damaged by floods, fire, rust or corrosion. Keep an eye out for some mold or yellowing metals, for if you notice this it means it might be time to change storage.


Even though you found a storage company with top-notch security and whatnot, nothing is fully harm-proof. In cases where all safe-checks fail, you should consider owning insurance. Most of the storage companies offer such insurance, but in case you wish to pursue it this way make sure you see everything the policy covers. 

Keep Note of What You Store

This is one frequent mistake people make. Unless you rented a storage unit to store one item alone, you should keep a strong record of what you have stored. Additionally, you could make a small map of the place, mapping the location of said items.

Storage companies are just one of the ways you can keep your belongings safe.
Keep your stuff safe.

Write down the quantity of what you own. If you own electronic devices – write down serial numbersThe list needs to be easy to read and understand. Also, if you don’t have gorgeous writing, make sure to have it in a printed out version. You don’t want to not be able to discern a number in it.

Two reasons for this. First, you will have a very good overview of what you have, and where it is. Second, if it comes to claiming insurance you will have a concise list of what you own and where it is (or was).

One of the definite things you should include in your moving checklist is renting a storage unit. Also, consider adding relocating of fragile stuff to the storage unit as part of your moving timeline. You’ll be happy you did.

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