Start-to-finish packing guide

Packing is the most important part of every relocation process. To pack everything with ease, make sure you use the best packing guide and secure your belongings for transport. This is how you do it!

A good plan is a key to successful packing

Relocating your entire household belongings and packing each item from your home can be quite a challenge. On the other hand, packing a huge house can take days, sometimes even weeks. That is why you should think ahead before you even start the entire process. Packing your home without a good plan and a lot of free time can turn into a nightmare. And to avoid trouble and discomfort when moving to Pittsburgh, you can make time to plan each step before you start. This way you will be able to divide your work. When you do, it will be easy to calculate the time you will need for packing every area in your home.

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The good plan will save you time and money while moving.

It is best if you start planning your move a month or even two in advance, depending on the amount of work you have. Before you start your planning it is best you know your moving timeline. Knowing how much time you have for your relocation will help you divide all of the work into stages. Also, you should calculate your moving budget. The budget for your entire relocation will include all of the moving costs including all of the packing materials you will need.

Start with the basics

To get the best idea about your moving costs, consider contacting the best moving company in Pittsburgh. Ask your movers for a quote and they will send a representative to your home free of charge. He will estimate your moving expenses and give you a free quote for your relocation. It is advisable that you ask your movers about the details regarding your move. On the other hand, you should discuss in detail the packing service and the packing materials for the move. In most cases, quality movers will include these services in the final moving quote. Anyway, it is best if you let professionals pack everything, and ask about all of the details before you sign the final agreement with the moving company.

In case your moving company requires additional charges for the packing service, it is up to you to choose the best packing service for your move. On the other hand, with a little bit of free time and planning, you can pack your entire home with ease. If this is your situation, make sure you have friends that can help you pack everything. If you are packing your household belongings for the first time by yourself, consider finding a good packing guide online.

Get all the necessary equipment and packing supplies

Professional movers use tools and equipment to move heavy and bulky items. When packing by yourself or with friends, make sure you have the right tools too. You can rent some of these tools with a moving truck, or you can ask your movers for help. Consider using:

  • Shoulder dollies to move heavy items don’t the flight of stairs
  • Regular dollies for moving smaller heavy items
  • Moving blankets and pads to slide bigger items across the room

When packing by yourself, consider getting professional packing supplies. New and sturdy cardboard boxes will keep your belongings safe while they travel to a long distance location. Make sure to use plastic wrapping paper to wrap any breakable items. Also, when packing fragile items, make sure to have packing peanuts to better secure them. This way they won’t move or touch other belongings while in transport.

After you get all the packing supplies that you may need to consider labeling all of the boxes, even the small ones. That way you will know where everything goes in advance. Your movers will be able to work fast and be efficient when they know where to put the boxes.

Packing guide for moving on a budget

When moving on a budget, you can save a lot if you pack by yourself.

When moving on a budget, you may want to save as much money as you can. When it comes to packing, you can pack your own home and even save a bit. If this is your situation make sure to declutter your home first. Decluttering has many benefits and it will help you save even more on your move. When you put aside all of the items you don’t need or won’t use again, and sell or donate them to charity. In any way, you will be able to save even more on your moving quote. Your quality movers Pittsburgh will calculate the price of your moving costs depending on the weight of your cargo. That is why you should follow our packing guide and move only essential items.

The „essential box“

One of the best tricks for safe packing guide is the „essential box“. Most movers may not wish to relocate certain items. That is why you should keep the most valuable belongings with you when you move. The box with essentials should contain all of the items you would need for the first day or two. Also, when packing your box with essentials, use our packing guide and pack:

  • Cash
  • Important documents
  • Travel documentation and passports
  • Irreplaceable family valuables and photographs
  • Moving documents and insurance
  • Most valuable items and jewelry etc.

How to find a reliable packing service?

Quality packing service has professionals that can pack your entire household belongings in a day or two, depending on the size of your home. That you should consider using our packing guide and hire professionals.

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It is important that you take essential items with you when moving.

They are insured and licensed and they will take the best care of your belongings. You can find quality movers and packer online. When you do, check the company’s credentials and reviews. That way you will hire the most reliable movers for packing your belongings.

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