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Pittsburgh is a place full of outdoor adventures in its parks. If you are not a professional athlete and you just want to stay fit in Pittsburgh, you can walk and ride a bike in fantastic urban but full with nature city. Pittsburgh with its beautiful landscapes offers you many places with endless recreational opportunities. So, it is not hard to stay fit with sports in Pittsburgh. Read our list of the sports in Pittsburg and choose those you like to try after you relocate there with moving and storage Pittsburgh.

Stay fit walking and riding a bike in Pittsburgh parks
Pittsburgh with its beautiful landscapes offers you many places with endless recreational opportunities.

Play many sports and stay fit in “City of Champions”

Pittsburgh in its past was called the “City of Champions” but also today is the city where you can easily stay fit. You can hike, bike, walk, fish, and ride through many beautiful cities parks. Also, if you are moving to a Pittsburgh as a college student, there is also great opportunity to play many sports in Pittsburgh colleges. This city has many famous collegiate athletics in the United States, in both football and basketball.

Professional sports in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has various professional sports. If you already play some of these sports you can easily find great opportunity in Pittsburgh to continue playing it. In case you are moving to Pittsburgh for sports, to have happy active life, read what you can expect from Pittsburgh city. Before you hire moving services Pittsburgh, read our list of professional and amateur sports.

List of professional sports in Pittsburgh

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Hockey – The Pittsburgh Penguins are famous professional ice hockey team
  • Football – The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the most popular and famous teams in NFL history
  • Soccer
  • Rugby
Football is very popular sport in Pittsburgh
The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the most popular and famous teams in NFL history

Individual sports and recreation in Pittsburgh

  • Golf
  • Fishing
  • Rowing/Rafting/Kayaking
  • Trails/Camping/Biking
  • Tennis
  • Skiing/skating

College sports in Pittsburgh

  • Football
  • Basketball

Interesting fact: When moving to Pennsylvania you are moving to a home with more than 500 public golf courses, and best of them are located in the Pittsburgh area.

College sports in Pittsburgh
College sports in Pittsburgh are football and basketball

Stay fit and healthy – visit hot sports spots in Pittsburgh

If you want to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle for your kids and yourself, there are a list of sports recreational centers you should visit. We bring you few places that offer Pittsburgh fun for families but also places where you can stay fit and healthy.

The Wheel Mill

The Wheel Mill is Pittsburgh’s indoor bike park located in a former warehouse building in Homewood. So, if you like biking all year long, this bike park with great trail conditions is for you. This is a great place because it has terrain for experienced and beginner cyclist. You can use biking lessons, but also here you can have birthday parties and family-friendly events.

The Climbing Wall

Do you like rock-climbing? You can try it and also you can bring your kids. The Climbing Wall is a family-friendly place and it can be very interesting and exciting experience for your children. This sport allows you and your children to stay fit, to be active and athletic. Don’t worry your children are safe because there are professionals who train and keep eyes on you and your children.

The Climbing Wall offers 8,000 feet area you can explore and it is adapted for climbers of all ability levels.

Try rock climbing to stay fit in Pittsburgh
Try rock climbing on The Climbing Wall in Pittsburgh

The Mellon Park Tennis Center

Do you want to play tennis? Then, you should visit Mellon Park Tennis Center. No matter if you are a beginner or professional tennis player, in this Center, you can have beginner’s lessons or you can play it with your partner. Also, the Mellon Park Tennis Center organizes the Inner City Junior Tennis Program, which is a great opportunity for city youth to get free mentorship program. So, this is a great place to practice tennis skills and to know some of the best regional tennis players.

RMU Island Sports Center

Do you want to stay fit in Pittsburgh and to be adventurous? The RMU Island Sports Center located on Neville Island is a great place to play sports and to be active. The Island Sports Center is home to the one indoor golf terrain. So, in the winter you can also play golf inside the Center. Also, this place is the best indoor ice-skating venues. Here you can learn ice-skating from the worlds best skaters.

Other indoor ice skating places in the city are Blade Runners Harmarville and Warrendale Ice Complex and the Ice Connection of Pittsburgh to the north, Ice Castle Arena, Iceoplex at Southpointe and Blade Runners Bethel Park Ice Complex to the south, Center Ice Arena to the east and Airport Ice Arena to the west.

One of the sports in Pittsburgh you can play is golf
If you want to stay fit by playing golf – Pittsburgh has many outdoor golf terrains but also has one indoor golf terrain

Neville Roller Drome

Do you have memories of roller skating as a kid? Now it is time remember your childhood and to stay fit with roller skating in Neville Roller Drome – favorite indoor roller rink in the city. Here you can have fun in a family-friendly environment. Neville Roller Drome has lessons in skating aerobics, so you can easily stay fit in Pittsburgh. Also, during weekends your children can attend skating classes.

If you want to visit other places for skating in the city, visit Romp N Roll and Skate Castle to the north and Eden Park Roller Rink to the east.

It is not hard to stay fit with many sports in Pittsburgh

Now you can see that are many places in Pittsburgh you can visit to stay fit. No matter if you prefer indoor or outdoor activities you can find it all in this sporting city. This city is the cradle of the best athletes and you can be part of the city of the champions. You can learn many new sports in Pittsburgh. Also, this city offers many places where you can try out various sports, and so you will find one who most suits you to stay fit in Pittsburgh.

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