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Choosing the right and safe place for your belongings is important. Like you take time to find your perfect home, also you need to take the time to find the perfect storage space that fits your budget and needs. Self storage PA is your reliable and convenient place to store your private belongings or maybe some business equipment. For which purpose you need it, it is up to you. Our goal is to provide you with safe, well maintained and affordable place to store your possessions.


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Why self storage PA?

Almost everyone at some point in life needs a safe place where can store belongings. Someone use self storage for the clutter of the home, someone for valuable items, other for business equipment, etc. Whatever is your reason for renting a storage unit, you should choose and rent a place that fits you.

Self storage PA is your perfect solution for every need and situation. In larger units, you can store more boxes and furniture and in small units, you can put some seasonal clothes, and fewer boxes.

Self storage PA has Lots of different sizes

In self storage PA is easy to get any size and type of the storage unit you need. Our units are convenient to store everything from your documents, files, personal items, to seasonal clothes, business inventory, etc. When you are thinking about the size of storage unit you need, make sure to take a look on your belongings so you can pick the right size based on the size and weight of your possessions.

Smaller self storage units are convenient for storing small items, boxes and small pieces of furniture. In large storage units, you can store your car, motorcycle, sports equipment, and other bulky items. Contact us and our representatives will help you decide which size of storage units is your perfect match.

When you rent a unit in our storage facilities you have a 24-hour access to your possessions

Many people who want to store valuables and other possessions are afraid they will not have an access to their belongings. This is not the case in our storage facilities. When you rent our storage units in Pittsburgh you won’t lose access to your belongings.  You can visit your possessions whenever you want to do it. Also, you will have a key and free access to your belongings.

You can count on extra security

One of the best features you can get in self storage PA is the extra security and surveillance. So, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings. Every self storage unit is monitored so if something happens you can be sure that someone is here to react.


Lockers in Self Storage PA
In our storage units, you have your personal locker and the key

Finding the best self storage PA unit: How to do it?

Self storage PA is easy to find. Our units come in a variety of sizes and you can store whenever you want to, except the dangerous and hazardous materials. Our best storage units offer security, 24/7 access, extra features, climate controlled units and affordable rates. Instead of searching for other storage units online, your search can be done right here. We have all the features you probably need your self storage unit to have. Also, you can count on quality moving and storage services, friendly representatives and highly trained moving crews.

Our professional packers and movers with knowledge, skills, and equipment are able to assist you in every step of your move. From packing, moving, transporting and sorting for your storage unit. With our convenient locations and features, you can easily find the self storage unit perfect for your needs and budget!

Variety of self storage units in Pennsylvania

There are many reasons why people decide to rent self storage unit. Whether you need to move your home, office or you are making more space in your home, or you are downsizing – Movin’ Murdy – Pittsburgh Movers is the right choice for safe storage solutions in Pennsylvania. We store everything you want, your residential, commercial or college items. Also, you can count on affordable packing services and supplies.

  • Clean Storage

With self storage PA you can count on clean and well-maintained storage units.

  • Secure Storage

With our storage units, your belongings are safe and protected. Many of facilities have security cameras, lights, monitoring, and personal lock and key.

  • Convenient storage

Self storage PA has a variety of storage solutions to fit your storage needs.

Self storage units features

Storage facilities in Pennsylvania have a lot of great storage units – in different sizes and accessibility to prime locations. In self storage units you can count on many different features, from extra security, cleaning services, packing services, too many other features. You just have to pick the one storage space that is convenient for you.


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Your belongings will be safe in Self Storage PA

Take advantage of your storage unit

Self storage PA is beneficial for every change in your life. You will realize how it is important to have a safe storage space when it comes time to declutter or move your home. You can use your storage unit in different ways and for many reasons. So, you will discover how self storage can make life easier and comfortable in many ways.

After years of experience, we understand all your needs, that’s why we provide you with the best storage facilities you can find in Pennsylvania.


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