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Self storage North Versailles is committed to providing you with comfortable, safe and stress-free storage experience. With our convenient locations of self-storage units, you can find a safe place to store your belongings in the community located 12 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. Movin’ Murdy Moving and Storage Pittsburgh is a company dedicated to your satisfaction and success. Our highly-trained packers and movers have experience and license to handle every part of your moving and storage requirements with ease. You can count on our safe self-storage North Versailles as your best ally in storing and protecting your possessions.


Self storage North Versailles units
In our North Versailles storage facilities, you can find a variety of self-storage sizes to accommodate anything you want to store.

We create a safe, clean and convenient place for your belongings!

As one of the best rated moving and storage companies in Pennsylvania, we can proudly say that all our costumers are satisfied with the services we provide. Our goal is to make your life easier giving you a chance to store your belongings and valuable items without worries and stress. In our North Versailles storage facilities, you can find a variety of self-storage sizes to accommodate anything you want to store. Whether you choose the unit size from 5’x5’ to 10’x30’, or even bigger, our team of agents will help you pack and store your belongings.

Choose from different storage sizes

When you decide to rent a self-storage unit, first think about the size of your items you want to store. Small units in our self-storage North Versailles are convenient for packing and storing your household or business files and documents. Also, you can store a few cardboard boxes with seasonal items and clothes. Larger items in our facilities you can use to store items that take a lot of space in your home or office. So, you can store furniture, exercise equipment, or a full business inventory. And remember, you will pay only for what you use. The price only depends on the size of the storage unit.

In our self-storage North Versailles facilities aren’t just about sizes, also it is about great features. You can count on the perfect maintained space including options such as climate control and security. We want to meet all your needs. Climate controlled storage units are great for your belongings that are sensitive to temperature changes. For example, climate controlled storage is a great place to store your musical instruments and wooden furniture.


Yellow storage door
Choose the right type and size of a storage unit for your belongings

Our storage professionals are dedicated to providing you with the best packing and storing services

It’s not a coincidence that our storage facilities are one of the best in the North Versailles area. Our dedicated team of professionals is constantly investing in knowledge and skills to provide you with safe packing and storing services. Residential movers Pittsburgh help you pack your belongings efficiently to minimize the risk of damages and different scratches. Also, we want to give you a chance to store your belongings at an affordable price. So, you don’t have to be afraid our services cost a fortune. We are the proof that you can have quality and affordability at the same place. Our goal is to satisfy clients with safe and secure belongings in our self-storage units in North Versailles.

Self-storage North Versailles that suits your needs

Same as our storage units in Pittsburgh, self-storage units in North Versailles offer you different features for your peace of mind. Our properties are secure and safe for all types of your belongings. You can easily find the perfect match for your items. If you want to minimize the risk of the humidity and impact of extreme temperatures, our climate-controlled units are a perfect choice. There are many benefits to using our storage facilities to store your possessions. The most important is that every or our self-storage units suits your needs.

The convenient location of self-storage is your best-storing solution

Our self storage North Versailles facility has a convenient location so you can easily deliver and take out items from your storage unit. You can easily get your belongings when you need them. We are proud and pleased to offer you storage units that will make your life easier and comfortable.


Leather chair
The old furniture you can store in climate controlled storage units in North Versailles

We care about your items: Here are tips for preventing damage to your belongings

After you choose self-storage that fits your needs, it is time to pack your items correctly to avoid damages. Following tips are our guideline for successful packing.

  • Use quality cardboard boxes (in case you get cardboard boxes for free, make sure they are sturdy)
  • Label boxes with easy identification
  • Protect your belongings with different wrapping materials
  • Clean all your items before storing
  • Place the most valuable items at the back of the storage unit
  • Use shelves to maximize the space
  • Make sure that everything is clean and dry to prevent mold
  • Do not store perishables
  • Do not store flammable items
  • Make sure to wash and dry all your clothes before storing
  • If you want to store glassware protect it with some wrapping material
  • Disassemble furniture

Prohibited Storage Goods

Even you are the only person who has an access to your self-storage, some of the items you cannot store. These items include:

  • Live or dead animals
  • Perishables
  • Liquids
  • Explosives
  • Flammable liquids and fuels
  • Toxic materials

Your search for reliable and convenient self-storage North Versailles ends here

We can proudly say that your search for safe self storage North Versailles ends here. You will be satisfied when you see a big difference using our self-storage services. Whether you need big, small, climate controlled storage or some other feature in your storage unit, we offer you reliable, affordable, secure, well-maintained self storage North Versailles.


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