Long and Short-Term Storage

Whether you need to move locally, just cross the street or you are planning a long distance move from state-to-state, moving your entire household or office isn’t an easy task. Movin’ Murdy – Pittsburgh movers is a moving and storage company that offers short term and long term storage solutions to meet your needs and requests. With our safe storage facilities located through entire Pennsylvania, you can find the perfect safe place for your belongings. With our moving and storage services, you don’t have to worry about hidden costs or moving frauds. In our storage units, Pittsburgh your items are stored safely and securely.


Storage units
With our safe storage facilities located through entire Pennsylvania, you can find the perfect safe place for your belongings.

All our long and short-term storage solutions you can use for different reasons

Attractive locations of our long and short-term storage units attract many clients to pack and store their items. You can use both storage solutions for different reasons. You can store your documents, files, furniture, seasonal clothing, different types of equipment, etc. The only difference is for how long you want to store your possessions. So, short-term storage is a great place to store your items for a short time. But, long-term storage you can use to store all your items you don’t have enough room for.


Suits in storage
All our long and short-term storage solutions you can use for different reasons. You can also use it for your business needs.

Short-Term storage usage

After relocating home to Pennsylvania, short-term storage units are a great solution to store your items while your new home is ready for the delivery of your items. These storage solutions are a great way to store your items in a safe place during the move. Also, you can use short-term storage solutions when renovating or repairing your home.

Short term storage is a great facility where you can add or remove things when you want. Also, you pay for the services per month. You have an easily accessible to your belongings and you can pick the right size of the storage unit. The size of the unit depends on the size and weight of your belongings.

Different variety of unit sizes and monthly payments allow you to pick the storage unit that is your best fit. Make sure to get insurance if you want to store some valuable items such as artwork in a storage unit. Having insurance is the best decision you can make if you want to store some expensive pieces.

Our storage units are safe and secured. You are the only person who can have access to your storage unit.

Long-Term storage solutions

Long-term storage is a good option for people who want to store items for a long time. If you don’t have enough space for your belongings inside your home, long-term storage units are your best solutions. You can store some sentimental items, furniture, musical instruments, etc. everything that cannot fit into your current living space. When you want to rent long-term storage, you have to sign the contract and sometimes it can be cheaper than monthly fees for short-term storage.

Our experts offer storage packing services

Our moving agents are highly trained and skilled to offer you high-quality packing services. With our reliable and capable hands, you can be sure your belongings are properly packed and protected for long and short-term storage. That’s why our professionals can give you some useful advice when packing your items for a storage unit. So, make sure that all your moving boxes are properly labeled. Also, that all breakables are wrapped and protected against damages. Cover your furniture inside the storage unit to keep it dust-free.


Our experts offer quality storage packing services

Packing for long-term storage

If you need to store your items for three or more months, long-term storage is the right solution for you. But, for long-term storage, you should be properly prepared and your items packed in the safest and most efficient way.

  • Avoid packing in plastic bags – plastic can trap humidity so you are risking mold on your items
  • Buy sturdy boxes – This is very important especially if you want to get free moving boxes from your near grocery store. Clean and dry moving boxes protect your items from many different damages
  • Wrap and protect all your fragile and valuable items
  • Label all your moving boxes
  • Seal clothes and fabrics to prevent yellowing, mold, damages, etc.

When it comes to long-term storage it is really important that is properly maintained to avoid mold and vermin. So, renting our short and long-term storage units you can be sure your belongings are in a safe, clean and dry space.

Packing for short-term storage

This type of storage unit is the best to use for items you want to store for less than three months. When packing for short-term storage you can escape some steps mentioned in the long-term storage packing process. But, still, you have to careful with your precious items. You don’t have to protect your items for short-term storage same as for long-term because there isn’t much time for dirt to settle. But you still should pack and wrap your fragile items carefully.

Whether you decide to store your items in long or short term storage, both solutions are a great and safe place for all of your precious belongings. Our storage facilities you can find through entire Pennsylvania. So you can pick the location, size, and type of long and a short-term storage unit which is your perfect fit!


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