Movin’ Murdy is one of the leaders in innovation in the moving industry of Pittsburgh PA. We have experience as residential and commercial movers, as well as a storage company. With our expertise and diligence we have relocated numerous homeowners both locally and long-distance. Our workers will pack your belongings, transport them and then safely deliver them into their respective places in your new home. And, if there’s a need for renting storage with us, Movin’ Murdy is always happy to offer you safety, quality and affordability in one deal. Here’s what we believe that any of our customers should know about storage units Pittsburgh before renting.


wrapped cardboard boxes in a storage unit
When moving house you may need to place a few things into one of the storage units Pittsburgh.


More than often, homeowners find themselves overrun with belongings. There’s sometimes just a bit too much clutter. And, often, this is the clutter which you simply can’t get rid of. Whether it’s something seasonal or sentimental, it just deserves a place in your home. So, what should you do when you have too much stuff in your home? We suggest that you rent one of the storage units Pittsburgh with a good reputation and hence contact Movin’ Murdy professionals. So, for those moving to PA and those simply looking to de-clutter their home, here’s a guide to choosing the best storage unit in town for your needs!

Before looking at storage facilities in PA, decide what kind of storage you need

Here is where we would like to introduce you to the first mistake of numerous homeowners. They will rent the smallest of storage units Pittsburgh in an attempt to save some money. Though, after putting everything they need stored inside, it’s packed. And then, getting a single box from the back becomes a hassle. Hence, first, you should decide on the number of items you will need stored. If you’re going to hire a reliable moving company in Pittsburgh, PA for your move, you will probably have a few boxes of stuff for storage ready. If not, it’s time to pack them into boxes. This will give you a clear picture of how much storage space you need.

Then, it’s time to consider the type of storage units Pittsburgh you’ll be renting. If you have anything valuable for storage, you should find a secure facility. When putting fragile things in a depository Pittsburgh unit, you should look at climate controlled spaces. While more expensive, they will surely keep your belongings from being damaged by the elements. If you’re just now moving to Pittsburgh, you’re in luck. Most local Pittsburgh movers will offer affordable storage as a part of the deal.

When you know what you need, it’s time to start looking at storage units Pittsburgh

We would like to point out another common mistake which we want to point out before you start the hunt. Most homeowners tend to stick by the rule ‘the closer the better’. This is true when you’re choosing a Walmart or a mall. However, if you’re looking at storage units Pittsburgh, you may need to stray from this common habit. Instead, look for affordable, close, secure and good for your cargo. More than often, you will find storage units on the outskirts of the city much cheaper. And, if you’re choosing to rent depository space from your Pittsburgh long distance movers, you’re in luck. Most of them will offer you an affordable and convenient space.

Then, you can find a few Pittsburgh facilities which suit your needs

a person holding a cell phone and researching storage units Pittsburgh
Give the Pittsburgh storage facilities a call and get a few references.

Choosing a good storage facility in PA is similar to looking for a good moving company in Oakland, for example. You should start by asking for recommendations. Then, follow through with an online search. And finally, it’s time to check these places out. Here’s how to check out storage units Pittsburgh without the long walk there:

  • Call the warehousing facility and ask them for a few references. Any respectable storage will be able to offer a few names and numbers which you can call.
  • Before renting one of the storage units Pittsburgh possible, you should do some more research. Go online and look up the facility. Read through a few reviews and see what they are saying. In case there is a recurring theme of negative comments, this may not be the right storage for you
  • Finally, also compare the gate hours with the office hours. This is a thing which most people forget to do before renting storage space in PA. The gate hours will signify the time when you can access your storage unit. However, the office hours are the length of time when the management will be available to you. If you have a problem, you will need them to do something to fix it. So, short office hours can be a big drawback.

Next, it’s time to give them a call at the PA storage facility with some clever questions at the ready

There are those times in life when you know that you should be asking some questions. Though, more than often, your mind simply draws a blank. As experienced Pittsburgh residential movers who offer storage, we want to give you a cheat sheet. So, when you actually call the company, you will know what to ask.

What kind of security does this Pittsburgh storage facility have?

No matter what you’re storing, you will want it to be safe, right? Well, this is the question to ask then. Storage units Pittsburgh will normally have cameras, on-grounds security and a number of other common anti-theft measures. A representative should be able to give you this information easily over the phone. If not, you may want to scratch them off your list and move on to the next one.


white surveillance camera
Take a look at what kind of security is available at the Pittsburgh storage facility.

How often are the grounds patrolled on these storage units Pittsburgh?

A security guard is good. A walking security guard is even better. Check out this anti-theft measure before deciding that you’re going to rent a specific unit. Of course, if you’re storing something valuable, they should be able to provide 24-hour security for you.

Are there smoke alarms at this warehousing facility in PA?

This is usually a standard with storage units. Though, it’s always good to be on the safe side. In case there is a fire, you will definitely want a smoke alarm to be installed and functioning, correct? Make sure that they are there and ask about any previous incidents. If they do tell you that they had one, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s always good to have an honest representative.

As a follow-up question, is there a sprinkler system installed in this facility, too?

In most cases, the representative will tell you about a sprinkler system after you ask about the smoke alarm. Though, sometimes they forget it. So, ask about that, too. In case they have it, you may want to take extra measures with protecting your water-sensitive items. If you’re storing books or wooden furniture, it’s essential that it stays dry. It’s better to add an extra layer of plastic wrap over them, in case of a sprinkler malfunction, for example.

Are there any limits to my access to these storage units Pittsburgh?

If you’re moving house to PA, this is an essential question. We often advise our clients keep in storage any belongings they aren’t sure they’ll need in the near future. So, this is important. You may need to access some of the boxes at odd hours of the night. Or, you may need them in an emergency over the weekend. In case your storage units Pittsburgh aren’t open then, you may find yourself in a bind.

How many storage units does your PA facility have and what is the vacancy rate?

There is a common rule of thumb when choosing a good food stand. You will pick one with the longest line, correct? After all, you will assume that the food is good there. It’s a similar case with any good thing. Storage units Pittsburgh can have a mile long waiting list if they are a great facility. If you’re not in a hurry, it may be a good idea to book with a popular site.

How are these storage units Pittsburgh usually rented?

Depending on what you’ll be putting into storage, your needs may vary. In case you’re just now hiring Pittsburgh movers to relocate, you’re probably looking for some temporary warehousing. Then, the best possible option is a month-to-month rent. And, after you renovate your home, you won’t be needing the storage units Pittsburgh anymore. Ask them about their renting options and what their process of notifying you to vacate it is.

Have they ever had a break-in and if so, how and when did it occur?

Most storage facilities are reluctant to share this information. However, it’s important to know that your unit is safe. So, ask them about the break-ins and if they have changed their security measures since then. In case they can’t give you this information, you can also get a good picture by reading a few reviews online. Also, be sure to check them out on BBB.

Then, it’s time to take a look at this warehousing units Pittsburgh in person

question mark and a pen on a yellow background
What questions should you ask when visiting Pittsburgh storage facilities?

Sure enough, you will be able to see the pictures of the facility online. However, in most cases, this won’t be enough. Just to be on the safe side, we always advise our clients look at the storage facility PA in person. And, when you’re already there, we have a few things we’d advise you to look at:

  • Is the facility well taken care of?
  • Are the areas both inside and inside the warehousing grounds well-lit?
  • Is there a secure fence around the storage units Pittsburgh you’re considering?
  • Is the security system in place and working?
  • What does one have to do in order to access their PA warehousing unit?
  • Is the staff professional and polite?
  • Do you feel comfortable leaving your belongings there?

And finally, when you’ve chosen your Pittsburgh storage unit, here’s some advice on using it

In most cases, like we’ve previously mentioned, homeowners tend to pack their storage units top to bottom. And then, the trouble of taking out one box arises. Hence, we want to give you a few useful tips on how you can use your storage units Pittsburgh effectively.


cardboard boxes labelled as fragile
When storing fragile items you’ll need to be wary of mold and mildew.

First, remember to protect your belongings

When you have rented one of the storage units Pittsburgh available, you will be eager to organize it. Well, first we’d advise getting a few wooden pallets to go directly on the floor. This way you will be protecting the items from the elements. When you stack boxes directly on the floor you increase the possibility of mold and mildew appearing on your items.

The dilemma of plastic bins or cardboard boxes in storage units Pittsburgh is normal

Boxes are cheaper, yet also less durable. However, while bins may get a number of points for their durability and convenience, they also aren’t good for stacking. When you stack a few boxes one on top of the other, there will be no extra space in between them. However, with plastic bins, you will always have a bit of space due to their odd size.

Remember to label carefully when arranging your Pittsburgh storage unit

a girl creating an inventory of the Pittsburgh storage unit
Remember to write down every item and the box it’s being placed into.

Placing things into storage is a tedious process. You will need to decide what you’re willing to part with for a longer period of time. And then, you’ll have to pack all of these items, usually into identical boxes. The game of whack-a-mole starts when you want to take something out of one of your storage units Pittsburgh after some time. All the boxes look exactly the same and you have an idea of where the item you need is. However, it still includes taking out more than one box.

Hence, we suggest a good labeling system. Either number or color-code your boxes and bins so you know exactly what is where. Then, you can further write down the items on the visible side of the parcels. If not, be sure to create a detailed list of all your belongings and take it home with you. We always suggest taking picture of everything you place into storage units Pittsburgh before leaving them there. That way, you’ll be able to prove the state in which your items were stored with an insurance company. Finally, as a reminder, if you’re using the 18-month rule for any items, remember to write both the end and start day on the visible side of the box. This way, you will know when to sift through the contents of the box in order to sell or donate them.

Why is Movin’ Murdy storage the best depository option for you?

Choosing a company to leave your belongings with is never an easy thing. You’re leaving your items to strangers for safekeeping. And, Movin’ Murdy is a team of professionals who understand homeowner’s concern very well. We offer safety, affordability and high-quality security for your belongings. Our staff is friendly and will help you in any way they can. Movin’ Murdy is here for your questions and any tips or instructions you may need. When renting storage units Pittsburgh with us, you aren’t only renting a space, you’re also renting a service. Movin’ Murdy is a company which will always go one step further to help their customers. But, we will leave you to be the judge of that. Give us a call and let us help you choose the perfect storage unit for your items today!

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