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Movin’ Murdy helps you move home no matter the distance! We can easily conduct both- local and long-distance Pittsburgh moves. Is a long-distance move more complicated than the local? Of course, it is. This is why we suggest you hire us the moment you realize that you’re moving. It takes time to prepare properly. Let our moving experts start with the preparations immediately. This way, we’re gonna make sure to avoid all common moving troubles. Helping you relocate to another residence feeling no moving stress along the way. Sure, you’ll naturally feel some stress. But with the help of long distance movers Pittsburgh PA from Movin’ Murdy, that stress will be reduced to a minimum.


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Moving to Pittsburgh can be quite challenging, hire pros to help you avoid troubles


It doesn’t matter even if your move is a cross-country one. We can arrange everything, so you can fully enjoy the process of relocation. A moving day should be an experience to remember. Surrounded by a good atmosphere, smiles, and excitement. If you try to do it on your own, you could easily regret it. There are so many issues that might appear on your long distance move. Without enough experience, you would have plenty of troubles solving even the smallest problem appearing on your way. Hiring Pittsburgh long distance moving professionals you’re making sure to have the team of experts on your side. During a long distance Pittsburgh move it’s something that will help you relax, instead of having a headache for days or breaking the bank due to some major trouble.

Major troubles are hiding everywhere, just waiting for the wrong move. Don’t make one, hire the best long distance movers in Pittsburgh, PA. Hire Movin’ Murdy! Let’s learn why we are the right movers for you, and how the long distance moving process works!

Long distance Pittsburgh move – Is it possible to conduct it trouble free?


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Long distance move to Pittsburgh can be a breeze, with adequate assistance

Sure it is. With a good organization, a good moving plan, and a good team of long distance movers Pittsburgh PA. Actually, hiring a team of experienced long distance moving professionals in Pittsburgh is the most important thing to do. The experts for cross-country moves will help you plan everything, pointing out the most important and the most difficult things, so you could arrange them first.

For your information, the moving day is just the end of a long process of preparations for it. That’s why we suggest you don’t hesitate at all and start with the preparations for a long distance move as soon as you decide that you’re moving. Having too much time for something is never an issue. On the other hand, lacking time for some important thing to do might cause major troubles. As we said, major troubles are what we want to escape. Especially while making a long distance move to Pittsburgh.

Hiring high-quality interstate movers from Pittsburgh will help you a lot. Movin’ Murdy has a team of experienced pros, with hundreds of long-distance relocations to Pittsburgh and from Pittsburgh behind. This is what makes us such a great choice when searching for moving assistance. Nevertheless, we shall discuss more thoroughly why we are qualified to conduct your long distance Pittsburgh move.

Why should you hire Movin’ Murdy among long distance movers Pittsburgh PA?

How does the process of searching for an adequate moving company look like? Well, in case you do have some experience with relocations, you probably had an opportunity to search for a moving company. If you were lucky, that company was reliable, reputable, affordable, and high-quality at the same time. If you are moving for the first time, be very careful. We shall talk here how you should search for long distance movers Pittsburgh PA. Together with this, we shall point out why Movin’ Murdy is the right company for you. Here are the steps you should take when searching for long distance home moving experts from Pittsburgh:

  • Check the reliability – Only the company owning the licenses and having good reviews is the one you should hire.
  • Do the service quality check-up – Never make a compromise, search for the best long distance movers Pittsburgh PA has.
  • Compare the prices – Saving some money is always a good thing. Especially when moving long distance.


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Reasons why Movin’ Murdy is one of the best long distance movers Pittsburgh PA

How to find out if cross-country Pittsburgh movers are reliable enough?

Surely, the matter of reliability isn’t only important for long-distance moves. When making a local Pittsburgh move, you should check if the company you choose is reliable enough. The problems with the relocation might get big no matter the distance of your move. But how to check the reliability of a moving company? The first and the most important thing to check is the licensure. In the USA, the best proof of being a reliable company is a US DOT number. Besides that, another important one is an MC number. But what is US DOT and what is MC?

DOT is short for Department of Transportation. The DOT number is the number of a license a moving company owns. If this institution issued a license to some company, it means that it can be trusted.

MC is a Motor Carrier number. It means the company you’re dealing with has operating authority.

Movin’ Murdy is a transparent moving company, and we own all required licenses. Therefore, you can find our US DOT and MC numbers on the top of our website. However, in case you are comparing different movers before you take any moving company in serious consideration, we suggest you check their licensure numbers. Here is a website where you can check the US DOT and MC number.

Offering top quality long distance moving services in Pittsburgh is the only choice for Movin’ Murdy

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Hire only top-quality long distance movers

When moving home to Pittsburgh, what’s the most important thing after the licensure and reliability? The price? No. I mean, it’s quite an important thing to save all the money you can, but we shall discuss it later. So what’s the second most important thing when searching for Pittsburgh long-distance movers? The quality of Pittsburgh moving services they provide! The reason is quite simple. You don’t want your items to get damaged, broken, missing, or delivered months after you relocate.

Therefore, do the research. Check the company reviews. See whether or not previous customers are satisfied with the services they got. If there are some minor issues, don’t pay attention to them. No company in the world manages to satisfy every single customer. There are just some too demanding customers. However, read all the reviews you can, and see what were the complaints.

If there are some important complaints, such as late delivery or broken valuables, make sure to inspect them more thoroughly. If you can, get in touch with those who left that kind of reviews. Ask them what was the reason, and how the company reacted to such issues.

Another thing you can do is visit a company, or get in touch with them by the phone. Check the quality of equipment and vehicles. Find out how experienced the personnel is. Whatever you do, make sure that the company you will hire for your cross-country move to Pittsburgh offers the top quality moving services.

If you hire Movin’ Murdy, we will be there for you whatever your needs might be. Plus, we are open to all sorts of cooperations, so you can rest assured that we shall respond to all your questions. No matter if moving your home, or making a commercial move to Pittsburgh

How to find affordable long distance movers Pittsburgh PA?

Before we give you tips on how to make sure you hired an affordable moving company, let’s learn what does ‘affordable’ mean. The expression affordable summarises everything we mentioned above. How? If some company is affordable, it means that it’s licensed, reliable, reputable, offers quality services and provides you with moving help on your budget. If any of those characteristics were missing, that company couldn’t be called affordable. I mean, you could afford to hire some inexpensive company, that’s for sure. But if it wasn’t licensed, and offered low-quality moving services, wouldn’t it rather be a cheap and bad company instead of affordable and quality mover?

After we separated high-quality & affordable companies from cheap & bad quality ones, let’s learn how you can hire the preferred mover of those two kinds! The first thing you need to do is to get a moving quote estimate. There are moving companies giving you non-binding moving estimates which you can’t use to compare with other companies because the companies don’t guarantee the price (that’s why it’s a non-binding offer). On the other hand, you can get an accurate moving quote, often a binding one, which is the price you will eventually pay. Those are the prices you should use as a comparison.

How do you get an accurate moving quote? There are two ways.

  1. In-home estimate – The company’s representative visits your home and gets a picture of the relocation size and potential troubles that might appear on the way. After that, the representative can give you a binding estimate with the accurate price for your move.
  2. Moving quote calculator – You simply fill out the form on the website and get an accurate moving quote in just a few minutes. This is what Movin’ Murdy offers to the clients.

Whatever kind of an estimate you get, make sure you get the list of services included in the price. And discuss every detail before you make a choice. Movin’ Murdy is here for your moving needs, whatever your question or requirement might be.

Steps to successful long distance move to Pittsburgh

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Hire the best long distance movers Pittsburgh PA offers and enjoy your move to Pittsburgh

Everyone hates migrations. For one reason or another. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a step-by-step guide to a successful Pittsburgh long distance relocation? Movin’ Murdy is here to provide you with it!

1. Get a moving quote

Call us, or visit our website, and request a moving quote estimate. As reliable long distance movers Pittsburgh PA, we provide you with an instant quote for your move. We know how important the final price is to you, so we made sure to implement the moving quote calculator which allows you to get a moving estimate in a few steps, filling out a simple and interesting form. Without the need to have us come to your home before the moving day. For more information, give us a call and we’ll explain everything!

2. Pick the appropriate package of moving services

You get to choose what services you want us to provide. We are open to all sorts of cooperations, from partial relocation to a full-service long distance Pittsburgh move. It depends only on you what is the most suitable solution for your needs.

3. Choose a suitable moving date

This is perhaps the most important reason why we insist that much you hire the movers right away. If you wait, the days around your moving date might be unavailable. If you hire us months before the relocation, you’ll have more chances to pick the date that fits you the best. Otherwise, if you wait until a few weeks until the move, you might find yourself in a problem of not being able to hire us because we have previously arranged relocations. Besides, the price for your move might be significantly lower or higher, depending on the date. Contact us and we’ll discuss the best date for your move.

4. We will do the rest!

If you opt for full-service long distance move, Movin’ Murdy will take care of every single part of your relocation. We are the most affordable long distance movers Pittsburgh PA, offering the highest quality of moving services, and making sure to avoid all the moving troubles that might appear along the way. Most of our customers claimed we are the best choice when it comes to high-quality and affordable long distance movers in Pittsburgh. However, feel free to check this. Compare us to other long distance moving companies in Pittsburgh. If you need some additional pieces of information from us, we’re here to answer all your questions!

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