Moving to a home or apartment can be a stressful experience. Because of this, it is essential to find the right mover that can help you lessen the stress that is related to moving. We aim to conduct every relocation with the highest level of professionalism. You have to do properly your research and choose a good mover in Pittsburgh PA. If not, you might have a big problem and you could decide to cancel the moving to this exciting city. If you choose the wrong moving company in Pittsburgh it might take too much time and too much money. Because of this, you need to know how to pick a reliable moving company Pittsburgh and avoid moving scams. Movin Murdy is a smart choice and provides top moving services Pittsburgh.


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We are dedicated to adapting our moving services Pittsburgh to best suit your unique requirements.


Moving your home is a different process from moving your business or office. Therefore, they require different approaches. We know this and have specialized teams. Those teams match each of the specific types of relocation services Pittsburgh that you require. Our team consists of experienced, trained professionals skilled to move and store your personal items competently and with ultimate professional care. Leave everything to us to handle it carefully and skillfully. So, at the beginning of your relocation, when you are considering how to move, we advise you choose our moving help Pittsburgh for your upcoming move. Our company has more than four decades of industry expertise. We use that to deliver superior relocation services Pittsburgh and unmatched customer care.

Why should you choose our moving services Pittsburgh?

We have a full range of localized moving packages to take care of every detail of your move. Our professional team of movers knows the territory, has the experience and the proper equipment for local relocating. If you hire us, you are choosing safety, experience, and efficiency. We are dedicated to adapting our moving services Pittsburgh to best suit your unique requirements. All our employees are trained and have the best equipment and knowledge. They will manage your move to Pittsburgh safely and professionally. We are the best option for your Pittsburgh move, residential or commercial.

When it comes to moving to Pittsburgh, it is always about choosing quality and dealing with best moving companies. Movin’ Murdy is dedicated to giving you quality relocation services Pittsburgh, guaranteed pricing and unmatched customer care.


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Movin’ Murdy will provide you with professional moving help Pittsburgh

You can check our authenticity:

Ask your friends and relatives for recommendations- First of all, you should contact people you trust. If they moved to Pittsburgh or from Pittsburgh recently, they probably have the information about our moving company. So, they can give you the advice on our moving services

Read the reviews on our website- There are many websites you can use to get the information about Manhattan moving and storage. Look at the reviews from our former customers. You will learn that we are professional Pittsburgh movers you want for your upcoming move.

Check the company on BBB (Better Business Bureau)- These are the people checking on the moving companies around the states, rating the companies from F to A+ (A+ being the highest grade). Our Pittsburgh moving and storage got the rating A+. You have no reason to doubt our reliability. You won’t experience any troubles by hiring us to manage your Pittsburgh move or using our storage units.

Find out if there were some accusations of a moving scam: There are many ways: check the reviews, ask some people who used our moving services Pittsburgh, get in touch with the local police station etc.

Visit our company’s website- Feel free to check our license for doing Pittsburgh moving services. If the movers you’re considering to hire for your move don’t have the licensure, find another moving company. Feel free to read reviews from our previous clients on our website.


Choose Movin’ Murdy for quality relocation assistance

Deciding on which movers to hire is the most important thing when you are moving. The best possible thing you can do to make sure your move goes smoothly is to hire a reputable and trustworthy moving company. Movin’ Murdy is the best choice you can make. There are many reasons for that:

1. Our customers are most important for us

People move once or twice in their lives, so the focus of the moving industry usually isn’t to get long-term clients. Usually, you deal with a customer once, maybe twice, and forget all about it. This is characteristic for other local moving companies Pittsburgh, but not for ours. Our aim is to establishing long-term connections. This is because we care about the needs of our customers. Also, we do this by taking special care of their personal stuff, as well as making sure that they are having a stress-free move. They can relax and be sure that their items are safe and in good hands.

2. We are professional movers Pittsburgh

In order to achieve quality, it isn’t important to just have good machines and tools. Also, it is important to have committed and educated workers who care about their customers. All the movers are different and not all of them are easy. But we know that and we are up for a challenge. We take great care that our employees have all the necessary preparation. This way, we are making sure they are able to help you with any request.

3. We care about your safety

Sometimes it is surprising for our clients when we tell them that they are not our first priority. However, they are relieved when we tell them that we care about safety more than anything else. We care about our employees and customers, as much as our equipment and your belongings. We don’t want to see anyone hurt or cause any damage to your personal items. That is why we make no compromises when it comes to safety. This is exactly what you should mind when searching for moving companies Pittsburgh.

4. We offer affordable moving services Pittsburgh

Every moving company can offer cheap service that isn’t a good one, or an expensive one that is excellent but it takes a lot of time. You should know that not many movers are able to offer quality and affordable relocation assistance and moving help Pittsburgh. This is what sets our company apart. We want you to be satisfied with our professional moving service. We want you to save your budget and that is why we offer very affordable and reasonable prices. This is why we always try to compromise and find a solution that works for both for you and for us. We provide you with affordable moving services Pittsburgh.


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We are glad to negotiate better relocation services Pittsburgh than you might receive from other local movers Pittsburgh

Relocation services Pittsburgh

Good moving companies can provide diverse moving services Pittsburgh. Are you wondering why is this important? Any relocation, no matter how far you are going, is exhausting and stressful. And even if it isn’t all of that, there is still a lot to be accomplished. It is definitely not a good idea to hire different companies for different parts of the move. In this case, you should keep track on all of them. That is why we offer different moving services Pittsburgh to our clients:

Local moving services

We constantly want to make some change and improvements but are never sure where to start from. Will it be finding a new job, starting a family, getting a pet/plant… Or will it perhaps be finding a new home in Steel City? Well, if you are indeed in the market for relocation, the professional Movin’ Murdy team is behind you. After all, you need to have an experienced and professional team of local movers that provides local moving Pittsburgh and can make your relocation simple and easy. And you will hardly find a better choice than our moving company.


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Our team of moving experts will easily manage both local and long distance Pittsburgh moves.


Our experience and confidence will tell you all you need to know about why you should pick us as your designated local Pittsburgh movers. However, this does not make us unreasonable. We are constantly monitoring moving industry trends. We are glad to negotiate better relocation services Pittsburgh than you might receive from other local movers Pittsburgh.

Long distance moving services

Movin’ Murdy helps you move home no matter the distance. Our team of moving experts will easily manage both local and long distance Pittsburgh moves. Are you wondering if a long distance move is more complicated than the local? Absolutely. This is why we advise you hire us the moment you realize that you’re moving. No doubt, it takes time to prepare properly. Allow our moving experts Pittsburgh start with the preparations right away. Operating this way, we’re gonna make sure to avoid all common moving problems. By helping you relocate to another residence, you won’t feel any moving stress along the way. Of course, you’ll  feel some amount of stress. However, with the relocation assistance of long distance movers from Movin’ Murdy, the stress will be reduced to a minimum. Get an appropriate moving help Pittsburgh for a smooth transition. 

Residential moving

Once you have purchased a home in Pittsburgh, the excitement will eventually go away. Then, you will have to think about moving process. You should leave moving your Pittsburgh home to Movin’ Murdy company. We offer all the moving services Pittsburgh you need to make sure your relocation goes smoothly.

  • Moving supplies
  • Short-term storage
  • Overnight storage
  • Long-term storage
  • State-wide moving
  • Packing
  • Loading and unpacking

We are a company that’s licensed, insured and has an A+ rating with the BBB, so you can count on us to get the job done responsibly and efficiently.

Commercial moving

Are you moving your Pittsburgh business to a more spacious location and you have plenty of furniture and equipment that needs to be moved? If so, you can rely on the professionals at Movin’ Murdy to get your Pittsburgh commercial relocation done. We’ll help you pack, load, move and unpack everything in your new office in Pittsburgh. We provide to our clients long-term, short-term and overnight service. Also, we are dedicated to getting the job done in a safe and timely manner. Our Manhattan movers are ready to take on the task of moving your business, no matter the challenge.


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You can rely on the professionals at Movin’ Murdy to get your commercial relocation done.

Additional moving help Pittsburgh we offer:

Packing and unpacking services

A quality moving company should provide packing and unpacking services to its customers. When moving to Pittasburgh, you’d rather not worry about packing and unpacking at all. Whatever the reason, make sure you hire professional movers Pittsburgh. You need moving professionals that offer personalized and customized moving services for your relocation. Even if there are a lot of reliable moving companies, you can’t trust everyone. Be cautious of excessively low moving quotes when choosing moving help Pittsburgh.

Our packing/unpacking services include:

  • Packing boxes
  • Wrapping furniture
  • Machine packing
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Packaging pictures and mirrors
  • Wrapping antiques
  • Packaging crystal and fine china

In order to ensure safety of your items while in transit, overseas or two floors down, we provide various services. Don’t forget that there are lots of possibilities that are available when it comes to packing. From packing your entire household to packing only selected items. We customize each move according to your unique requirements. We understand that moves are never the same and that every move is unique. Contact us today to speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives. We can help with packing and unpacking on your upcoming relocation to Pittsburgh.

Storage services

When the urge for a relocation appears, you don’t always have enough time to prepare everything on time. You may have problems finding a suitable housing. Or, you must leave your current home before you find a new solution for a new one. Maybe you are moving from a big house into a smaller apartment. If that is the case, you are going to need need to store your belongings while you find your new home. Use our moving services Pittsburgh. You need the best storage company ina PittsburghThe best solution for you is our Pittsburgh storage.

Guaranteed Prices for Your PA Move

Count On Movin’ Murdy

Whether you’re moving across the street or across the state, you’ll find superior services and excellent customer care at Movin’ Murdy! Since 2002, our lead mover has used more than four decades of industry experience to make relocation as smooth as possible.

We offer superior packing, loading, moving and unpacking services as well as overnight, short and long-term storage solutions. The relocation professionals at Movin’ Murdy are dedicated to giving you quality services, guaranteed pricing and unmatched customer care.

If you want to skip the stress of packing, loading, moving and unpacking, let Movin’ Murdy handle the job. Call our residential and commercial movers now at 412-731-1722 to schedule your initial consultation. Once you work with us, you’ll wonder why you didn’t consider moving help Pittsburgh sooner.

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