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Whether it’s because you’re moving, redecorating your home or office, or you just want to store away some things without throwing them away, reasons for using self storage are many. In recent years, there has been an increase of users of self storage Pittsburgh among people moving to Pennsylvania. In case you’re thinking about renting a storage, but you’re not sure what are things you should pay attention to, then our article is perfect for you. You will have a chance to learn more about it, as well as find out some of the benefits a storage facility can offer you. Therefore, read this article, and inform yourself more about this matter. We are sure it will help you get prepared better for the upcoming period.

Why is self storage Pittsburgh useful?

Storage unit
Renting storage is a great option when you need to free up space.

Answering this question requires inspecting each and every case individually. However, we can talk about the most common reasons. One thing is for sure, those who wish to rent storage are undergoing certain changes in their lives. In the following list, we will present you some of the motives people have for renting self storage:

  • Relocating to a new house, apartment, office
  • Reconstructing  of the home or office
  • Decluttering the space
  • Traveling for a long time

Moving away to a new place

All of you who have had experiences with relocating know what a great deal of job this is. So many things have to be planned beforehand so that this relocation could go smoothly. A thing that definitely makes one of the biggest issues during this period is the problem regarding moving your stuff and storing them in a secure place. While you’re away hunting for a new place you’ll live in, or searching for a new business space, you will definitely need storage where you can keep your belongings until the moment you’ll be putting them inside this new location. This is exactly what statistics say about people using self storage Pittsburgh. If this is your first time in Pittsburgh, you might consider hiring Pittsburgh movers to help you find your perfect house.

Undergoing reconstructions

Reconstruction works
It would be the best if you would clear out space while undergoing reconstructions around the house/office.

No matter how big your remodeling and reconstruction of a house or office is, it’s no doubt that you’ll need some extra space to put away things that get in your way while doing hard works. If you think you can go without renting storage, think about all the people moving around the home/office. Be sure that there will be tools and equipment lying around, too; and soon after, all of your furniture will be surrounded by mess. Also, you’re risking damaging them. This is why our team from Movin Murdy recommends you take advantage of a storage facility and avoid any unnecessary stress. One of the great things about renting storages is that you can decide on how long you’ll be renting it. This way you can really spend just the necessary amount of money without paying extra. Once the work is done, return the stuff from storage.

Getting rid of the mess

If you’re planning on selling your property, one of the methods to present it the best way is to remove everything that is jamming the space. You’ll agree that overcrowded space feels claustrophobic and it immediately repels. Therefore, self storage Pittsburgh is a right address for you. Also, if you’ve collected various things over the years, and now you don’t really know what to do with them, but for some reason, it is difficult to say a definite goodbye, then don’t. Why wouldn’t you just store them safely, and clear out your home from these unneeded things? On the other hand, it might be useful to learn how to throw the stuff away.


Most people are faced with the similar problem when they’re moving to a smaller apartment or office. Just because you’ll be living or working in a smaller area, it doesn’t mean it will be like that forever. Who knows, some of the things you’ll put in storage might get handy one day. In the meantime, talk with a company which provides services of renting storage facility in Pittsburgh and make the best deal for payment and the usage of space. This is important if you don’t want to lose your pretty penny. A team of professionals will do an accurate estimate and propose a solution to fit your budget and needs.

Note: As with everything else, setting a budget is essential. Be aware of your finances and be responsible towards them.


Longtime traveling

At some points in life, people crave for a change. And what’s the best way than broadening horizons and meeting new cultures? A lot of Americans take long pauses from work, schooling, etc. You will find them all across the world traveling for several months. But what about the homes they’re leaving behind? And what about their valuables? Those who have discovered true benefits of renting storage know that they can rely on leaving their stuff there, while they’re being away. The point of enjoying your life when traveling is not being worried about personal belongings. However, if you really want to be carefree, then you should be careful what kind of storage to rent.

What kind of self storage Pittsburgh is advisable?

Surely the first thing to think about is safety and reliability. You want a facility you know that is being surveilled 24/7. Also, make sure that your storage has a security lock. These things will guarantee you sleeping peacefully at night, knowing that your stuff will still be there the next time you go. The next thing is the price. Normally, people tend to spend as less as possible. If you do a good research and take time to compare different storage facilities, we are sure you’ll be able to find the one that suits your needs the best and offers you the best price for the services they offer.

Seeing these reasons and learning about the benefits of renting self storage Pittsburgh, we are sure you’ll make the best decision for you. Take your time and put down on a paper all you need and happy storage hunting.


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