How to say goodbye to your neighbors

If you ever had to move, you know how complex, serious and overwhelming that task is. Not just logistically, but also emotionally. You are in the race against time and there are a million things to be done. The last thing on your mind is to have fun. However, no matter how chaotic days before the move are, you should stop, and take a moment. Not only for yourself, but also for the people around you, that you love dearly. Your moving can be hard on them, too. And if you don’t say goodbye to your neighbors, friends, and family properly, you will regret it. As soon as you happen to be alone in your new place, you will notice how much you miss everyone and you’ll want to go back in time and correct the fact that you didn’t say goodbye. We give you ideas to prevent that.

What are the best ways to say goodbye to your neighbors

Since we have established that is crucial for your social life and emotions to properly say goodbye to your neighbors and friends and family, now it’s time to find out the options. This doesn’t have to be something extravagant. Or the event for a lot of people.

Say goodbye to your neighbors - Dinner party
A dinner party is always a great idea to make memories and say goodbye

Just gather around some of your closest friends, family, and neighbors and decide how to spend some quality time together. Especially because you will be preoccupied with moving challenges and surrounded by people from your moving company, such as Movin’ Murdy or similar. Although they are very nice people, you still need to vent and spend time with the closest people. Depending on your budget and preferences, choose some of these ideas:

  • host a party or a dinner party,
  • make a barbeque in your backyard,
  • take people out to dinner or for drinks,
  • do some fun activities together.

Even if you just call everyone to come and help you pack and order a pizza, it can be a great way to say goodbye to your neighbors and everyone else.

Host a party or a dinner party

Depending on how many close people you have, you can make some kind of a party at your home. If you decide to host a dinner party, make the food that you know everyone like, light some candles and enjoy. You will probably start remembering all the fun stuff you did in the neighborhood during the years.

However, if you decide to go with the bigger party, that can also be great. If you can’t afford a DJ at this moment, don’t worry. There are so many playlists on YouTube that will make an excellent party. Since these are your closest people, everyone can bring some drinks, so you don’t exceed your budget. There will be dancing, laughing and you will probably take a lot of photos together. So it would be one more nice memory to share.

Make a barbeque in your backyard

If you prefer events during the day, this could be a perfect way to say goodbye to your neighbors. Especially if you have children. This will be a great, fun activity for everyone. You don’t need a large budget and long planning and organization. Buy some burgers, sausages and chicken wings, add a beer and juices and you are good to go. The best thing is that you don’t have to use the dishes if you have already packed your dish box. Just obtain some paper plates and cups, and that will be enough. Someone could bring a guitar and a ball, and you will all have a magnificent time, for sure.

Take people out to dinner or for drinks

If you are finishing packing, it is going to be difficult to host anything at your home. Especially if your piano movers PA already took your piano, then it really doesn’t have much point staying in a half-empty house. Because let’s face it, that was the light of every party, right? Now you have to figure out some other way to say a proper goodbye to your neighbors and loved ones.

Drinks in glasses
Raise your glasses for new beginnings

Well, not to worry. You can take your people out for drinks or dinner and share memories and good times there. Of course, for the sake of your budget, that shouldn’t be an event for a large number of people. But you and the chosen ones will certainly have a great time. And, as a bonus, you will not be having any additional work at home, while you are preparing to leave.

Do some fun activities together

Do you have more of an informal, stay-at-home relationship with your neighbors? In that case, you should try to organize some event at your place before you move your stuff to a new place or long and short term storage, whichever you need more. So while your belongings, couches, tables, and chairs are still there, call your neighbors and host a board-game night. You can try your luck and skills with Pictionary, perhaps. Or maybe have a good laugh while playing charades. Whatever you decide to play, make sure no one gets angry, and you are bound to have an excellent time.

What to do after you say goodbye?

Any of these ideas would be a great way to say goodbye to your group of people. Everyone will remember it and you can re-live it every time you see each other. Which brings us to the most important part of saying goodbye. You should sit down with your neighbors, and friends and family, of course, and make a deal.

Woman and a man looking at laptop
Make sure to put some effort into staying in touch

Discuss the possibilities and decide how are you all going to make sure to stay in touch. It’s great that we live in the 21st century, so technology is on our side. You don’t have to lose touch on social media, so everyone will know the important stuff that is happening. Nevertheless, try to find a way to see each other. If you are moving somewhere close, that can be more often. And if not, even once a year will mean a lot for your friendship. So it’s always nice to at least try to stay in touch after you say goodbye to your neighbors.

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