Relocating to Philadelphia from Pittsburgh

It has become a trend that people change their place of living after just a couple of years. This constant search for better living conditions, higher-payed job, lower rents have turned America into a country with the most migrations during a year. The statistics show that, even though the cost of the rent is one of the key factors, people tend to move from smaller to bigger cities. That’s the situation with relocating to Philadelphia from Pittsburgh, as well. We can find the answer for that in the common philosophy – the bigger city, the bigger the higher the salary. The whole story could stop here. However, there are numerous reasons why people decide on moving to Phili. And also, there are many things you should know about this city. We are here to introduce you to some.

Learn things before relocating to Philadelphia from Pittsburgh

Alright, you history lovers if you really want to feel like one of the Philadelphians, you’ll surely need to know at least some basics about this city before contacting long distance movers Pittsburgh to help you relocate. Plus, it’ll be a good topic to discuss over a couple of beers in many Philly’s bars and breweries. Talking about bonding, here. So, let’s see:

Philly’s history and founding

Philadelphia's Skyscrapers
Knowing a few facts about Philly is a good way to blend easier.

This year we are celebrating Philadelphia’s 336th birthday. This means that it was founded way back in 1682 by William Penn who was a colonist who came from England. The land was granted by King Charles II of England in order to flat-out the debts he had at that time towards Penn’s family. Penn had an idealistic approach while founding this city having in mind that harmony and peace would prevail. And in case you wondered what’s hiding behind Philly’s name, we can tell you that it originates from a Greek word for ”brotherly love”. It can’t be better than that, right?

Philly as a center of colonial America

As it usually happens, aspirations are one thing, while reality something completely else. The “peace-peace, love-love” idealism didn’t last for long. The area of Philly grew rapidly, and by the mid-1700s’ it had become a great trading hub and commerce and cultural center. During the War for Independence, Philadelphia had a central role.

Finding your way in Philly

Now that you’re knowledgeable about Philadelphia’s beginnings, it’s time to contact moving companies Pittsburgh to help you with your relocation. Generally, there is a number of things to consider when planning a move. A good moving company can help you with the following:

  1. Choosing on a good neighborhood
  2. Suggesting a moving plan
  3. Packing
  4. Transporting your belongings
  5. Offering storage

Neighborhood hunting

A calm neighborhood with cherry trees
Before relocating to Philadelphia from Pittsburgh start looking for the new neighborhood

One of the first things you’ll learn before relocating to Philadelphia from Pittsburgh is that it’s consisted of so many neighborhoods, that you’ll surely have a problem with choosing one. Although a sweet torment, we can’t but tell you that you’ll need time to think about this well. It’s just because there are many amazing neighborhoods in Philly. Our suggestion – choose the one according to your personality.

Downtown Philadelphia

For example, if you’re that urban type of a person, who always craves to be in the center of happenings, that look no further. Downtown is just where you want to be. You’ll see how densely populated it is as soon as you step foot on it.

Go slow in Chestnut Hill

This area is mostly known for having the lowest crime rate, and for numerous museums and parks. If you don’t mind spending some extra dollar for a rent, then you’ve found a new home for yourself.

Raise a family in East Falls

As peaceful and tranquil as Chestnut Hill, you’ll be able to raise your family in this neighborhood along Schuylkill River, knowing that your children will grow in a friendly community. It also offers many sports venues and areas for recreation.

Planning the relocation

Prior to relocating to Philadelphia from Pittsburgh, you’ll need to determine the exact steps of this process. The moving company steps in with their expertise in this phase. If it’s the one you trust then let them give you a piece of advice on what steps to undertake. A starting point for them is the day of your relocation. With that information being given, they’ll be able to make an algorithm with a pinpoint strategy. However, we’ll just have to add that in case something unexpected happens, be flexible.

Pack in time

Luggage ready for relocating to Philadelphia from Pittsburgh
Start packing your bags as soon as possible to finish everything in time.

Your moving plan surely has to have this item. If not then it’s imperative to be very responsible when it comes to this step. No matter if you’re transporting two bags or almost everything you own, you need to start packing in time. Now, we know how time-consuming this can be. Therefore, we suggest you to not procrastinate with this task. To make things easier, take two hours a day, or how much you have, and pack something. You’ll feel so much better, and avoid rushing as the relocation day approaches. This way, you’ll definitely avoid making too many mistakes, as well as forgetting packing something important.

Transfer’s next

The process of relocating to Philadelphia from Pittsburgh comes to an end when the last box is being transported. Once you see that your belongings have arrived in one piece, you’ll see how important it was to hire a moving company that’s fully licensed, with all the necessary documentation and experienced professionals at your service. Hopefully, you’ve set your mind regarding the layout of the new place.

The use of storage

It’s normal that your new place will get cluttered with so many boxes lying around the house. It that bothers you and puts you a lot of pressure, you might consider asking your movers to find the best storage Pennsylvania to rent according to what you need.

After finishing these tasks, your moving to Philadelphia is completed. Just keep in mind that timing and good organization is crucial. One thing’s for sure, this city will charm you and its friendly citizens will help you blend it just perfectly.



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