Reasons why people use a self-storage unit

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had one more spare room to store everything we are reluctant to throw away? Or maybe you are changing houses and need a place to keep your belongings? Whatever may be the reason you need extra space for your items, you can always use a self-storage unit as a solution. The following reasons are just an example of self-storage uses.

Why do people use a self-storage unit?

Any type of situation when additional space is required, a self storage Pittsburgh is an excellent long or short term solution. People mostly use a self-storage unit when:

  • They need additional storage space  
  • When you are moving – if there is a gap between moving in and moving out. Also, it is a quick fix for unpacking without pressure and clutter. Simply use self-storage for everything you won’t be using immediately
  • Tools or working equipment – use it for a large garden or work tools
  • Seasonal items
  • Office documents and paperwork you are obligated to keep for a certain time
Mini storage is convenient for storing papers and documents
You can use a self-storage unit that only fits important documents and paperwork.
  • Downsizing a home, but you are still not ready to give away or throw out belongings
  • Death
  • Divorce – unfortunately, this is a very frequent reason to rent a storage unit for mutual belongings
  • Renovating your home

These are only some common situations when people tend to use a self-storage unit. There is no reason why you shouldn’t rent storage whenever you feel that you need to. Many moving companies in PA offer various sizes of storage. Sometimes you can get a discount if you are renting storage for a longer period.

When do you need additional storage space?

The lack of additional storage space is the most usual reason for renting storage since a lot of people need more room for their belongings. Self-storage is great because you can easily access your things, as often as you need to. Use a storage unit for furniture, extra appliances, old items you are reluctant to throw away. The only thing you need to know is how to pack properly for long term storage.

Wheelbarrowsin a garden
Always clean your tools and equipment if you are keeping them in a storage unit

3Ds of storage renting

Companies that rent storage usually say that the main reasons for renting are 3D: downsizing, divorce, and death. All these are unfortunate situations that acquire extra space for a while. 

Actually, downsizing isn’t always an unfortunate event. Nowadays the trend is minimalism, of life, clothing, decor, etc. If you choose to clear up your living space, renting self-storage is smart, at least for the time being. When and if you decide to change again the way of life, you can simply take back everything.

Another example of good use of self-storage is the death of somebody close. In case you inherit their belongings and you are not completely sure what you will do with them, you can rent a self-storage unit. This will allow you enough time to decide what to do next.

Divorce leaves people with a house filled with shared items and memories. Use a self-storage unit that can provide you both enough time to either sell or divide your belongings. Especially if you need to sell your house fast and move on.

Use a self-storage unit for stress and clutter-free home renovations

Renovation, particularly those big ones, require a lot of free space for tools and materials. Workers need space to freely do their job. At the same time, you want to keep your furniture and other items safe and save them from damage during renovation works. A self-storage unit can be in various sizes. Rent a large one and safely keep everything there until your home renovation is finished. If you are doing some paintwork or installing pipes or electricity, you can expect that a lot of dust, paint, chemicals will be circling inside the house.

Use a self storage unit for large house renovations like this
A self-storage unit will help you to avoid any damages to your belongings during remodeling like this one.

What to do with your thing when you are leaving parent’s home?

Moving away for college or even moving away abroad to study, means you will leave a lot of things behind. Students sometimes ship their stuff to their future place of residence when they are moving long distance. But if you are living in a dorm room, you can’t exactly bring everything you have with you. You can use a self-storage unit near you and store whatever you might need soon. Since it is easily accessible, you can even switch your stored things from time to time.

This way you will provide your parents with a clear space they can use for something they enjoy. Same time, you will have your belongings close to you, even if you are miles away from home.

Climate controlled storage for valuable items

Climate controlled storage unit is storage with stable temperature year-round. Theses facilities are keeping temperature always between 55 and 85 degrees F. Some of them also have humidity control systems. This type of self-storage is easeful for more valuables or delicate belongings. Antiques, furniture, paintings and electronic equipment can be stored here. Home appliances, for example, are susceptible to temperature fluctuations and high humidity. Both of them can ruin your devices if you are storing them longer.

Use a self-storage unit when you have a baby on the way 

Many parents are familiar with the term nesting when they expect a baby. This is the time when you want to clear your home from either dangerous items or simply need an empty room to prepare for newborns. You don’t have to immediately organize a yard sale and get rid of everything you consider dangerous to your baby. Baby will grow up fast and you might want some of your stuff back. Use a self-storage unit to overcome baby’s first steps and first falls and when it is old enough you can put your coffee table or media center back inside.

As we already said, these are just some good examples of using a self-storage. You can rent it for anything else you think you need, besides for living.

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