Questions to Ask a Moving Company

If you are on the cusp of moving, it is natural to feel confused. Moving is not something we do every day, so there are a lot of doubts in your mind about the whole process. The only one who has the right answers to all of your questions is the moving company you decide to hire. We here at Movin` Murdy – Pittsburgh Movers always encourage our clients to think of questions to ask a moving company. Asking questions when dealing with movers is not curiosity – it is a necessity. To get you started in the right way, we offer you some questions you must ask before the big date approaches!

Inquire about the licenses and insurance

The age we live in can be a scary one. These days, moving fraud seems to be all around us. What people who have fallen victim to it wonder is what they could have done differently to avoid such a financial loss. And, the truth is that all they had to do was pose some good questions to ask a moving company. Thus, the first and most important question that should cross your mind has to deal with a company`s licenses and insurance.

A blue van.
A company must be licensed to operate a moving truck.

There is a way of checking the company`s licenses by yourself by visiting the website of the licensing body. For example, to find out if a company has a license for operating a moving truck, all you have to do is look for their US DOT number. However, it is always better to be on the safe side, and check your findings with the moving company itself. They won`t have a problem showing you a copy of their licenses and insurance if they are not fraudulent movers.

Ask about an in-home price estimate

Getting precise and timely moving quotes Pittsburgh is crucial for every relocation. Moving is expensive, and you need to know exactly how much money you must have saved up. That is why you should always make it your task to ask a moving company whether they will provide you with a free in-home price estimate. What makes an in-home price estimate so important, you wonder?

  • A company sends out a relocation agent to your home who does a review of your possessions.
  • The relocation agent gets all the details about your upcoming move, such as whether you plan on getting packing and unpacking services.
  • Based on the information you provide, a relocation agent makes an accurate estimate of your future costs. As you can imagine, knowing the exact price of your move is essential, so this is one of the most important questions to ask a moving company.

In case a company refuses to provide you with an in-home price estimate, steer clear of them. Chances are you were on the verge of dealing with fraudulent movers.

A dollar bill.
You must know whether the price is right before saying yes to a moving company.

Ask about any extra fees

Usually, the price you get after an in-home estimate should be final. There should be no hidden fees, as that can cause additional troubles. However, every moving company has its own policy. To avoid paying more than what you signed up for, you must ask some questions. Once you get your moving quote, don`t feel embarrassed to ask whether there are any fees the company forgot to include. You are paying for good service, and good service includes complete transparency when doing business. There is no shame in protecting yourself, your family, and your budget.

Check whether the company has experience with your type of move

Every move is unique, as not all households are the same. However, if you are going through a long distance move and have too many big items to transport, you must make sure a moving company of your choice is capable of handling such a move. That is why the best questions to ask a moving company include their previous experiences. Don`t feel like you are being rude by asking. These are basic questions that every half-decent moving company should have no problems answering. You deserve to get movers with experience for the money you are paying.

Get some references

This is an important one, as it shows how well your movers work in real life. The references you get should be from a company`s previous customers. They will tell you what the movers did right, whether they were satisfied with the services, and whether there is something your movers could have done better.

A drawing of three people with thought bubbles.
Questions to ask a moving company should include their previous clients, and whether you can contact them.

If a company is worth its salt, it should have no problems providing you with contact information of their previous clients. It means they have nothing to hide and feel confident about their quality. On the other hand, if a company decides to hold back on this information, beware. Something is not completely right there, and you should look for different movers.

Are there other questions to ask a moving company?

Of course, there are! In fact, no question is wrong, as it leads you to a better understanding of what is ahead of you. Questions to ask a moving company should be comprehensive and should provide an answer for all of your doubts. For example, if you are wondering how to disassemble furniture when moving home, you can ask your movers about it. First of all, they can most likely provide you with this service, and if not, the least they can do is give you some tips. Remember that for every reputable company your satisfaction comes first, so they will do everything in their power to make you feel comfortable during your move. Good luck, and we hope you will choose the best relocation professionals for your impending move!

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