How to prepare your motorcycle for transport

The spring is slowly but certainly approaching. And that means that sooner rather than later, you will be able to get your two-tires love out on the road again. Motorcycles are great for observing and enjoying nature first hand. Also, they are very practical for driving in the city. You will be happy to avoid Pittsburgh traffic or whatever larger city you find yourself into. However, if you are in the process of moving, or your bike has spent the winter in some safe, remote location, you need to prepare your motorcycle for transport first. That is a crucial thing to do if you want to avoid potential damages and hop on it as soon as possible. We have prepared some tips for you in order to let you know what to pay attention to when it comes to relocating your bike.

Why do you need to prepare your motorcycle for transport?

The simple answer to this question is – because nobody else will. However, if we want to elaborate on it, we can say the following. You can hire the best long distance movers Pittsburgh to transport your bike, but there are still some things only you can do. No matter how diligent and responsible your movers are, at the end of the day, you are the one who should take care of your belongings the right way. Although we are certain that reliable moving companies will do everything in their power to relocate your motorcycle without damages, you need to do your part as well.

Prepare your motorcycle for transport - red motorcycle
Proper preparation for transportation will help you avoid damages

So, here is what you should do when you want to prepare your motorcycle for transport:

  • clean your motorcycle thoroughly,
  • note all damages and scratches and document them with pictures,
  • write down all mechanical issues if there are any,
  • remove all personal items, accessories and loose ends,
  • check the tires, battery, leakages, and gas.

After you finish with the preparations, you should put the trust in your movers’ hands to execute the relocations without further complications.

Clean your motorcycle thoroughly

This is really the basis of any preparation for relocation. Just as you would clean all your collectibles before you pack them for a move, you should do the same with your bike. Not only that it is a polite thing to do because you don’t want to put dirt all over your mover’s truck. But also because you need to be able to see and document all scratches and damages. And you can’t do that without the clear and clean view, right?

So, take your time and make sure to wash and wipe every part of your precious bike. Don’t forget to remove mud from the tires, if there is any. Once you finish this first step to prepare your motorcycle for transport, everything else will go smoothly.

Note all damages and scratches and document them with pictures

After you have finished cleaning your bike thoroughly, you will be able to see everything there is on it. It’s time to take a camera or a mobile phone in your hands and start documenting. No one plans for their belongings to get damaged in the process of relocation.

Damaged front part of the motorcycle
Make sure to not all existing damages before the moving company comes

However, if anything should happen, in order to file a moving insurance claim, you need to have some evidence of prior state. So make a checklist and write down everything that already exists on your motorcycle. And afterword complete it with photo-evidence. Of course, don’t forget to show the moving company your list and photos, since they will examine the state of your motorcycle as well.

Write down all mechanical issues if there are any

You need to give the workers from a moving company the instruction on how to ride your motorcycle. Nobody plans to ride it for pleasure, of course. Nevertheless, they must know how to operate it should the necessity occurs. That’s why it’s important to write down if there are any mechanical issues they need to know about. When you prepare your motorcycle for transport, you should check if it is completely functional. And if it’s not in a good working condition, you need to write down in details what’s wrong with it. So that the movers would know and prepare as well.

Remove all personal items, accessories and loose ends

You can’t expect the moving company to be responsible for the things on your bike. That is why you need to make sure to lower the chances of losing and damaging smaller stuff. If you don’t have the space to take all personal items and accessories with you, for the time being, there are options.

You could either pack them as a regular cargo and have it relocated by a moving company. Or, you can Google “storage units near me” and place your belongings there for safekeeping, until you find the way to relocate them, too. Whatever you do, know that your moving insurance doesn’t cover those stuff if you leave them with your bike.

Check the tires, battery, leakages, and gas

The almost last thing to do when you prepare your motorcycle for transport is to check the basic stuff. Check if the tires are properly inflated. Because you don’t want to make it harder on the moving company to move your bike. Also, make sure to talk to them and check what is their policy on battery and gas. Depending on the type of transport, they might ask you to remove your battery. Maybe you will also need to empty the gas container or to fill it to a specific amount. These are all important stuff to find out before moving company comes at your doors.

motorcycle tires close up
Make sure your tires are properly inflated before transport

Of course, once you finish talking to the workers who will load your bike to a truck, and after you are finished inspecting it and sharing information, what is next? The final thing you need you to do to prepare your motorcycle for transport is taking one last look at it. Make sure there are no leakages and strange sounds and that everything seems normal. Afterword, you can relax and put your trust into the hands of an experienced and reliable moving company.

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