Pittsburgh nightlife for newcomers

First things first, we’d like to welcome you to Pittsburgh. Next, we’d like to show you how to have some fun here, of course. So, while it may not be our expertize, introducing recent expats to the city is our specialty. We’d like to give you the official Movin’ Murdy Pittsburgh nightlife for newcomers guide! So, from the point of view of one of the best local moving companies in the Steel City, here’s how you can feel at home in our home…

If outings are important to you, choose your new Pittsburgh neighborhood carefully

If you're among the people looking forward to the Pittsburgh nightlife, here are the top areas.
There are neighborhoods where having a great time is guaranteed.

When you’re just out of your parents’ home and eager to move into a new and fun area, nightlife is important. So, we wanted to give you a quick intro to the neighborhoods which offer both a great quality of life and the perfect activities for young expats. Hence, before you look for the affordable Pittsburgh residential movers, you should take a look at the few interesting neighborhoods we’d suggest you consider.

First, there is the infamous Bloomfield which provides a unique nightlife for its residents

There are a few things in this neighborhood which are amazing for any young expat. First, this is one of those neighborhoods where you can forget your car and instead get a bike. It will definitely both keep you in shape and help you be kind to the environment. After all, when you finish your night at one of the local pubs, you’ll need the exercise. In Bloomfield, the Pittsburgh nightlife for newcomers comes to its peak. Whether you like to sit down and have a glass of cold brew or you’re more into a loud outing with plenty of dancing, you will find a place for yourself. Some of the names we’d like to mention are Armand’s, Bloomfield Bridge Tavern, Sonny’s and Howler’s. And, here’s the best part. This part of Pittsburgh nightlife for newcomers offers amazing fun and great prices!

Next, we suggest Central Lawrenceville if you want to explore the Pittsburgh nightlife for newcomers

This is definitely the neighborhood which everybody thinks of when you mention on-foot outings in the evening. And, for good reason! You will have amazing access to gourmet food, stylish pubs and a number of great places for a night out. If we started naming names, the whole article would be about this area. Regardless, let us mention a few places to give you some ideas… Hambone’s, Row House Cinema, Spirit, Belvedere’s and Cattivo are only the start for any newcomer in Pittsburgh looking for a good time. However, if you’re moving house to PA this may not be the perfect area for you to rent a home in. Why? Well, living in Lawrenceville can get a tad expensive… However, as soon as you leave the neighborhood, you’re in the clear with affordable rent and daily expenses. Not to mention that you have access to one of the best spots when Pittsburgh nightlife for newcomers is in question…

But, Pittsburgh nightlife for newcomers isn’t all about picking an area but exploring, too

You thought that deciding whether to move DIY or use PA movers was tough? Picking the perfect place for your first night out in Pittsburgh might be an even worse dilemma… So, we’ve decided to pick a few spots and introduce newcomers to the Pittsburgh nightlife. Here are a few bars and pubs from all over the city which are definitely worth the visit!

When Pittsburgh nightlife for recent expats is being considered, Funny Bone Comedy Club is a legend

The top spot among the Pittsburgh nightlife for newcomers choices has to be this comedy club.
Take your pick of the great drinks with a dash of laughter on the side.

This is a place in Mt. Washington which has been a topic of numerous conversations. It is a true legend among legends if you’re looking for a good place for a laugh. Billy Crystal, Elaine Boosler, and Robin Williams have been some of the guests, after all. However, it’s not all about the listening and enjoying. If you’re looking for a smooth drink or a bite to eat, the Funny Bone can offer it. And, don’t worry, you won’t be walking away completely broke after this expedition, either.

If you’re one of the brew lovers, here’s a name – Church Brew Works

You’re already familiar with the neighborhood where this gem is located – Lawrenceville. This is a place which will have you hooked both on the goods and the vibe. It used to be a church back in the ‘90s and still offers that feeling of a sanctuary. Not to mention that the drinks are absolutely top-notch. So, take a pick of one of the odd, sacred-sounding names from the menu and start there. As the night progresses, you will also be able to get a bite to eat here. And, yes, the Church Brew Works will also satisfy a sweet tooth with some homemade ice-creams.  Give it a chance and head out to explore this spot. We promise that you won’t regret listening to our top spots for night outings in Pittsburgh!

And if the clubbing part of Pittsburgh nightlife for newcomers is more appealing, we suggest Club Zoo

For a great time and no alcohol, here's the favorite of all Pittsburgh college students.
This is the place where you won’t find any alcohol, yet you’ll have an amazing time.

Here is a spot which will make you feel like a real VIP… In case you’re between 15 and 21! This place in the Strip District is infamous for its vibe and energy. Also, for its policy against alcohol. It started as an idea to have a place for the youth to hang out, without any drugs or alcohol involved. And, where many have failed, Club Zoo has prevailed. This club doesn’t offer any alcohol in its menus and it’s a popular spot for any overworked college student. If you’re not in the age group allowed, but sending you teen there, here’s a bit of information. Club Zoo is the perfect place for dancing with a huge, open floor. It’s among the favorite spots for the visitors, as it glows under their feet. There is also the VIP lounge upstairs with a wonderful oxygen bar. And, if tired or thirsty, there is a long list of non-alcoholic beverages to try.

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