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If you’re planning on moving to Pennsylvania with your family, knowing the local attractions can help you make Pittsburgh your home quickly. So, first, we’d direct you to the Movin’ Murdy PA website for an accurate moving quote. And then, when you’ve gotten a bit of information about our moving tips and hacks on the blog, too, it’s time to let you experience the best of Pittsburgh. First things first, moving house with a family isn’t easy. So, before talking about Pittsburgh fun for families here’s what you need to know about moving with kids.

If you’re moving to Pittsburgh with a family, you should know…

We promise to give you some insight into Pittsburgh fun for families. However, with stress from the move, your feelings about PA can change from a hopeful, expecting ones to those of resentment. So, we want to start your Pittsburgh experience on a good note. Here’s what you should do before moving to PA:

And then, you can relax after your move and explore the Pittsburgh fun for families spots we’ve prepared for you!

When exploring Pittsburgh with your family, start inside the city limits

Any child will have fun in the Mesozoic Era, with a one way ticket back to modern Pittsburgh.
The Dinosaur Hall is a true gem of this museum.

Pennsylvania is a true cradle of American history. But, before you head out to see everything the state has to offer with your kids, there are a few spots in Pittsburgh worth a visit. Hence, the first weekend after your reliable Pittsburgh movers settle you in, on your agenda, there could be one of the following spots.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History is one of the top family attractions in Pittsburgh

The words Dinosaur Hall usually have a child of any age excited. Well, this is one of the amazing sights the Carnegie Museum has to offer. However, it’s not all about dinosaurs. Aside from one of the largest national collections about the prehistoric behemoths, this museum allows you to see the Mesozoic Era as it was. It is the first permanent exhibition in the world to show a scientifically accurate environment from back in the day. And, if dinosaurs aren’t really your kid’s cup of tea check out the gemstone collection. It’s one of the most dazzling in the country. Finally, we’d like to mention that this isn’t a ‘see only’ kind of museum. The Carnegie Museum aims to keep its visitors entertained with numerous hands-on activities throughout its exhibitions. In our opinion, it’s the perfect outing if you’re looking for Pittsburgh fun for families.

One of the top spots for Pittsburgh fun for families is The Toonseum

Has your kid been taken in by the new wave of anime craze? Or, are they perhaps into the old cartoons which everyone has surely watched on TV in the morning? Maybe they’ve got an interest in comics and graphic art instead? Then, The Toonseum is a must visit the place. It is a place which will not only educate your family about the different styles, but also nourish your child’s interest. They will have a chance to see the traditional art mixed with dynamic programming in order to create the best of animation USA has to offer. And, if you’re visiting during the time when they have their superhero costumes out, you’ve hit the jackpot. There will surely be a picture or two for your Instagram story!

A fun spot in Pittsburgh for families is a museum which shares big dreams with new generations.
Here’s a way to inspire your child to dream big by visiting a museum!

Pittsburgh is all about sports, hence Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum is a must visit the spot

If you’ve read up on Pittsburgh online or ever visited, you’ve heard about the infamous sports rivalry. Which? Well, there are too many to name… So, feel free to take your pick! And, as a Pittsburgh fun for families spot for any jock, we suggest the Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum. This is a museum within a museum. Its home is the Heinz History Center. And, it will tell your kids all about dreaming big and reaching far with sports. The most renown men and women of USA sports are the topic here, after all. You will get to read about them, see their memorabilia and check out the numerous interactive exhibits.

But, Pittsburgh fun for families doesn’t have to be a special occasion, here are a few spots to consider, too

A part of Pittsburgh fun for families is a hearty meal.
And finally, grab a family dinner with your children in Pittsburgh.

Sure, after moving to Pittsburgh with young kids you’re eager to explore. But, if you’re the type to unpack right after a move, time might be scarce. So, before you start choosing a weekend activity from one of our top picks above, we’d suggest going out for a meal. It’s a good way to meet the locals and start a tradition for your new home, too. Here are a few suggestions.

Original Hot Dog Shop is a place for anyone looking to get a good and affordable meal

Now, this is a true food institution in Pittsburgh. If you like hot dogs, you will likely come back to enjoy one of their wonderful meals. And, the best part is that their fries are a family size serving. So, head down to ‘The O’, a favorite spot for all college students in Pittsburgh. It’s a guaranteed fun meal for your family.

Kelly O’s is one of the Pittsburgh fun for families spots for a meal you shouldn’t miss

Visiting the popular Strip District as a part of your new Pittsburgh night outing? It’s a perfect chance to grab a good meal at the Kelly O’s. This is a spot which will have you connected to the first settlers in Pennsylvania through food. It serves a large selection of Eastern European comfort foods. Though, if you’re not looking to step out of your comfort zone during a Pittsburgh fun for families outing, try one of their regular meals. They offer a wide range of diner classics at both lunch and breakfast. A perfect way to explore Pittsburgh through the best of its food!

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