How to pack your furniture for relocation

Most people change the place of living at least once or twice in their life. Well, if you ask any of them, we are sure they would all agree on one – packing is one of the most stressful things they have ever had to do. The level of complexity rises when moving furniture is included. Therefore, we have decided to make a brief tutorial on how to pack your furniture for relocation. Hopefully, it will serve you to easier handle this task, stress-free. We’ll include practical advice based on our long-term experience. So, make sure to take notes.

Know how to pack your furniture

When you go for such a big project as moving, you cannot do much without proper preparation. Bearing in mind how important it is to approach this matter seriously, will ensure you better results. It will also be easier to pack your furniture if you stick to the plan. Our obligation is to tell you that doing this on your own carries health risks in case of injuries. Take a look at our list of suggestions:

  • Getting rid of the unnecessary
  • Get enough packing supplies
  • Clean the furniture
  • Disassemble the furniture
  • Wrap them correctly

 Leave out what you don’t need

We get that people get sentimental about the things they own. However, sometimes it just alright to get rid of something you haven’t used for a long time, or that’s lost its function. The same stands for furniture. When moving, you want to pack just those things that you’ll truly need. Plus, the less you take with you, the less you will pay. This means that you’ll save a lot of money. In accordance with this, we suggest you make a complete list of the items for moving. Begin with leaving out old, shabby pieces of furniture. Instead, you can donate furniture and help someone who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford them.

Yard sale

Yard sale
Organizing a yard sale is a great way to get rid of some things you don’t need anymore. Also, you’ll get to earn some dollars

If your schedule allows, and if you have enough space to do so, it might be a good idea to organize a garage sale where you’ll expose the items you wish to get rid of. This way you’ll declutter the space and earn some extra dollar. However, do not exaggerate with the price. After all, you are selling the used furniture.

Acquire packing supplies

Bubble wrap and scissors
With bubble wrap and other packing supplies, you’ll easier pack your furniture.

After selecting the furniture for moving, it is time to start thinking about what and how many packing supplies to get. We suggest you get a little bit bigger quantity of packing supplies than you have furniture to pack. You never know if you’ll need some extra bubble wrap or a packing paper. So it is better to have more of those than to lose time looking for it when the day of packing arrives. Go to a hardware shop. There’s a big chance you’ll get all the material you need. So make sure to get:

  • Packing paper
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Moving blankets for heavy furniture
  • Plastic stretch wrap
  • Furniture pads to protect floors
  • Sofa covers
  • Packing tapes

Ask professional movers for help

A licensed company
Do not hire a moving company that doesn’t show you their official documentation.

If this sounds too complicated for you, or you think you don’t have enough time to manage everything, we suggest you hire furniture movers Pittsburgh to assist you. With their professional approach, you can be sure that this moving experience won’t be the most complicated thing to do. Whether this is your first time moving, or you’ve already had some experience with it, their advice and professionalism are highly appreciated. Ask them what they suggest you and what is the best way to pack your furniture. If you agree so, you can use their full service of packing and moving, and in that way save yourself some precious time.

Choosing a right moving company

To handle packing and moving furniture easier, choose among moving companies Pittsburgh. Spend some time researching the most appropriate one, or chose a recommended one. Make sure the company has all the necessary documentation and licenses that guarantee their validity.

Clean the furniture

cleaning supplies
It’s necessary to completely clean your furniture before packing them.

Although you’ll probably have to do this again once you unpack them, it is necessary to clean your furniture before packing them. Make sure you’ve taken out everything that was inside the closets or in drawers so that you wouldn’t lose them by any chance. Furthermore, it’s so much easier to pack your furniture if they’re completely empty, without a content inside.

Dismantling the furniture

Sometimes it will be necessary to take apart some pieces of furniture. This allows easier packing as well as transportation. Again, if you think this is too much for you, and that you wouldn’t be able to do this without damaging it, it’s better to use packing and unpacking services your chosen moving company can provide you with. These men are already experienced, so dismantling and putting your furniture together won’t be a problem. It is also advisable to leave the matter in their hands to avoid any injuries, especially if you’re dealing with bulky pieces of furniture such as closets, piano, or pool table.

Wrap the furniture the right way

After fulfilling all the previous steps, there’s one more to complete. All you have to do is use all the packing materials you’ve obtained, and pack your furniture. Make sure you do this properly so that the transportation process would pass as smooth as possible. The goal is to prevent the furniture from breaking and damaging. Therefore, wrap them tightly and fill every hollow with packing papers. Do not place the packages on top of each other unless you’ve secured them enough. If there are any glass surfaces, such as mirrors or glass table top, put the bubble wrap all over them to avoid breaking. Do not forget to tape every packed item to secure it additionally.

By following our rules, and with the help of the professional movers, it will be so much easier to pack your furniture. Just make sure to plan every step, and to get enough packing supplies.

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