Pack and move a fish tank with ease

If you ever tried to lift a full fish tank, you know that it is practically impossible to move it somewhere. Even if you have the smallest one, you have to be careful not to spill it or drop it. In order to pack and move a fish tank, you need to follow a few steps so you safely transport it to your new home. Take good care of your little friends and be sure that you will succeed. Relocating a fish tank can be easy if you know how to do it properly.

Pack and move a fish tank in 5 steps

Before you start preparing to pack and move a fish tank, plan the exact place and time for a move. Let us explain why this is important. If you own freshwater tank you know by know how sensitive it is to outside conditions. Almost everything can affect the fish. 

Graphic steps in different colors
Follow these steps in order, so you can safely pack and move a fish tank

The best time to pack and move a fish tank is at the end of the move. That will ensure the fish spend as little time as possible outside their home. The stress of relocation can make them stop eating for a while and they might not even live long enough to get to your new place. Packing a fish tank in the end and unloading it first, will give a better chance for successful transport. Leave the necessary time to install everything as soon as possible. You don’t want to carry around your fish more than you need to. When you find the right moving help Pittsburgh, make sure to inform them about your fish tank. When you hire experienced movers you can expect to get good advice and needed help with every aspect of the move.

Prepare packing equipment

Before you start to pack and move a fish tank, supply with clean buckets, net, the hose for draining, plastic bags and moving blankets or old towels. Add this to your task list. Planning a relocation is challenging and time-consuming. Make sure that you know the exact timeline of the move to be sure that you have plenty of time to pack a tank. It is helpful to get a moving company ahead of time so you can decide and plan all of these important details along with them. Search for affordable movers Pittsburgh but also find a reliable mover. By looking at their references and reviews you will be able to decide for the best possible in your budget frame. When you get everything above, you are set to go.

Drain the tank

Use the aquarium water for transporting fish. Drain approximately two-thirds of the tank into buckets. Make sure that buckets are clean before you fill them.

red plastic bucket
Before you start to fill buckets, make sure that they don’t have any ruptures or holes.

Do not transfer the whole tank, leave enough water before you take the fish out. Also, don’t overfill the buckets as they could spill during transport. 

Use the net to take out fish

Slowly catch fish with the net and place them into buckets with aquarium water. Make sure that you transfer them with care. Placing them in the same water from their aquarium will be positive and less stressful for fish. 

large fish net
Use the right size fishnet and to easily take out fish from the tank

Clean the rest

Once you have moved fish, clean the rest of the tank. If you have pebbles or something similar in the aquarium bottom, take it out and rinse it. Make sure that you wash that pebbles before you pack them because there can be residue. When you pack and move a fish tank you need to clean everything so you can set it up more quickly when you arrive. 

Take out decoration from the tank and dry them as much as you can. Pack everything in plastic bags or if something is breakable wrap the plastic bag with additional newspaper or old towel. It is important to label your moving boxes so the movers know if how to carry fragile items.

Moving your small fish tank 

The small fish tank is easier to pack for moving, simply because you have fewer items to prepare so it will be faster. Anyway, there is a difference between moving long-distance or a few streets further. When moving nearby, and by near we mean somewhere under half-hour away you can take water from the tank and put it in plastic bags. Use a couple of them if you need to. Put your fish inside it too. Once again, this is only in case you are moving close by. Don’t do this when you are moving long distance. They will not have enough room or air, for longer travel. 

Once you have placed them in baggies, put them in a case or an opened box. That will prevent them from flying around during transport. Just make sure that there is no larger temperature fluctuation.

Wash everything else from your tank before you pack it. Pack and move a fish tank that is empty so you don’t risk damaging it. Make sure that you wrap the tank with moving blankets or moving pads so it doesn’t crack. Use old towels and newspapers in case you don’t have moving blankets. 

Moving your fish tank long distance – can it work?

Knowing your fish is very sensitive and it doesn’t respond well to change of home, think again about moving them. The long-distance move means long travel in a plastic bag or bucket. 

Consider giving your fish to a friend or family, and pack an empty aquarium and aquarium decorations. Typical freshwater aquarium fish can be found almost everywhere, so you could buy them when you move. Keep only your tank if you want to cut the expenses. 

Your other option is to give away a complete fish tank. Many fish species can not survive the long-distance move and it would be better to give them to somebody.

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