Organizing tips to speed up unpacking

Here is the thing. Relocation is a generally exhausting process. For everyone. You, your kids, your friends, and family, even for your pets. It takes a long time to plan, organize and execute. You have to start preparing everything for several weeks, even months in advance. There are many complications, that you will handle with your close ones and professional movers. After you finally get to your new home, you hope that the agony is over. Well, think again. Because, before you start really enjoying your new place, you need to place everything in order. That is why we have prepared some organizing tips to help you speed up unpacking. Even though there is a lot more work to be done, with the right preparation and organization, it can go fast and smoothly. Which means you will start enjoying your relocation sooner rather than later.

The best ways to speed up unpacking

In order to speed up unpacking, you actually need to pack smart. Everything depends on how you pack your belongings in the first place. If you decide to hire moving services Pittsburgh to do the packing for you, that would be great for your unpacking process as well. Why? Because professionals know how to pack everything properly and that way make your life much easier when you get to the wanted location and start unpacking.

speed up unpacking - hand giving keys to other hand
Good preparation will help you speed up unpacking at your new home

However, whether you go with professionals or decide to do it by yourself, here is what you need to pay attention to:

  • don’t pack everything you own,
  • label the boxes properly,
  • pack the essentials box carefully,
  • unpack boxes room by room,
  • set unpacking priorities.

If you follow these tips, you will speed up unpacking so much, that you will think you don’t have enough stuff. Also, you will have time to rest, so you could go back to your job and daily routine without stress.

Don’t pack everything you own

The first rule of packing is purging. Over the years we accumulate so many unnecessary things that we are not even aware of. Some people make a mistake of thinking that it is easier to just pack everything they have. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Firstly, it will take much more time to pack everything, than just some stuff. Secondly, if you do the research and ask for moving quotes Pittsburgh you will find out that the more stuff you have, the more money you will spend. Not only for the transport, but also for the packing and unpacking services, if you decide to use them.

There are three basic ways how to get rid of the surpluses. Everything you haven’t used in a while and can’t figure out when will you use it again, should go out. Make three piles and decide what goes to trash, what can you sell and what will you regift or donate. Any charity organization would be happy to have the stuff you no longer need, so you will also be doing a good deed. And that is always a bonus, right?

Label the boxes properly

After you decide what goes and what stays, what is next? Now we come to the part where you have to put everything that’s left into boxes. Also, you need to disassemble the furniture and disconnect all the electronics and appliances. Somehow, it’s always easier with furniture and appliances. Even packing small appliances and unpacking them is easy because it’s obvious where they go. And there are no small parts. It’s the same with furniture and electronics because you can see right away what it is, so you will put it in the right room. However, it is a different story with boxes.

Open labeled boxes
Labeling boxes while packing will save you so much time while unpacking

There are always a lot of boxes, so placing them it the right spot could be messy. That is why it’s so important to properly label them. Firstly, you should make up a system. Obtain some quality packing material and don’t forget colorful tapes, stickers or markers. Make sure to write on every box what’s in it and which room it belongs to. You can also add numbers and write on your checklist how many boxes go per each room. Use different colors for different rooms, and you will speed up unpacking very much.

Pack the essentials box carefully

Essentials box is something that will go with you, and not with your local or long distance moving company. Due to unpredicted circumstances, it can happen that the truck with your belongings is late, so you need to have this ‘first aid box’ with you. Also, even if the truck arrives when you do, since you won’t be able to unpack everything immediately, you’ll need this box.

Make sure to put in it some food and dishes for the first few days. Don’t forget clothes, bed sheets, towels, and toiletries. Those are all the things you will be needing right away. Of course, important stuff like medicaments, documents, and small tools should also go in this box. Knowing where all the essentials are will really speed up unpacking.

Unpack boxes room by room

No matter how much you want to speed up unpacking, you can’t expect to unpack everything at once. Even when more than one or two people are arranging everything, some priorities must exist. The good news is that when you properly label the boxes, the workers from a moving company will be able to put every one of them in the designated room. Now it’s up to you to figure out what room to unpack first. Nevertheless, whatever you do, don’t start unpacking different room until you finish the previous one. That will lead you to a nightmare of clutter all around you.

Set unpacking priorities

When it comes to priorities, we have some suggestions. There are probably three most important rooms. The minute you come in the new home, you should start unpacking the kitchen. Mainly because it has the highest number of appliances and small parts. So when you finish that, everything will be easier. Secondly, you want to be able to function in your home and eat, so you can save a lot of money to take outs, deliveries, and restaurants. Also, some appliances need to sit still for 24 hours before you turn them back on, don’t forget about that.

Bedroom with a picture on the wall
Make sure to prepare your beds, you will need them after a long day of moving and unpacking

After the kitchen, our recommendation is to speed up unpacking your bathroom and bedrooms. You probably won’t have enough time in a day to finish the rooms, so concentrate on setting up beds with sheets. After the long moving-in day comes to an end, you will want nothing more than to hit the bathroom and bed afterward. When the new day comes, you will feel much better and well-rested, so you will be able to continue unpacking room by room.

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