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First and foremost, we want to welcome you to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Yes, we’re a commonwealth and we’re quite proud of that. And, of a number of other things. If you’re going to be moving to Pennsylvania you should know a bit about the state before you do so, right? As you know already, each spot in the USA has its own charm and culture. And, today, Movin Murdy wants to give you the honorary welcome and introduction to PA.

The first topic on our agenda are the most affordable cities in PA to move to

When relocating to Pennsylvania you will need to pick the most suitable city for your family.
So, which is the perfect city for you in PA?

So, the first thing which you should do when moving house is to find affordable PA movers for the job? Well, we would disagree here. The first thing we would suggest you think about is your destination. So, before you start looking at different Pittsburgh local movers for the job, look at different places you could move to. You could take your pick of the numerous Pennsylvania cities and start struggling to pronounce them. Or, if you have a town in mind, choose a nice neighborhood for yourself and your family. But, for all those who haven’t chosen a city as their destination yet, we wanted to be of help. When moving to Pennsylvania you might ask yourself which the most affordable cities are. Here’s our list of suggestions…

If you’re moving to PA, you should consider living in Bethlehem

This is definitely one of our top picks for affordable living in Pennsylvania. It’s on the top of livability’s low-cost list of cities, yet it doesn’t disappoint in any other way. It is one of the cities in the state with a fairly low crime rate and a stable economy. If you’re looking at moving to Pennsylvania and living in a median home, it isn’t too expensive. The price of a house is just above $170,000. And, considering that the average income in this city is a little under $50,000, it’s quite an affordable choice. Not to mention that you will easily be able to find good moving services in PA to relocate you to the area. Though, Bethlehem isn’t all about work. This is a city known for its colleges, as well. And, if you’re an avid shopper, you will never be bored here. And, should we even mention the nightlife?

Another city on our list of affordable place to move to in Pennsylvania is Lancaster

Are you an artist at heart? We’d like to welcome you home. Lancaster has easily built a reputation for its vibe, as well as affordability. This is a city which once you visit, you won’t be able to not return to. With the numerous art galleries, museums and live music venues, there isn’t enough time in a lifetime to see everything. Just take a stroll down the street or visit one of the shopping centers to get into the funky mood of Lancaster. If you’re young and moving to Pennsylvania, you needn’t look further. The median home price is just above $100,000, with the average income of about $34,000. There is no question about this city’s affordability. And, in case you decide to start a family, later on, you won’t need to learn how to move with a baby. The education system in the city is top notch, too.

And finally, we’d like to include Allentown into our moving to Pennsylvania town suggestions

Moving to Pennsylvania may mean moving to Allentown for the convenient affordability.
Have you considered Allentown as one of the most affordable places in Pennsylvania?

If you like the idea of Lancaster but in a more casual, stable way, you may be looking for Allentown. This is a place which combines the good sides of our top two picks perfectly. It’s a manufacturing town with a strong economy which has undergone a complete transformation in the recent years. However, despite the numerous job opportunities and good schooling system it offers, there’s an artsy side to it, too. This is a city with a thriving art scene. You will always have a new spot for live music to check out. And, not to even mention the food opportunities for gourmands. In case you’re planning on hiring PA residential movers to get you to Allentown, you should know about the costs, too. A median home value is about $120,000, with an average income of $36,000. An affordable town for anyone moving to Pennsylvania, wouldn’t you say?

And when you have a venue in mind, why is moving to Pennsylvania a good idea?

So, you’ve picked a few places which may be good for the location of your next home. But, how should you choose just one? There are simply too many! When we’re talking about destination inside the USA we want to give you a few reasons to relocate to PA. We won’t talk about the nightlife in Pennsylvania. We won’t talk about good PA long distance movers. And, we won’t mention anything about packing or preparing for your relocation. Instead, we’ll tell you why moving to Pennsylvania is the right thing to do…

If you’re thinking of relocating to Pennsylvania, think of all the chocolate first

All chocolate lovers should know that relocating to Pennsylvania isn't a bad move.
Are you a fan of chocolate? Then, moving to PA may be the perfect next step.

You’re a fan of Hershey’s? Have an insane sweet tooth? You can consume a huge amount of chocolate? Yes, PA offers chocolate. And, we don’t only mean the store-bought kind. In fact, Pennsylvania used to be the home of Milton S. Hershey. And, up to this date, it continues to be the sweet state of them all. If you’re a fan of chocolate you will love the various tastings and tours which are offered at the Chocolate world. And, if you think that visiting during a vacation is enough… You’re lying to yourself. Just imagine moving to PA and living near the Chocolate World… Yes, we are suggesting a monthly treat for your family!

And if you prefer history over sweets, moving to Pennsylvania is still a good idea

The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, City Hall, Mill Run, Mount Washington and a number of significant battlefields… To start with! Pennsylvania is one of the states which will make any history buff jump with joy. There are a number of tours which you can book once you move to PA. Find a guide to take you around the significant battlefields. Or, take a history book with you and make your own tour. But, why move to PA? You’ll have enough time to see all the sights. And, your child will be able to learn the history first-hand, as well.

And if not for the sights, move to PA because of the work opportunities

In the recent years, the economy in Pennsylvania has become strong and stable. There is an excellent job market in the state, which makes it a rather popular destination for expats. In fact, 21 of the Fortune 500 companies are in PA. If you’re fresh out of college and looking to get your feet wet, moving to Pennsylvania is a good idea. You will be able to both find a job and have a fun, quality life. But, this isn’t all. Since the economy is strong, this is a very affordable state to move to. In fact, five of the most affordable cities in the USA are in PA. So, you tell us, is moving to Pennsylvania a good idea?

Another reason why PA might be the right choice for you are the college opportunities

The first time you move house you’re likely just done with high school. And, you’re probably touring more than one college and thinking of the best and most affordable one for you. Well, we’re happy to tell you that Pennsylvania doesn’t lack here. In fact, it surprises. There are a number of schools, colleges, and universities in the state which have been ranked as one of the best in the country. And, not only ones. So, before skipping from Googling colleges near me to movers near me, consider PA as your destination. You’ll have a few tours to make. Start with Penn State, Carnegie Mellon, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Pittsburgh and so on. It will be tough to make a choice!


And then, moving to Pennsylvania will guarantee you perfect weather for lovers of each season

Moving to PA is a good idea for anyone who likes a white Christmas.
Do you like the cold? Pennsylvania will give you plenty of snow! Don’t you? There’s a humid, hot summer, too.

This is one of those perfect places in the world with all four, almost textbook, seasons. You will have a nice and warm summer. It will allow for you to wear all the shorts and do all the swimming you like. Then, you will see a perfect autumn which demands a camera to capture the moments. It is a chance to create that perfect desktop background in person. Then, a snowy winter will likely give you a white Christmas to have fun with. Luckily, there’s never too much snow, but just enough. And finally, you will welcome the blooming plants in the spring. Simply, a wonderful spot to live.

But, after you consider why relocating to Pennsylvania is a good idea, think about the faults, too

Well, right now the state seems like a dream, right? We have to be honest here with you. If you move to a place without setting realistic expectations you will end up in a bind. So, when you’ve read about the good parts of Pennsylvania, it’s time to get to know the faults, too. Here’s what we would like to warn you about before you make the commitment to move to PA…

Before moving to Pennsylvania, you should be warned about the driving rules

After relocating to Pennsylvania you may need to learn a few local rules before driving.
Driving in PA means learning a few tricks from the locals first.

Driving is the same everywhere except in Great Britain, right? Wrong! While in PA you may not need to learn how to switch to the other side of the road, you will need to memorize a few extra rules. First, you’re driving too slowly. Yes, you may be going the speed limit. However, for the locals in PA, you’re still an injured snail on the road. So, be prepared for a few comments on the road, as well as an occasional honking horn. And, tailgating is a completely normal thing. Though, when you finally become one of the locals and speed up, you should be careful. Dodging the stray deer is also a normal thing in PA. And, it won’t be just an occasional deer. In fact, it’s a common occurrence. So, you’ll have to find the best balance between speeding up and being careful of the local forest inhabitants.

While the weather may be nice, don’t forget about the infamous PA humidity

We’ve talked a bit about the climate in Pennsylvania already. And, while it’s quite a pleasant one on most occasions, there is a drawback. PA gets quite humid during the summer months. If you’re planning on styling your hair or putting on makeup, we’d suggest you don’t. The humidity will most definitely destroy it as soon as you leave your home. Your defense? Drive to work with the AC on full blast. And, you still may have used the extra hour in the morning for nothing.


Another downside of living in PA is that the space can be suffocating sometimes

Moving to PA means embracing the nature, as well as history.
After relocating to Pennsylvania you may notice the abundance of open space…

How is this even possible? Well, Pennsylvania is one of the places with huge open spaces which seem to go on for miles. And, unless you’re into photography, hikes or picnics, you’ll quickly get a case of cabin fever, despite the open space. Sure, if you settle down in Pittsburgh, Philly or any of the previously mentioned places you won’t feel this. It will take you a while to get used to the various accents and then, you’ll be immersed in the busy downtowns most of the time. Though, if you pick a suburb, you may feel the sheer space of the state a bit too much…

Finally, the longer you stay in PA, the harder it will be to leave

After moving to Pennsylvania, ask the locals about their families. You will likely find out that most of them have lived in the area for a long time. And, that their family has lived there for a while. If you hit a jackpot, you may even meet the extended family just down the street. PA has a way of integrating you into the community where it becomes quite difficult to leave. Though, if you’re looking to settle down with your family, this may not be a bad thing, per se…

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