Moving quotes Pittsburgh

Wherever you plan to move, if you choose Pittsburgh movers, your move doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Your long-distance movers Pittsburgh can take the burden off and help you move with ease. Keep in mind that our moving company can help you organize and prepare for your move. Before you hire a company for your residential moving in Pittsburgh PA, make sure you know more about moving quotes Pittsburgh they offer.

Moving quotes Pittsburgh
Don’t forget to ask us about moving quotes Pittsburgh.

Packing your belongings with the professional packing materials is just one of the services our company offers. Before you start organizing your move, you can use an online cost calculator. A cost calculator is a tool that helps you get the rough idea of the price of your move. The costs are calculated when all moving parameters are put in.

The calculator adds up every aspect of the move like numbers of rooms in your home, belongings you have and all other criteria regarding your move. If you are moving on a budget, you should be aware of all the types of estimates companies usually offer. Call us to get your free quote!

Binding moving quotes Pittsburgh

The estimate that sets the final price of your move is called the binding quote. When you choose the binding estimate, your professional long-distance moving company Pittsburgh cannot add costs to your move. If you decide to get a binding estimate, our workers usually come to your home to make an estimate of the cost. They will check your entire home or your office space before giving you a quote. They will also go over all of your belongings and to calculate the maximum price of your move.

a man signing a contract
The binding quote should contain the detailed description of your shipment.

When professional movers Pittsburgh come to your home, make sure to show them every room. This is very important because every single item you have is affecting the final price of your move. You shouldn’t forget your storage space, the attic and the garage. When you ask for the binding moving quotes Pittsburgh, you shouldn’t forget to ask for the final estimate in writing.

The binding quote should contain the detailed description of your shipment. A moving company’s representative should sign the quote and give you a signed copy. Keep in mind that the binding estimate or a quote is like a contract.

Non-binding quote

calculator and coins
When company’s representative will do an estimate of your belongings and give you an estimate.

The non-binding estimate is not your final asking price from your moving company. Non-binding moving quotes Pittsburgh are not final estimates of the moving process. 

Unlike the binding quote, this type of estimate is not like a contract. The moving professionals Pittsburgh usually tend to give you a non-binding quote. This is an estimate or the projection of the price for your move.

When you contact your moving professionals for a non-binding quote, they will also send a representative to your home or an office space. When company’s representative will do an estimate of your belongings and give you an estimate. Keep in mind that a non-binding estimate is only a projection of the final price of your move.

Reasons why non-binding quote is lower than the final cost of the move

  • Packing services in Pittsburgh may be the first reason why non-binding quotes are lower than the final price of your Pittsburgh move. Keep in mind that the professional moving companies may include professional packing service Pittsburgh within their moving service. On the other hand, that may not be the case. Before you go forward and choose your moving company and hire them to move your belongings, ask about all the details about packing and unpacking services. Before you sign the formal contract with the company checks all the details up front. Keep in mind that the moving professionals Pittsburgh may offer you a deal if you hire them for more than one service for your Pittsburgh move.
  • Fuel surcharges may be the second reason why your final moving price may be different than the non-binding moving quote. To the regular moving quotes Pittsburgh, companies usually add any fuel surcharges they may need during the relocation process. Usually, on the basic price of the shipment, the movers add all the pay toll costs. Therefore, you should be careful when you choose non-binding moving quotes Pittsburgh. There are no guarantees that you may get a similar amount to one that you expect.
  • Additional services can surprise you after the moving process is complete. Next to the professional packing and unpacking service Pittsburgh there may be many other reasons why your moving professionals may add up costs to your non-binding estimate.

Not-to-exceed moving estimate

Not-to-exceed moving quotes in Pittsburgh are also called the price protection estimates. They are different than the binding estimates. Also, they are not so often used by the moving companies. If you have enough time to prepare your Pittsburgh move, make sure you search the best option for your wallet. Before choosing the best moving company, ask the company’s representative about moving quotes Pittsburgh they offer.

The price protection estimate is the quote that keeps you safe. The final price of your move might be even lower than the original estimate.

If the company offers a not-to-exceed estimate, professionals’ advice is that you choose it. That is the quote that keeps you safe. Sometimes the final price of your move might be even lower than the original estimate. Not-to-exceed estimate protects the customers because the final amount is set at a certain amount. When that is the case, the company cannot give you the bill that exceeds that amount.

Sometimes when you use not-to-exceed moving quotes Pittsburgh, you may see that the final price of the move may end up being lower than the original amount expected. That might happen if the total weight of the shipment ends up being lower than movers initially estimated. Keep in mind that the movers should give you a signed not-to-exceed moving quote in writing. This type of the moving estimate also tends to be a contract with the moving company, so you should be certain when choosing the right Pittsburgh company for your move. Here at Movin’ Murdy we are waiting for your call to discuss the terms of the move.

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