Moving checklist – steps to a perfect move!

Preparations for your big move have started. Have you ever moved before? No? Well, this is a perfect moment to read this article! If you have already moved home before, then this article will help you conduct the relocation way easier. Each relocation has its own troubles waiting to happen. Hence, the best way to prepare for the moving day is to first prevent those common moving troubles. Also, there are things you need to do before the moving day and also activities to conduct right after your relocation is over. So, how to organize your time and not forget doing something important? Read this article and learn how to make a proper moving checklist!

Moving guide - steps to your perfect relocation
A start-to-finish moving guide

Preparations for a moving day – where to begin?

Different kinds of relocations take different sorts of preparations. However, what’s the same for all relocations is that you should start with the preparations immediately. No matter how far your moving date is. Why? Simply- there’s no such thing as having too much time when it comes to such a demanding job as relocation. There are so many activities to undertake, hence the earlier you finish them, the sooner you’ll be prepared for a move. Otherwise, in case you forget doing something, or your moving day is too soon, you might get into troubles if you can’t manage to finish everything before you move your home. The first thing, to begin with, is to realize how difficult a moving process is. After that, here is how you should approach making a moving checklist. There are the things you should do:

  • Before the moving day – Preparing properly for a moving day means avoiding troubles and experiencing no stress on your moving day.
  • During the moving day – Once the moving day comes, if you managed to conduct everything you planned, the things should go smoothly and with a smile on your face.
  • After the moving day – No, the moving checklist doesn’t end once the moving day ends. Your move is finished once you’re fully prepared to start your new life in a new home!

What’s to do before the moving day comes?

  1. A perfect move starts with a moving checklist
    Moving checklist – The things you should do to prepare for a perfect move

    Hire professional Pittsburgh movers – No.1 step on the moving checklist. They are professionals with experience and know-how, able to prevent the most common moving troubles and ready to cope with all problems that might appear along the way. Yes, you need moving help for local Pittsburgh moves. Even moving across the street can put you in trouble if your furniture gets damaged. If you’re not experienced in carrying heavy stuff, the injuries are something that happens all the time. For long-distance Pennsylvania moves the moving experts are even more important. Have professionals on your side and have no troubles with your move!

  2. Calculate your moving costs. Pittsburgh moving services you hired will give you a hand with this. This will help you prepare a sufficient moving budget.
  3. Cancel the utilities – don’t pay for the services you don’t intend to use anymore.
  4. Notify all interested parties that you’re moving. From your employers to institutions to your friends and family members.
  5. Change your IDs – Don’t miss to receive some important mail because you forgot to change the address for example.
  6. De-clutter your home or office. If you’re making a residential move, there are dozens of items you probably never use. Getting rid of them means getting rid of clutter and lowering your moving expenses. On the other hand, if you’me moving your business or office, there are probably not so many items you could get rid of, but you should still avoid moving items you won’t use in the future.
  7. Arrange a yard/garage sale. Sell those items you don’t use – somebody might need them. This will increase your moving budget.
  8. Make a list of all your belongings. Make sure you don’t forget something.
  9. Pack your properties. Start with this early, and pack first the items you don’t currently use, ending up with those items you use on a daily basis. Make sure to label all boxes, so you could know what’s in each box!

On a moving day – a thing or two to remember

If you did your preparations properly and hired a moving company to do a full-service relocation, then you can enjoy your moving day. However, if you chose to pack and load your items on your own, and hired movers just to transport them to your new home, here’s what you should do:

  1. Check if everything from your items list is packed. Don’t forget something due to lack of attention.
  2. Pay attention how you load the items – check the content of each box, put fragile items on top.
  3. Check your list again while unloading the items. Don’t forget some items in the moving truck.

After the moving day – The moving checklist doesn’t end on a moving day!

Theoretically, you relocation is over once you unpacked your items. However, the functionality of some items depends on your handiness in reassembling your furniture and electronics. If you are not too handy with this, we suggest you hire movers to help you. Also, there are different things to do once you relocated so you could start a normal life in a new place. Here are some suggestions what you should do after the moving day:

  1. Unpack and reassemble first the furniture/electronics you need the most (if you decided not to hire movers to help you with this, it’s quite a demanding job, and you’ll probably be exhausted after a tough day, so you’ll probably leave some things for tomorrow)
  2. Arrange your furniture the way it was arranged in your previous home. It will be much easier to adjust to a new environment, and this especially helps if you have kids because they experience a lot of stress when moving home.
  3. Go around your new neighborhood. Find some great parks. Learn where you can enjoy and relax.
  4. Meet your neighbors. Make new friends, it will help a lot with starting a new life!
  5. Become a member of the community. Join some sports club, gym, theater… This way you wull be a lot more appreciated by the locals.

So, here’s the full moving checklist:

  1. Hiring professional movers 
  2. Calculating the moving costs.
  3. Cancelling the utilities
  4. Notifying everyone that you’re moving
  5. Changing IDs
  6. Decluttering home/offices
  7. Arranging a yard/garage sale
  8. Making a list of all items
  9. Packing your belongings
  10. Checking if everything is packed
  11. Loading the items in a proper manner
  12. Checking the list of while unloading the truck
  13. Unpacking
  14. Arranging your furniture 
  15. Meeting your new neighborhood
  16. Meeting your new neighbors
  17. Becoming a member of the community

Surely, some relocations are more demanding than the others. So they will have more things on the moving checklist. Contact your moving company and ask them to help with making a list of all things you should do before the moving day, during your move and after your relocation. The professionals will help you not forget anything and have enough time for each activity from the list!

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