Most common packing mistakes

After thinking about it for a long time and waiting for pieces to come together, you finally decided to move. Or maybe you have got that promotion you wanted for quite a while and it’s time to go. Either way, you circled the date on your calendar and you are heading towards it slowly but surely. Sure, it would be great if you could get a company that offers packing and unpacking services to do the job. All the same, there are things only you can do before and on a moving day. Try to avoid common packing mistakes, to make your life easier. It will take a little more of your time, but it will give you so much more in return. Just be practical, wise and think things through before you actually start packing. You will thank yourself when the unpacking time comes.

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Try to avoid common packing mistakes with good planning

Avoid these common packing mistakes

If you decide to go with the packing services, you can rest assured that your stuff will be packed properly. They will calculate how much time, supplies and money will be needed for your relocation. Look at the moving quotes Pittsburgh and get a general idea on how much you can expect to pay. On the other hand, perhaps you can’t afford to hire professionals to pack and move your belongings. In that case, it is important to know the rules for packing. You want your stuff packed and transported safely and in one piece. Do not let laziness get in your way.

Big boxes

People sometimes think it’s better to put everything in big boxes. They are making a mistake of believing that it will be easier to move a few big boxes, than many smaller ones. The rule ‘the bigger the better’ doesn’t apply here. Having big boxes will make your job easier when putting items inside them. But, after you fill them up, how will you load and move them around? If you don’t have three big men waiting to carry them, you will regret your decision. Also, your belongings will not be safer in big boxes. On the contrary, your stuff will be less safe. The bigger the box, the heavier it gets if it’s full, and cardboard can’t handle that much weight. So, make sure to use big boxes for lighter items, like pillows. And for the heavier things, like books and kitchen appliances, always use smaller boxes.

When you finish with unpacking, you will be left with empty boxes. Even if you don’t know what to do with all of your leftover moving boxes, you will be glad that they came in one piece and all your stuff survived the relocation.

Avoid packing mistakes like dogs in boxes
Do not pack air in boxes

Packing air

Do not forget to secure every one of your boxes, big or small. Other common packing mistakes include packing air. You do not want to waste any of your time and space with that. So make sure to use as much of a box as possible, and while doing that – secure your stuff. Don’t use only packing supplies, because you have other things at your disposal. Secure items with blankets, linen, kitchen rags, and even clothes. That way you will not be packing air and you will have your belongings safe and sound. Never empty your drawers, when they are perfect for transporting your stuff. Just secure them with some duct tape and you spared some packing time. As experienced and professional movers Pittsburgh, we are always rooting for smart usage of your space. You never know what can help you relocate with ease, so always think things through.

Packing everything you own

People sometimes think that it is best to just pack everything they have and think about it later. It is not. That one is one of the biggest packing mistakes. It will waste your time when both packing and unpacking. Also, it will use so much of your valuable transport space, so it will cost you money. To make room for new stuff, you must get rid of the old stuff first. When purging, make three famous piles:

  1. give to charities and do a good deed,
  2. sell and get back some of that used money for the stuff you never used (enough),
  3. throw away everything that is broken, ripped or out of date.

After you get rid of the surpluses, it will be much easier to pack and unpack. You will also feel lighter, like your boxes. And, it is always nice to help others, so you will enrich yourself that way too.

The word donate in different colors held by hands
A donation is a great way for purging

Clean boxes

Of course, you want your boxes to be clean, without sawdust or Doritos smell. Here we are talking about labeling boxes. From the sea of packing mistakes, this one will show its strength when the time for unpacking comes. It may look like you can remember what you put where, but have in mind that the setting will change. Your boxes may end up in the wrong rooms at your new place. Imagine you have to open every one of them at once, to find your linens for the first night. To spare your time and nerves, it is wise to label them. Write at least on two sides what is inside the box, which room they go in and if the content is fragile or not. If you feel like it, you can even use different colors to identify different rooms. Just make sure you don’t run out of the packing supplies for moving.

Ad hoc packing

To make sure you can avoid any of these packing mistakes, you have to plan your moving right. Planning and organization is the key to a successful moving. To make your life easier and more organized, use the checklist. Write down everything it needs to be done and start planning your move. Start on time, you don’t want to rush packing if you want to have a stress free moving. To make packing more effective, think of the order of packing. Start with the rooms and the stuff you use seldom, and go towards the ones for every day. Don’t forget to have your ‘survival kit’ with you at all times. When you think things through and plan ahead, there is little that can surprise you, so you can avoid the common packing mistakes and enjoy the relocation.

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