In-home storage alternatives

The topic of ‘the stuff’ is every homeowner’s nightmare. No matter how much you purge, fold or organize, there is always just a little bit of stuff left. And, what does one even do with this stuff? Nothing, in most cases. These are objects of sentimental value or seasonal items or sometimes belongings you need ‘just in case’. So, for all those moving with local movers Pittsburgh into a smaller place, we want to give you an option to stash these items in inconspicuous ways. They will still be available in case they’re needed, while not cluttering your home. Of course, storage units Pittsburgh are the best way to solve the problem of ‘stuff’. But, we also want you to have in-home storage alternatives in mind if you’re looking to be nifty and cut the costs.

Let’s talk about the storage alternatives for your seating arrangements

If you need a few clever in-home storage alternatives for your living room...
The living room is a perfect place for a bit of storage.

Most of the time you’d consider a chair as only that, a place to sit. However, if you want to maximize storage space in your home, it’s essential to think outside of the box. Hence, we suggest chairs, sofas, and ottomans as in-home storage alternatives. A simple dining room chair can have a shelf underneath the seat for miscellaneous items. Or, if you want to be creative, you can make your own DIY chair with multiple shelves and a panel to cover the storage space. Another clever project is an ottoman with some depository inside. If you’re looking for a simple assembly in-home storage alternative, IKEA usually has a few options. If not, feel free to look up the tire ottoman seat with storage space DIY. It’s an easy and fun project which ends up quite useful. Finally, we also want to point out the fact that you don’t have to DIY or purchase chairs, per se. Instead, get a large vintage trunk or chest. They serve as perfect in-home storage alternatives and also provide a seat if you place a cushion on top.

Your bed is one of the best in-home storage alternatives

Storing items under your bed is a good idea.
The bed is a great place to find in-home storage alternatives.

This is one of the in-home storage alternatives that almost everybody uses. The bed is a large fixture, needed in every flat, and it always serves as some form of the depository. It’s our job to help you find the best way to use the best as a home storage alternative. So, here are a few options we’ve seen as long-distance movers PA with a number of our customers. First, you can use the space under the bed. Most homeowners opt for slide out drawers, though these can be impractical depending on the position of the bed. The other options are lifted up beds or crates under it, which in our experience, tend to be more versatile. They simply give you more options regarding positioning and which items you can place into these in-home storage alternatives. Though, our favorite is probably bed platforms with multiple depository options. Hence, drawers, lift up mattress and headboard shelves.

Though, bed storage shouldn’t end at the space under it. Instead, be creative with the options around it. For example, the headboard. With a simple DIY, it can turn into a storage space for books, your laptop and even a place for charging your cell phone. If you want pullout drawers, those are an option, as well. And, if you’re in the market for useful vintage, we suggest doubling a bookshelf as your headboard. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, for example, a wooden crate stack DIY.

Then, among our in-home storage alternatives, we need to add options for your closet

If you’re a woman moving house to Pennsylvania, this is the paragraph you’ve been waiting for. We want to give you some tips on how to organize your clothes with a few clever in-home storage alternatives. We can go over the usual tension rods, shower curtain links and Rubbermaid containers for workout clothes. But, we would like to give you something a bit more innovative. So, we would like to suggest a shelf above your bedroom door. It can be used for clothing you don’t use often or towels and bathroom products. Another clever option is using one of the multipurpose trunks. It’s both one of the in-home storage alternatives and a seat, if necessary. Some of our clients have told us that it’s a perfect storage alternative. For example for sheets, pillows, and blankets for a couch that turns into a guest bed.

A good way to create more space is to learn different ways of folding. There are plenty of clever ways to fold your clothes in order to maximize space inside your drawers. And, if you’re more of a rack person, install an individual one. It can be an affordable IKEA one or a DIY project from a picture frame with a few hooks.

Finally, we also want to give you an idea for jewelry. In our experience, these are the items which really need the additional storage. Especially necklaces get hard to store, as they get tangled. So, in order to be able to use these items with ease and keep them out of sight, we suggest a mirror depository. By installing hooks directly into the wall, you will have space for these accessories. Then, further add a frame with a mirror that covers it, almost like a bathroom medicine cabinet.

In the end, there are a few more miscellaneous in-home depository ideas we can offer

If you need a few ideas for in-home storage alternatives, here are a couple of the bathroom.
Here are a few ideas for in-home storage alternatives.

We don’t want to leave you hanging regarding options in various rooms for storage space. So, here are a few miscellaneous in-home storage alternatives. As an add-on to the previous idea for your jewelry, we suggest stylish hooks on your bathroom mirror. It’s the perfect place for any pieces you use on an everyday basis. Another option for your bathroom is installing a magazine holder to the door of the cabinet under the sink. Remember that it doesn’t have to hold the magazine, either.

The bathroom isn’t the only place where you can add a storage space. Think about a spices rack as an idea. You can make one which can roll out from a small space in your kitchen. It’s an easy, affordable DIY for a beginner level skillset, too. Another clever idea is a magnet strip on the wall. Remember to use the space near the ceiling, too. If you haven’t got hanging cupboards, a shelf as high as it can go is a good way to use space. By adding a magnet to the bottom of it, you’re going to maximize the in-home storage alternatives right there. With this, we leave you to pick and choose which option is best for you.

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