Ideas to decorate your NYC apartment for a Halloween

One of the most favorite, fun holidays is Halloween. Honestly, you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy Halloween. When October begins, everybody starts to wonder how to decorate their home, which costume they will choose, where to go on a Halloween night – if you are an adult, of course. If you are living in a New York apartment, you probably have a small space, like many people in NYC. There are excellent ideas to decorate your NYC apartment for a Halloween, even the smallest one can look amazing. It is perfectly ok if you have a tight budget, there are ideas here for you, as well. Use some of these ideas, if you are brave enough.

Creative DIY ideas on how to decorate your NYC apartment for a Halloween

Like we already said, it is all right if you don’t have a large budget for Halloween. There is so much that you can do or make with stuff you already have at home. Maybe you need to buy some materials, but nothing too expensive. Start with browsing through your earlier Halloween decorations. Use everything you can for this year, and if there are some crafted decors you could maybe repurpose it for this year’s theme. If you are moving to NYC, make sure that you book moving companies in PA well in advance. Around holidays, prices can be higher than usual.

All-time favorite – carved pumpkins

You can never go wrong if you decide to carve some pumpkins. This year’s trend and a very cute way to decorate your  NYC apartment for a Halloween are to put some bangs on your carved pumpkins. With some lights inside, it will look great. Try to make a pillar of carved pumpkins. You can use three or four pumpkins, depending on the size and place them on top of each other. Make a small hand from some branches and attach them to your pumpkins and voila. You’ll get great-looking, not too scary, pumpkin monster. 

Smaller pumpkins or squash can be also table decoration, with some more lights it will be great for this theme. This is an affordable way to put some Halloween decorations in your home. If you are coming from Pittsburgh, you can bring some pumpkins with you, because as you know, there are a lot of farms selling them at this time of year. Don’t forget to ransack your self storage Pittsburgh, before you go. There can be all sorts of decorations that you can use and save some money on Halloween decorations this year.

Gross instead of spooky

If you want to be a little different from others, you can make a decoration that is more gross than scary. It will be only for the toughest trick-or-treaters.

Rubber insects are one way to decorate your NYC apartment for a Halloween
Use toys like bugs or other pests to decorate your table.

Buy some small plastic or rubber insects or animal toys and put them in a jar filled with liquid. You can use food coloring to slightly color that liquid for a more spooky look. Once again, this can look very very spooky, so if you have little visitors this year, you might skip this one. Make this a central table piece. With this in the center of attention, you won’t be needing much more decorations because everybody will be looking at this.

Background music

To add more scary feeling for visitors, play some background music from popular horror movies. Choose the songs and make a playlist and just play it on repeat. Be careful when you are doing this, you don’t want to make yourself feel crazy with too much horror music. Also, too loud music might bother your neighbors.

Wall stickers

In case you are living in a tiny NYC apartment, you can decorate with wall stickers. This is a good way to decorate your NYC apartment for a Halloween without using too much space. If you are having a hard time finding the right scary stickers, you can be inventive with the ones you find. Excellent looking decorations are often the simplest ones. There are great ways to make your room looks bigger. For example, with small stickers – a number of little black mice that are running around your place can be funny and scary. Make sure that you place a mouse hole somewhere in the middle. This will look the best on the white wall or maybe stairs if you have them. 

Sticker of little black mouse
Put some wall stickers in the corners of the white wall for a better look.

Party decoration ideas for Halloween

If you are hosting a party, this is a perfect time of the year to let your creative juices go wild. Set up a buffet table in the center of the room and focus on decorating the table. Jars are popular today and many are using them instead of cups and glasses. You can glue some stickers on them with the sign that says poison or something similar. Decorate bottles with some spider web. If you want your party to be memorable, then make monkey brain cocktails. They look gross and scary, but they taste good.

Plate with cookies and spider crawling
If you add some spiders crawling your plate will be spooky.

If you are having a punch bowl, you can make eyeballs from fruit like lychee. Throw a bunch of them and just let them float around. If you can’t find lychee than freeze blueberries in round ice trays and use that instead, for the same effect. 

Food is another great way to decorate your party table. Of course, it should be tasty, but it can look spooky and taste good as well. The best result will bring you finger food. There are many simple recipes for entrees, you don’t have to be a great cook to make them. Things like mini hot dogs in a bowl will look like fingers, especially if you make small incisions on aside. Make mini pizzas and slice cheese in the shape of a ghost and there you have it. 

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