How To Write A Review For A Moving Company

Finally, after weeks of stress, hard work and not a shortage of worries, your relocation is finalized! Now you can finally unpack and leave this difficult period behind you. But, before you can forget all about it, it would be good to write a review for a moving company. There are two reasons for doing this. One, you were satisfied to the max with the Pittsburgh moving services provided and this is your way to express your gratitude; two, you received a disappointing level of care and now you want to warn others. As you can see, you have enough reasons for doing it. Now it remains to be seen whether you will take the time to write one or leave others to fend on their own.

Keep it short, simple and fair

Before we get into the main steps of writing a moving review, we first have to go over the writing style. For starters, it seems like our attention spans are becoming shorter by the minute. If you write paragraphs and paragraphs which will be overflowing with information, chances are people won’t bother to even begin reading them. You could very well be revealing the secret to finding the best pool table movers PA has but they would miss it. That’s why you have to keep your sentences, as well as the overall review, short.

Keep in mind the fact that your review will be read by people of all ages and professions.

Besides keeping it concise, you should also use simple language. The truth is that people oftentimes have troubles believing you took the time to write a review that resembles an academic paper. Moreover, that’s a known sign of fabricated reviews, which is just an additional reason why you won’t gain anyone’s trust.

Finally, be fair towards your movers. Even if you were completely unsatisfied, try not to let your personal feelings get in the way of writing a review for a moving company. Clearly state the things you didn’t like, those that you liked, and those that could be improved. And don’t even think about using any swear words – there’s no need for that.

Write a review for a moving company in 5 simple steps

Just like you followed certain steps when trying to find affordable movers Pittsburgh for your move, right now you’ll have to follow another pattern for reviewing those same movers. Worry not, though! These steps are much simpler than the ones you take when looking for a mover.

Provide basic information

First things first – before you even start writing a moving company’s review, make sure you know their name. Some movers have very similar names. Thus, make sure you provide the correct name, as well as the spelling of the one whose services you used. Then proceed to write some basic information about your move, such as:

A woman looking at her agenda.
Date of the move is an obligatory detail to include when you write a review for a moving company.
  • The distance of your relocation
  • Date of the move
  • The complexity of your relocation
  • Special moving services you used
  • Moving cost
  • The condition in which your items arrived

The reason behind writing so many details? This way, other people will be able to compare the differences and similarities between your move and theirs.

Rate your movers

What rating would you say your movers deserved? Would you give them 5 stars for excellent service? Or was your move of average quality and thus they deserve a 3-star rating? It’s very important that you come up with a fair rating that corresponds with the overall experience. It’s the easiest way for people to judge whether they want to hire the company or not – even without reading the review itself. Believe it or not, star ratings influence people more than reviews – and that says a lot!

Be more elaborate

Don’t get us wrong – you should still write a short review, but you should elaborate your narrative a bit further. Tell a story of how your moving day went, at what time the movers arrived, and how long it took them to relocate your items. Then, include your impression of the moving company and their level of care. Were the residential Pittsburgh movers you hired careful with your items or did they throw them around with no concern for their wellbeing? And then comes the most important part – the price. Was the moving quote you received the same as the one you paid on the day of your move. That’s probably the point of the whole story, and one of the main reasons people read and write a review for a moving company.

Three stacks of coins next to a model of a house.
We are all looking for an affordable price and fair movers.


The summary of the whole review is your chance to either recommend the movers in question or recommend that people stay away from them. Either way, you should clearly express whether you were satisfied with the overall experience or not. Usually, one unsatisfactory aspect of the move won’t be enough for you to have a bad moving experience. But if that aspect is a major one, then you can bet you won’t be happy at the end of the day.

Provide the necessary contact information when you write a review for a moving company

For any moving company Pittsburgh to accept and activate your comment, you’ll have to provide your name and e-mail address. Don’t worry – this is a completely safe process and you won’t be swamped with spam e-mail in the upcoming period.

To write a review for a moving company is easy

As long as you follow the five steps mentioned here, you’ll have no problem writing a helpful review. And it won’t take much time. Finally, if you are still on the fence as to whether you should write a review for a moving company or not, think of it like this – would you be grateful if someone shared his or her honest opinion and thus helped you make a great choice or avert the crisis? There’s your answer – we hope it helps.

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