How to Unpack into a Small Kitchen

There is something about the kitchen that makes this room especially difficult to pack and later unpack. Whether it is all of those utensils, silverware or appliances, finding a good place for all of your kitchen items can be a living nightmare. After going through the relocation process, stress is the last thing you need. You have had enough of it. However, don`t exasperate just yet. There is a way to strategically unpack into a small kitchen and create a nice and organized environment in your new home. Today, Movin` Murdy – Pittsburgh Movers give you all the tips on how to unpack your kitchen, and enjoy preparing your favorite meals in no time!

Five cups of creme brulee.
Your favorite meals and treats await.

Have a plan in place

There is nothing like a solid, watertight plan to help you deal even with the most difficult tasks. If you are moving to Pittsburgh, we assume you already have all kinds of plans in place. You plan on hiring the best movers, you plan out your whole life in the new area, and you plan to turn over a new leaf. While all of those plans may be more important, you still need to have an idea of how you want to unpack into a small kitchen. You already know the space you are working with, so try to picture it – what do you want your kitchen layout to be like? Remember, in a small room every inch counts, so you will have to make sure you use up available space to the fullest.

Think about downsizing

No, we are not talking about the size of your kitchen, as there is a chance it can hardly be any smaller. We are talking about the kitchen items you have, or had, in your old home. There is a chance you have five different plate sets, and that you only use one of them. If that is the case, your only logical option is getting rid of at least half of them. Don`t worry – you do not need to throw anything away. All you need to do is find appropriate self storage in Pittsburgh, where you can put your extra items and have them in a safe place. If someday you come to need them, you can easily get them back. That is the beauty of self-storage units.

Self storage units.
When moving, getting a storage unit is highly advisable.

Start by unpacking your essentials

Even if you downsize as much as you can before moving, there will still be some items you will use more often than the others. These items are called the essentials, and they should be the first ones you unpack. Essentials are usually items such as plates, glasses and your favorite coffee mugs which you use every morning for drinking your beloved beverage. By unpacking into a small kitchen this way, you will have a control over what goes and what stays. It might happen that halfway into unpacking you run out of space. If you start unpacking randomly, you will have to waste hours sorting through the items you already unpacked, looking for the ones you don`t use and replacing them with the ones you need.

Stack, stack, stack

When it comes to small kitchens, a couple of safe stacks of dishes can solve every problem. By making a high stack of plates or bowls, you get a chance to facilitate more items in your kitchen. Of course, you need to make sure that your stack is not unsteady, as if it is, it might collapse. You would be left with a bunch of broken dishes on the floor, which you do not really need, nor want. So, whatever you do, make sure you stay safe while moving and unpacking. This is a tender period for your overall health and you need to be careful.

Stacks of white bowls.
Unpack into a small kitchen by creating stacks.

Use your counters

Now, this is the tricky part. You need to have enough space on your countertops for food preparation, but you also want to use it for your kitchen items. The good news is that every countertop can be used for both, only if you know how to use it. For example, the corners of your counters are rarely used for food preparation. In the corners, you can put your small kitchen appliances, such as your toaster, or your blender. It will not only improve the overall look of your kitchen but also give you some additional space. The truth is that you can save space in every room imaginable. From saving space while packing your office to making more room when unpacking into a small kitchen, there is no room out of reach if you have the right tools.

Add some storage space

We have already mentioned the importance of self-storage. But, that is not the type of storage we have in mind at the moment. There are plenty of ways to introduce more storage space into your kitchen, without creating that overstuffed look. For example, you can add in a few hanging cabinets. They will surely look nice, besides giving you a lot of space for storing your utensils. All you need is some imagination and not all that much money.

An added tip: use in-drawer dividers, as they will organize your drawers and ensure you use them up to the max.

A luxurious kitchen.
A clean and organized kitchen is what you will get at the end of the day.

Follow our tips and unpack into a small kitchen like a pro

Believe it or not, we have just given you all the tools that you need – it is up to you to use them. As our last piece of advice, we will suggest that you give hiring a professional cleaning company a thought. They can get your kitchen sparkly clean, which will significantly ease your unpacking. After today, to unpack into a small kitchen will never be a problem for you again; you already know what to do!

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